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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday, November 28 'Heavy Tabata'

After being off for a few days it was great to get back to CFSF, and what better workout to get back groovin' to than a TABATA? We have seen many different TABATAS, but this is the first time that I can remember a LOADED TABATA- Loved it.

Pull-ups 30 pounds
Squats 45 pounds
Dips 30 pounds
Deadlifts 165#/115#

Casey- 4/7/2/5 = 18
Tammy- 3/12/4/4 = 24
T- 4/8/4/6 = 22

Eight intervals of :20 work and :10 rest, fewest number of reps in any of the eight intervals are recorded. At least there was a one minute rest between exercises... My heart was beating in my ears, and all I could smell was turkey... I didn't even want to score this one, so thanks Madman for keeping us on track.

Teresa opted to do 'Jackie' from last week and nailed her with a 17:10.

Great job Tammy and Casey, who finished looking a little green around the gills. Hope you recovered.

How cruel are the CFHQ programmers, to actually have a loaded session after Thanksgiving- knowing we're all at least a pound or two heavier than we were before the holiday....... Standby for Monday.

Fun work, hard play. CFSF

OK guys... CFSF hopes that you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. Thankfully, IT'S OVER! We are back on schedule right up until Christmas. Did you check out the mobility blog over the break? Get any for yourself ?  Hope so. This video is a great little demo of the hollow rock. If your lower abs are weak, you will CLUNK, not rock. This will be part of Monday's warm-up. See you then.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22 'Push-Press'

The Push-Press is one of the most functional movements we perform. We see it quite often in the "outside the gym" world. Inside the gym and outside the gym are two very different concepts. Only CrossFit transfers from inside the gym to outside of the gym seamlessly, as globo gyms and other programs cannot, even should they desire to, translate into real world movements. That is the essence of CrossFit- measureable increase in GPP, overall strength, and mental toughness that only it can deliver.

Push-Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
Eric- 185
Bart- 155
LaRunda- 80
Scott- 170
Tammy- 85
Matt- 145
Sharon- 90
Casey- 165
Lisa P- 70
T- 165

Great lifts everyone! One or two reps is manageable, that third rep becomes a problem for many. We had a few things we were working on, a few things we wanted to see during the lifts such as timing, patience, STABILITY,  mid-line stablization, and a rock solid overhead. EVERYONE is displaying these good traits.

Nice lifts LaRunda, Sharon, Tammy, and Lisa. Super strong session Eric, and Scott. Madman, not so big a jump next time, huh? Going from 165# to 185# on the last set is a big jump. That third rep becomes elusive, and can resemble snipe when we jump to high too soon, or too late. The three rep session and the one rep sessions are so very different in the requirements they demand.

Tuesday is a rest day, not a day off. Let's be sure and get some mobility for those tight pillar muscles and girdles. Your body will thank you, and your performance can only improve with greater ranges of motion and flexibility. Wednesday we'll meet at lunch only, off Thanksgiving and black Friday. Saturday is a rest day, so our next workout will be Sunday, 12:30. You know the mobilities- USE THEM OVER THE BREAK! Come back not only fully recovered, but more flexible too.

CFSF wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for choosing us, making CFSF the greatest place to train in Calhoun County.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am back from the Mobility Cert. in Atlanta. It was a great time full of really good information. You can bank on seeing some of these incorporated into our workout sessions. It might include foam rolling, or using the rubber bands, one of the "pain balls", or it might look a little like some of the active hip and shoulder mobility we are doing now. Either way, these will greatly add to our performance and comfort. The time it will take to work on one or two every day is so well worth it.

This is Thanksgiving week, and we are taking Thursday, and Friday off. We'll roll Wednesday at lunchtime only. Saturday is a rest day, so we'll pick up the normal schedule with Day 1 on Sunday at 12:30

Beat you like you stole something... CFSF

Friday, November 19, 2010

While the deputy walks on hard nails
  the preacher rides a mount.
But nothing really matters much
  it's doom alone that counts.
And the one-eyed undertaker
  he blows a futile horn.
"Come in" she said, "I'll give you shelter from the storm."

