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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A throwback from 5 years ago...

Friday, August 30, 2013


'Annie' is a fun workout, if you're getting Doubles efficiently. If not, it can stretch out like bad Jersey shore taffy.

50-40-30-20-10 reps:
Double-unders (*3:1 sub)
Allie- Rx  20:53
Russell- 12:13*
Derrick- Rx  12:36
Kathryn- Rx  6:59              8:16
Todd McK- 11:41*          13:44*
Candice- Rx  20:15
Casey- Rx  7:43
Erin- Rx  8:03                    11:08
John M- 12:30*
Teresa- Rx  9:46                13:40
Delaina- 10:24*
Byron- Rx  12:10
Britt- Rx  15:48
Tammy- Rx  19:43             19:21
Todd- Rx  11:23                13:31
Paul- 19:05*
Ryan- 24:14*      
Quincy- 13:45*
John S- (40) 8:15*
Jessica- 9:56*
Matt- 13:32*
T- Rx  8:18                        11:00

Good job everybody. More Rx's than last time. Good good. There were some big time drops from the last run as well, even better.

Doubles are a skill, and like any other skill, they require practice. If you aren't getting practice, you aren't going to get the Doubles. Great job Allie, Britt, and Candice. You three got all of your Doubles and toughed it out. Long Doubles will beat fast singles any day of the week.

Practice Doubles.

The Sit-up:

Criteria for the Sit-up is easy- full abdominal flexion through full abdominal extension. What hasn't been discussed is what exactly constitutes full flexion and extension. Full flexion requires that the lower back leave the ground. At the top, our spine should be around 30 degrees from the floor.

Full extension also has a clear range. For full extension of the spine an arch of between 15-30 degrees is required, and not possible without the use of an Abmat.

We do "Janda" sit-ups at CFSF, and do not anchor feet. This is not only more difficult than anchored sit-ups, but also engages more abdominal musculature, minimizing the role of the hip flexors. Opening legs and placing the soles of the shoes together further diminishes hip flexor contribution to the movement.

Arms may be crossed over the chest or held straight out in front of the body. Our requirement for full range at CFSF is simple: shoulder blades on the deck at the bottom, and arms touching the legs on the top. If you need to touch the ground above your head on the negative, and touch the ground between your feet on the positive to ensure full range movement that's ok. However, this added movement is extraneous, inefficient, and a contributing factor to momentum.

Momentum diminishes the role of the rectus appreciably, forcing the abdominals into an isometric contraction as momentum is picked up by the hip flexors, never allowing the abdominals to dynamically contract under a load.

The Sit-up is, by definition, a compound movement with more than one joint moving. There are two pivot points, one below the bottom of our rib cage, and the second just above our butt, or exactly where the Abmat comes into contact with our back.

The movement begins with the external obliques until the rectus takes over where the back flattens out as with flat floors. Rectus gets assistance from internal obliques as the pivot point changes. The pelvis is still being stabilized by the Abmat as the spine reaches full flexion (30 degrees). The hip flexors finish the movement by rotating the pelvis another 10 degrees.

When performed correctly, the Sit-up is a safe and effective tool to increase core strength and endurance. When performed incorrectly, the Sit-up can cause lumbar shear, or the lateral deformation expressed as the ratio of the lateral displacement between two joints lying in parallel planes to the vertical distance between the planes. Bad, bad.

Keep your butt on the ground the entire time. Do not allow it to bounce up and down. This bouncing not only increases momentum, but friction as well, causing the infamous "butt burn".

Although Saturday is a rest day, we will be meeting at 10:00 am for a special memorial workout. The 'Hotshots 19' looks like a super fun session, and like any other Hero workout deserves our all-out efforts.

Good job puppies. For most, this was the first time jumping rope in quite a while. Thanks for your hard work.

Girls, please use the restroom before Doubles.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the fuel and good times.

CrossFit is my drug of choice, and I am an addict.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"Any society that puts equality ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom."
-Milton Friedman

Friday, March 2, 2018


OK guys... So CrossFit threw us another curve ball by turning Rest Day into Day 4. Rigid flexibility right? Right. All classes are on today. We haven't been let down yet, and 18.2 looks like a good one.

We will ASSUME that tomorrow will be a Rest Day, but you know how assumption works out. We'll know soon enough. Expect the unexpected, and work with the tide, not against it.

IF Saturday does end up as a Rest Day the next training day will be Sunday 12:30.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018


We will be performing the workout of the day as a Team workout today: 

2000 meter row
Partner 1 rows, partner 2 performs Sit-ups.
Switch anytime.

100 Wall ball shots
Partner 1 performs WBS, partner 2 performs Burpees.

Switch anytime.

20 Muscle-ups
Each Team partner performs 20 Pull-ups and 20 Dips.

Along with total time, reps are counted as a Team score.