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Thursday, September 3, 2015

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The current site will be maintained for future reference, and for any emergency information that we need to get out fast. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


September brings cooler air, a Savage race, and the JFBM4. That's a lot to look forward to. We finished August with a real mother grabbing workout that only a couple of guys got. Good job you mutants. The rest of us exercised rigid flexibility with a couple of different options.

Body weight bench press
Bar muscle-ups (*ring)

Eric- Rx  72/90 reps 22:30
Todd- Rx  25:55*

-option 1-

5 rounds:
135 pound Clean & jerk, 3 reps
9 Pull-ups
9 Dips

Todd McK- 65  12:35
Paige- 45  17:55
Juan- 95  8:50
Joan- 35  15:09
Candice- 65  9:21
Casey- Rx  11:22
Tammy- 65  10:10
Caroline- 55  9:45
Teresa- 85  9:39
Caitlin- 55  8:23
Tommy- 95  14:50 ^full Clean
T- 115- 8:51

-option 2-

10 rounds:
10 Pull-ups
10 Slam balls

Sara- (8) 16  12:04

Great workouts(s) everyone! Isn't it nice to have options? Yes.
Rep 73 of 90. Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark...
Last rep. Good job Todd!
Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for the super strong fuel, and most of all, thanks for choosing CFSF!

Movement = Life.

Monday, August 31, 2015


This was a super fun gymnastics based WOD that we thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks CFHQ.

GHD sit-ups (*1:1 AbMat 20/16)
Hip extension
Plank hold

Todd McK- 10:55*
Paige- 13:22*
Juan- 13:22*
Candice- 10:02*
Casey- 12:38*
Jeremy- 13:50*
Sara- 13:45*
T- 10:35*
Teresa- 15:45

Great workout everyone. Good job getting the GHD sit-ups Teresa! This workout took aim at our core and launched an all out assault. Good job holding on through to the end. The word of the day was 'hollow' and both the L sit and Plank hold required a super stable hollow position.

Whether we were moving for reps, or holding for seconds, this workout is a good example of how tough gymnastics are, and why so many people have difficulty with the gymnastic components. Embrace the suck. Practice these holds as well as Ring supports, and Handstands as much as you can.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Rest later.


"Do more, be more" is a phrase that CFSF has taken to heart and put into practice. The 'Warm-up WOD' is just one example. Since the WOD called for 100 Wall ball shots with 30 pound medicine ball that we don't have the 'DMBM' card was pulled. We stuck to the 100 reps, and made up the difference with a fun little warm-up.

4 rounds:
250 meter row
10 Overhead squats
10 Push-press

Todd McK- 45  9:20
Paige- 25  12:20
Eric- 75  9:23
Casey- 75  11:08
Tammy- 45  7:56
Tommy- 65  10:45
Matt- 45  10:30
Caroline- 25  11:53
Teresa- 45  10:55
T- 45  10:40

-2:00 minute rest-

100 Wall ball shots, 20/16

Juan- 18:50
Todd McK- 18:25
Paige- 26:32
Eric- 17:56
Casey- 19:44
Matt- 21:04
Teresa- 22:11
T- 21:27

Great workout(s) everyone! We were definitely primed, and good to go for this one. Great idea, and job Eric. Fortune smiled upon us by placing this workout on day three, giving us carte blanch to get creative without repercussion.

A common misconception about warming up is that if you do too much work prior to the WOD performance will suffer. The reality is that we need to be sufficiently warmed up to perform well from a neuro-muscular point of view and when you hold back during the warm up you compromise this.

Some of the best stuff we've ever done has been AFTER we've already done some super tough work.

How do you attack 100 Wall ball shots? One rep at a time, getting as many reps as you can before you have to stop to rest.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."
-Mae West


Heads Up....

The new CFSF website is up and running. These are the correct class times:

0500, 12:00, 5:00, 6:00

9:00, 10:00


Also, the WOD feature isn't updating, so follow the CFHQ main site for WOD's.

THANKS for your patience. We are getting things online ASAP!

Friday, August 28, 2015


A 36" Box jump is a lot more manageable than the 40" Box jumps we saw last week, but that's still a big jump! The word of the day was 'springy', and our springs were hit hard. Jump and run. Peanut butter and jelly. Good combos. Thanks CFHQ.

4 rounds:
15 Box jumps, 36" box
400 meter run

Todd McK- Rx  18:15
Paige- 24"  18:31
Juan- 30"  15:16
Candice- 24"  17:37
Tammy- 24"  17:38
Joan- 20"  15:07
Eric- Rx  16:09
Sara- 20"  16:51
Caroline- 24"  15:00
Matt- Rx  15:23
Todd- Rx  17:02
Caitlin- 24"  16:20
Tommy- 30"  20:26
Chris- 20"  15:45
Jeremy- 30"  13:35
T- 30"  15:39
Sharon- 18"  20:14

Great workout everyone! Nice job going Rx'd Eric, Matt, Todd, and Todd McK, and super fast finishes Jeremy, Caroline, and Joan. You guys killed it today, hung it on the wall and took shots at it. No chance.

Congratulations Chris, and Sara. Your hard work is paying off. Box jumps- locked. Be pleased, not satisfied. Good job hanging on tightly through to the end Tommy. This workout was not easy at all, and especially difficult for the CFSF tall guys.

Great Box jumps Todd McK
We talked about how to jump, and where to rest if you had to. Good job nailing those targets. Box jumps can be intimidating. Stay aggressive!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your hard work and super strong fuel.

"Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."
-Michael Jordan