Joey Pritchett
Great job on getting your first muscle-up Eric!
The Burgener Warm-up (Snatch)

Watch this video until you have the movements committed to memory. Watch ankles, knees, hips, core, shoulders, and elbows- over and over. This is a great tool, and you can bank on seeing it more frequently either in the warm-up or as a cash out.

Thursday, November 18 'Hang power clean'

The second session of the week from the hang position... My grip was almost gone by the end. However, the hang power clean is a great movement that relies on an even stronger hip contribution than from the ground. Did you experiment with your dip? Starting at the top, extended, or the bottom of the dip is the issue.

Hang Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Eric- 185
Bart- 125
LaRunda- 70
Matt- 145
Teresa- 105
Emilee- 100
Lisa P- 65
Casey- 205
T- 155

Great cleans Madman and Eric. You guys are STRONG! Great session EVERYONE- The HPC's all looked good. Aside from the interesting dip, we had good drives, and nice fast elbow flips under the bars. A few people still need to work on staying patient for triple extension, and making sure they do not have loopy lifts. We have talked about the corrections, and drills for both- don't hesitate to grab a PVC or the 35# bar and practice.

Friday is a rest day, not a day off- and CFSF will be closed this weekend. That does NOT mean no work... Just nothing going on at CFSF. Check out the mobility blog and find a few things that you can do over the weekend. No days off... Thanks for all the great efforts, and thanks for the fuel.

Better than yesterday- CFSF

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mike Burgener: Coaching The Hang Power Clean

Wednesday, November 17 'Static'

I have been PT'd all my life. The instructors invariably would descend into the hell of static holds, either on dips, pull-ups, or push-ups. The L-sit, squat, and the handstand holds are new twists on some staple CF exercises. All and all, this was one of the funnest, freshest, and challenging sessions in a long time.

20:00 AMRAP
:30 handstand hold
:30 squat hold
:30 chin over the bar hold
:30 L-sit hold

Eric- 6 + :07 handstand
Bart- 6 + :30 squat
Larunda- 6 + :20 squats
Matt- 6 + :20 L-sit
Scott- 5 + :10 chin over bar
Tammy- 4 + :25 squat
Sharon- 6
Casey- 5
T- 6 + :30 squat

Really great session everyone. This was an interesting format. Did you like it? Which of the four exercises pounded you? For me, the chin over the bar was the most difficult, with the L-sit close behind. The handstand, and squat holds actually felt ok, especially toward the end.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16 'Snatch'

Who doesn't just love a good snatch? A thing of beauty that requires tons of practice to get that "click" that lets us know we are moving smoothly and efficiently. When it "clicks", you know it. You feel it. Hopefully, the skill transfer exercises that we have used to develop the snatch: pressing snatch balance, heaving snatch balance, and snatch balance- not to mention the Burgener, and overhead squatting all come into play.

We observed some really funky dips on the CFHQ mainsite, and I have thought a lot about what is happening. The dip we have practiced is what we have as reference. We know that linear movement is more efficient than non linear movement, but if this guy is getting the hip power needed to get serious loads going- he's doing something right. The dip we see performed is an unconventional dip, but is it incorrect- or just different? What would Coach Burgener say about it? When you watch the video link of Sage performing the hang power snatch, notice the linear movement she displays while dipping.

Remember the three things that will help us keep getting comfortable with the snatch: practice, practice, and practice. Use the PVC anytime you want and practice the skill transfer exercises. Here is another skill transfer sequence:

1. Muscle snatch, 1 rep
2. Overhead squat, 1 rep
3. Snatch blance, 1 rep
4. Sots press, 1 rep

Keep practicing, become more flexible, learn the progressions well. O-lifts are fun, super challenging, and very effective strength builders.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14 'Deadly 400's'

Another relatively short AMRAP that includes running 400's means I'm spending most of my time on the road. I just love running. How about you? Where did you get nailed? The runs, or the deads? Both?

