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Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28 '5k run'

Does it seem to anyone else that we have been running 5k's a lot lately? Long, monochromatic sessions have never been on my list of favs, but they do show change over time. The last time we ran a 5k was July 28, the weather was much nicer now than it was then, and we had some really good time drops.

5k run
Eric- 27:45                 29:15
Alice Ann- (2k) 31:30
David- 18:53
Todd- 26:29               28:35
Scott- 29:37               30:58
Tammy- (2.5 mi) 29:12
Teresa- 37:10             46:25
Sharon- 50:43            57:01
Casey- 31:06              34:28
Bart- 33:00
LaRunda- 37:05
T- 31:38                     31:22

Great run everyone! Everybody dropped time from last run, and for some people huge amounts of time were dropped. That may have a little to do with the weather, but mostly due to the fact that we are becoming better runners. This is the third 5k we've run since the end of summer, we had one that was book ended with some other fun stuff in the 'Severin' session that actually felt better for me than this one...

Super fast run David- we should have had you carry a sandbag or something to even out the playing field. Thoughts are with Burly Girl as she recovers from a nasty respiratory bug. The bug has no chance. She is much tougher.

Friday is next. Be ready to roll! Thanks for all the great efforts. You all make CFSF the best place to suffer.

Take some time to relax and stretch the posterior chain, and hips today. Your body will thank you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27 'Squat snatch/ring dips/K2E'

This session looked sketchy on the board, which almost reassured me, however upon starting the workout things went really well. Felt good about the squat snatch, when it's clicking- it clicks nicely. How did you feel about the session? Did any one exercise gas you? Combination of the three? How about your snatch- are you getting more comfortable with it?

20:00 AMRAP:

Squat snatch, 10 reps
10 ring dips
10 knees to elbows

Scott- 65  5 + 1 snatch
Bart- 45  5
David- 45  5 + 5 snatch
Tammy- 35  3 + 4 snatch
Dustin- 95  5 + 2 snatch
Teresa- 45  4 + 6 snatch
Sharon- 35  4 + 5 snatch
Lisa- (mod) 14
Travis- 75  5
Jason- 75  7
T- 75  5

Great session Dustin! This was a monster session, at prescription- brutal. 95 pound squat snatch, ring dip, then K2E? Wheeew. We had one person get the squat snatch as prescribed, a few people got the ring dips, but nobody got the whole thing as prescribed. Another part of CFSF that is great- scalable to everyone's level of conditioning.

We had a visit from Travis, and Jason, a couple of good guys in town training at McClellan. Welcome to CFSF. Our gym is your gym.

If you had difficulty with the squat snatch, get some overhead squatting practice, as well as power snatch, then hang squat snatch. When each movement is more comfortable, begin practicing the squat snatch. This is another area that flexibility can improve tremendously. Tight hams? Good luck getting low without compromising that good lumbar curve. Tight shoulders? Bad recipe for anything overhead. Remember that the more flexible we are the better these positions will be. Bad platform- bad lift, good platform- much better chance for a good lift. That simple.

Thanks for the great efforts today. Good fuel. Standby for Thursday. This Friday is the last Friday of the month. We are going to have fun after the night sessions, so come by CFSF and enjoy.

Get some mobility work in over the day. Minute by minute, it takes very little time with huge payoffs.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Training the Muscle-up Transition

Now that the rings are in place, take every opportunity you have to practice muscle-ups. This is a great video that discusses a good transition exercise to learn and practice. GET SOME!

Training the Muscle-up Transition

Monday, October 25 'C+J Cindy'

We have had some session mash-ups in the past, but this one was one we've never seen before. How did you like the combination? I thought it was great. One clean and jerk added to a known gasser can only equal more fun...