12:00 AMRAP
400m run
4 deadlifts

Todd- 305#  4 + 100m
Casey- 295#  4
Scott- 235#  4
T- 255#  3 + 400m

Great job guys! Solid deads. No crappy soft stuff. Nice set-ups, nice pulls, good finishes. The deadlift is a super potent exercise that can help us in more than one way. Have you gotten some deadlifts with a snatch grip? If not, practice this as it is a great transfer tool for the snatch. Don't use it with a weight you couldn't snatch, just do it with snatchable loads. This is the first pull. Although they finish quite differently, they begin very similarly.

Monday is a rest day. Check the mobility wod and get some relaxing work in. Stretch, recover. Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF.
Doing the uncommon uncommonly well- CFSF

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday, November 13 'Blake'

This must have been an impressive guy. This is an impressive session. A long session that pounded the legs back to back, then pounded the shoulders back to back. I loved it.

4 rounds:
100 ft. overhead lunges
30 box jumps
20 WBS

Sharon- 15# 15" 16# (2) 18:27
Todd- 45#  20"  20#  30:45
Tammy- 15#  20"  16#  32:59
T- 45#  24"  20#  33:08

Great job you guys. Thanks to Todd, who had more confidence in me than I had. The plan was to go with a  25# plate, maybe 35# until Todd motivated me to go with 45#. That was a much better workout that ended up hammering me.

This session is named in honor of USN Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician David Blake McLendon, 30 assigned to the Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Support Activity. McLendon was killed in a helicopter crash in the Zabul provence of Afghanistan, September 21, 2010.

Standby for Sunday, 12:30. You know you like it, you know it's good for you, so come get some. CFSF

Get some mobility too!

Friday, November 12, 'Nancy'

The couplets can be deadly. 'Nancy' is proof. Legs feel like lead by that last round, shoulders, traps, wrists all ready to throw in the towel. Yet we finish, maybe not as fast as some, but we all finish strong.

5 rounds:
400m run
Overhead squat, 15 reps

Eric- Rx  22:49
Dustin- Rx  22:50
Bart- 75 (FS)  20:50
LaRunda- 55 (FS) {3}  23:11
Scott- 65  23:52
Tammy- 35  21:20
Matt- 35  16:45
Sharon- 35  30:51
Casey- 135 (BS)  21:35
T- 75  20:48

The prescription for this session is 95#. Great job Eric, and Dustin. You guys are killing it. Nice job Matt- first workout that included overhead squats. Your efforts have paid off well. Bart- keep up the great work. You and LaRunda are groovin' down the intensity highway of discomfort. Great job everyone, 'Nancy' has a hairy back and she's as mad as hell at us. But not today. Today we got her.

Thanks for all the great efforts, and fun times. The pain is worth it. Come find your intensity. We have it.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 10 'HSPU/KB swing/GHD sit-up'

Another AMRAP, this time just eight minutes, great. Looks fun, but packs a serious punch. This was a really good session. Manageable numbers, good exercises, how does it kick ass so brutally?

8:00 AMRAP
8 KB swings
12 GHD sit-ups

Eric- Rx  6
Alice Ann- 30  4 + 19 sit-ups
David- 53  5 + 6 KB swings
Emilee- 35  5 + 4 KB swings
Lisa- 30  4
Sharon- 35  3 + 8 KB swings
T- Rx  5 + 4 HSPU

Does the 70 pound kettlebell still feel like 80 pounds to you? Me neither. It gets lighter each time I use it. Still a gas monster, but not as scary as once before.

Maybe the next big purchase could be another GHD. Luckily only a few people from both the day crew and the night crew used the GHD, for everyone else, we substituted 24 abmat sit-ups for the 12 GHD sit-ups. The GHD sit-up requires practice, and as a benchmark, we like to see 50 unbroken abmat sit-ups before you begin training on the GHD.

Thursday is a rest day, but not an off day. Use your time wisely, do something that will help your body feel better, and perform better. It takes very little time. Check out the mobility wod and experiment. Thanks for all the terrific efforts. Great fuel.

Citius, altius, fortius

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9 'OSquat/FSquat/BSquat'

The squat is the grandaddy of all movements, one of the most functional we perform. We have been squatting all our lives, however, from the use of chairs, and through deconditioning, we lose the ability to squat effectively, butt to ground. Our spinal column is under stress when we sit in a chair. When we sit in improper positions, the spine is under even more stress. A good squat, combined with added flexibility is often the cure...

Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1
                        OS    FS    BS
Alice Ann         65     80     100
LaRunda           X     80     100
Eric                 155   235    275
Dustin             165   235    275
David               X     155    155
Scott               115   185     X
Matt                 X     175    205
Tammy            65      X      135
Sharon             65    100    120
Emilee              75    105    120
Teresa              75    135    135
Casey              155   245    275
T                     130   185    225

Great squats everyone. Solid base from which to keep growing. The last time we squatted was October 8. We did the front squat. Everyone that rolled then increased load this session. The last time we saw back squats was May 24, and everyone increased from that session too. CrossFit works!

Super strong lifts Eric, Dustin, Teresa, and Madman... You are STRONG! The increases you all have made in work capacity, and overall strength is off the chart. Keep up the great work.

We take squatting at face value, very rarely seeing it as the full body potentiator that it is. It is complex and requires excellent motor skills as well as flexibility to be performed correctly under load. The front squat is most functional, the back squat most productive (for most people), and the overhead squat is perhaps one of the toughest movements we perform. The overhead squat indiscriminately exposes strength and flexibility faults. There is no room for error. The only way to perform it correctly is to be able to demonstrate a high level of both strength and flexibility.

When you are performing airsquats as part of a warm up, perform them perfectly. Focus on the cues you've heard, focus on everything that makes a good squat good. Don't just get to the next exercise. Take some time on your squats and get them perfect.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday, November 8 'KB/WBS/pull-ups'

This was another great session that CFHQ threw our way. A few people recognized this little gem as we have seen it before. Only the rep scheme was different. This is a potent triplet that leaves us totally gassed by the end. The plan was to go unbroken as long as possible. The plan fell apart early....

Three rounds:
30 KB swings
25 WBS
20 pull-ups

Eric- Rx  15:36
Dustin- Rx  17:03
LaRunda- 30 (2)  20:00
Tammy- 35  20:55
David- 35  14:45
Bart- Rx  16:50
Matt- 35  17:45
Scott- 35 (2)  10:33
Todd- Rx  15:02
Sharon- 35  19:19
Emilee- 35  19:05
Lisa- 30  11:44
Casey- Rx  16:06
T- Rx  13:30

Great session everyone. How about those wall balls? Any better? If not, no worries, we'll see them in the future and you will have plenty of opportunities to embrace them. The prescribed weight was 1.5 pood, or a 53 pound kettlebell. The guys all went with a 20# med ball, the girls used the 16# for the WBS.

When did you catch your breath on this one? Did you have to take any big walks away? The longer the rest, the more difficult it is to get going again. Short rests, like the ones we get moving from one exercise to the next are usually sufficient to keep us from taking that long walk, but not all the time. How you rest, and when you rest determines how comfortable you are and is determined by how comfortable you are. Don't look for recovery, or anything near it. Instead, take as short a rest as possible (:10 seconds or less) and keep moving. Rest just long enough to let your HR drop a bit, and get a few nice deep breaths. You will feel the urge to stop much less frequently by pushing past this uncomfortable feeling.

Tuesday is next. Don't miss it. Thanks for the great efforts, the great fuel.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Saturday, November 6 'DB thrusters/Rope climb'

This session looked benign on the board, we know what this means... But wait- just nine reps? Compared to the 'Lumberjack' session that had us cranking out twenty reps, nine reps is a breeze, right? This is the same feeling the surfer gets when he see's the shark, but decides to stay in the water because the surfing is just too hot to leave...

12:00 AMRAP
9 DB thrusters
15 ft. rope climb, 1 ascent

Sharon- 20#  6 + 9 thrusters
Todd- Rx   7
T- 30#  7 + 9 thrusters

This was a great little couplet. The reps and the time were perfectly matched to deliver, and it did. The good news is that the ropes are getting broken in nicely. They are half as rough as they were, so keep hitting those climbs.

Check out the mobility wod, remember that CFSF has balls of pain, so incorporate their use in a warm-up or part of a cool-down EVERY DAY you are at CFSF. At the least, use the foam rollers to roll out the tightness through the entire posterior chain... Take care of your gear, and your gear takes care of you.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5 'Lumberjack 20'

Considering that this was a "one and done" kinda session, it brutalized us. We have no better motivation than the motivation we had to finish this though. Hero sessions are incredible. During the toughest moments of these sessions, I am reminded of the sacrifices these people and their families have made, then things don't seem so bad at all...

'Lumberjack 20'
20 deadlifts
400m run
20 KB swings
400m run
20 overhead squats
400m run
20 burpee's
400m run
20 pull-ups
400m run
20 box jumps
400m run
20 DB cleans
400m run

Eric- 225/70/85/20"/40   30:20
Dustin- 225/53/85/24"/40   30:51
Bart- 135/53/85 fs/20"/30   30:45
David- 145/53/85 fs/20"/25   28:09
Emilee- 85/35/45 (finished at pull-ups)   22:03
Tammy- 115/35/55/20"/20   38:19
Teresa- 115/35/55/20"/15   38:19
Sharon- 115/35/45/20"/15   48:31
Casey- 275/70/95/24"/40   36:10
T- 215/70/75/24"/35   31:12

This session was perhaps, one of the most difficult we have ever seen at CFSF. Great job on getting this one booked. Which exercises did you find most difficult? Did you get anything unbroken? Twenty reps is a perfect number for this session, although when you're getting hammered, it takes a lot of effort to get to twenty.

David had the fastest time, and the Madman moved the most weight... Just think if we could mash you  together into one incredible athlete, then we could send you to the Games, and you'd WIN! Great job Tammy, and Teresa. That friendly competition makes you ALL better athletes, and hey, I bet you hardly noticed that extra weight. ITC-D, you guys, as usual, are kicking ass. Em, you are going to have to ditch out a little earlier, or roll at night to get these long grinds. Sharon, way to hang tough.

We finally have some cold weather! We have waited patiently for the summer to turn into fall. We almost got it. It seems to be winter now. We have run in the rain, snow, now sleet. The lunch crew got a good dose of sleet that only added to their misery. Great job on toughing out a driving sleet storm in shorts and T-shirts you guys. No wonder you were all faster...

Did you watch the 69kg snatch video?  Did you notice the incredible depth these athletes are getting? The active shoulders? THAT is why flexibility is so crucial to our training. Take time to stretch, and get some mobility, or pre-hab in. It will make you a much better athlete, keep you more comfortable, and you might meet some grody little places that live in your body that require expulsion.

Standby for Saturday 0900. This session looks fun. No really.  Also, repeat this out loud as you read it: I love dumbbell cleans, I love dumbbell cleans, I love dumbbell cleans. First step in embracing the suck.

Thanks for all the strong efforts. Very good fuel. Thanks again for making CFSF the absolute best place to suffer towards elite fitness. Not everyone has the minerals that you ALL have, otherwise you wouldn't be able to do what you're doing at CFSF, and getting better, stronger, and faster every week.

Our warm-up is their workout- CFSF

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2 'Barbara'

The last time we got to play with 'Barbara' was in April, in the old place. It was good to see her again as she is a CFSF favorite. 'Barbara' is an interval workout, and the length of the recovery allows us to maintain intensity through all five rounds. Did you go unbroken?

5 rounds:
20 pull-ups
30 push-ups
40 sit-ups
50 squats
3:00 minute rest between rounds


Eric- 40:03              40:56
Bart- 40:18              41:53
Todd- 38:15
David-  37:10
Chris- 38:35
Casey- 39:20           39:45
T- 34:00                  33:40
Tammy- (3) 23:51
Matt- (4)  37:00
Lisa- (1) 11:00

Great session everyone. Nice time drops from the last run. Where did you start to get fatigued and see that wall begin to pop up? The fourth round was most difficult for me. Had to take a few extra breaths before beginning the next exercise. Did any one exercise beat you down? For me, the squats got increasingly more difficult with each round, even with the "getting done" energy we feel as we close in on the finish.

We had a visit from Chris, who is workout buddies with Sean. I hope their gym is tough enough to contain these guys, as they are both monster killers. Welcome to CFSF Chris, our gym is your gym.

The balls of pain are here. They are wonderful. They bring the pain face with them. Begin to get familiar with these guys, as they are most effective for mobilization of the grody, tight, uncomfortable places in our bodies.

Wednesday is a rest day. Take some time and get some mobility, pre-hab, or long stretching in. No days off. Thanks for all the great efforts in getting 'Barbara'. She's a gem, but had to go. Standby for Thursday.

CFSF- endorphins served up daily.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1 'MU/HSPU/Casey Fairbanks'

OK, who knew gymnastics could be so cool? These gymnasts are freeeking strong, and flexible. Just think about those attributes applied to the other facets of CrossFit... Should have been doing gymnastics more, huh?

5 rounds:
3 muscle-up handstand (ring) push-up
10 burpee-pull-ups

Eric- 1  13:56
Bart- 1  14:59
Matt- 1  18:47
Sharon- 1 (3)  13:29
Scott- 1  17:13
LaRunda- 1 (3)  14:24
Todd- 2  22:46
T- 1  16:03

We had options today. Considering that nobody at CFSF can perform a ring handstand push-up, we substituted the regular HSPU. The official scale from CFHQ was 7 muscle-ups, and 12 HSPU for every one muscle-up ring HSPU.

Option 1 was 3 regular muscle-ups, and 3 HSPU for every one MU/ring HSPU. Option 2 was to stay with the original scale. Only one person stuck to the original scale- Todd. Hooyah. Great job. A mutant in training.

Practice the muscle-ups every chance you get. IF the warm-up calls for pull-ups, perform them on the rings. Cash out with MU practice. It will not happen without concerted efforts. Get the false grip, or get the strong ass kip that gets you above the rings. Whichever works best for you.

We are playing with an old friend from the neighborhood Tuesday, and it is gonna be a blast. Don't miss it. Thanks for all the great efforts- more great fuel.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday, October 31 '30 C+J'

At prescription, this session is a monster, scaled isn't much better. Tons of intensity crammed into a pretty short, and sweet workout. Definitely not a good day to forget hips. Their contribution was HUGE, and could be the difference between struggling, and really struggling needlessly.

30 Clean + Jerks

Todd- Rx  13:59
Sharon- 55  10:05
T- 125  11:25

Great session Todd! The prescription for this was 155 pounds, and you nailed it. This Grace-like monster defines discomfort. As far as I know, we (the CF community) are the only people doing O-lifts for extended reps, and they are gassers.

Anaerobic work performed aerobically can brutalize the fittest. Its then that we need to focus on hip contribution, and patience for triple extension, with superfast elbow flips, then back on those heels.

Monday is a mother grabber. Be there for the fun. At least we'll have nice weather....

Take some time and build up to ten minutes stretching each leg and hips over the day. You will be ready to roll, feeling lots better, before you know it.

"Flat on your back in twenty minutes or less- guaranteed."

Friday, October 29 'WBS/GHD sit-up/back ext'

This session is a core killer. From the rock bottom position in the wall ball shots, to the GHD sit-ups, cores were hit hard. How about the WBS? Any better? I think so...

20:00 AMRAP
10 WBS
10 GHD sit-ups
10 back extensions

Eric- 12 + 5 GHD sit-ups
Alice Ann- 7 + 10 sit-ups
Dustin- 10 + 9 GHD sit-ups
Bart- 11
LaRunda- 8
Tammy- 10 + 10 WBS
Casey- 10 + 10 GHD sit-ups
Sharon- 8
T- 13

We substituted 20 abmat sit-ups for 10 GHD sit-ups for the people who have not learned the GHD sit-up, or just got jammed up. How are your abs feeling? The GHD sit-up baffles exercise physiologists because the abs are not directly activated, but rather they provide support indirectly. Yet their contribution is profound, as we can attest to.

Saturday is a rest day. Enjoy your time off, but remember there are no days off. Get some of the good stuff. You know what the good stuff is....

Thanks for all the great efforts today, and the whole week. Thanks again for making CFSF the coolest place to be and train- endorphins served up daily.