'C+J Cindy'
10 rounds:
1 clean and jerk
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 airsquats

Eric- 155   17:02
Dustin- 155  19:39
Bart- 95  16:52
David- 105  17:33
Todd- 155  18:57
Scott- 95  18:58
Casey- 155  19:15
LaRunda- 45  13:32
Lisa- (2) 55  11:00
Sharon- 65  23:57
Alice Ann- (3/6/9) 55  17:23
T- 135  19:34

Great lifts guys! How about those cleans? We talked about making sure a few things happen during the workout: We talked about making sure we stand up all the way, opening up the hips fully. We also talked about making sure our set-up was perfect each time, and we talked about getting that strong drive from the heels right up to the hips. Everyone hit the main points we wanted covered, but we still need work on fast elbow flips.

How about the jerk? How did you get that bar off the rack? We saw mostly splits, with a few push-jerks thrown in. Anybody lose the pinky on the way up? I did several times. Really gotta keep working that flexibility for the great rack.

Tuesday is a rest day, not a day off. Actually you may be able to get quite a lot accomplished on your day off training. Here's a challenge for you:  Build up to at least 5 minutes each leg, posterior chain flexibility over the day. Ten minutes is not a huge amount of time, and the benefits far outweigh the time costs for you. So, GET IT DONE! Add in some Kstar mobility and you're cooking with gas!

Thanks for the terrific efforts. Great fuel for us all to burn. Enjoy your rest day, see you Wednesday- READY TO ROLL!
Hit it hard, hit it fast, hit it again!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24 'Deadlift/OH squat'

This little couplet is a monster in disguise. Held true to the "looks easy" theory. Deads get a lot of blood moving, then throwing a load overhead and squatting becomes dicey on a tired base. Both movements can expose strength, and flexibility shortcomings.

21, 15, 9 reps:
Overhead squat

Teresa- 115/45  15:07
Sharon- 115/35  16:07
Todd- 225/135-115-95  15:50
Casey- 225/95  9:33

The prescribed weight for the session was 225 for the deads, and 135 for the overhead squats. That is bigtime monster weight. Great job Todd, and Casey for getting the deads. Real good job Todd for fighting through the longest set at prescription. Remember, a lighter load allows for higher intensity. Intensity is our friend, we need it.

Great session David. You are doing great- you learned two complex movements, used them in a workout, and came back for more. HOOF*CKINYAH! Teresa, Sharon- great deadlifts! You are both locked on.

This was a good day at CFSF- thanks for that. Standby for Monday, and be ready to roll.

Saturday, October 23 'WBS/pull-ups'

Are the WBS getting more manageable? We have seen our share of them lately. They are potent...

7 rounds:
10 WBS
10 pull-ups

Todd- 7:57
David- 9:38
Bart- 8:47

Great session, guys. The wall ball shots all looked as if they were going well. Solid heels into solid hip drives that laucnched the ball off the rack. All good. Embrace the suck has pulled through once again as a great strategy.

What about the paleo based diet, and approach to exercise- makes a lot of sense, huh? We should all make efforts to become more like our caveman ancestors in our approach to life. Except we get all the benefits of a modern life that they never had.

Thanks for the strong efforts getting this one closed out. What better way to start the weekend?


Friday, October 22, 2010

With a little over an hour to go before tomorrow's wod pops up I find myself beginning to get nervous, but in a good way.  A little excited, maybe like when you went to the haunted house for the first time as a child. I love this feeling.

Thanks again Coach, thanks CFHQ, thanks to ALL the people who roll, and have rolled with us at CFSF...

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 3: Sunshine

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 1: Food

YouTube - Paleo in a Nutshell Part 2: Exercise

YouTube - Paleo in a Nutshell Part 2: Exercise

Thursday, October 21 'Bear crawl/broad jump'

Another deceivingly difficult session, this one held true to the "looks easy" theory as it appeared benign at first glance. This was a fun session...

Five rounds:
Bear crawl 100 ft.
Broad jump 100 ft.
Three burpee's every five broad jumps

Eric- 15:10
Dustin- 17:24
Bart- 17:56
Alice Ann- 20:50
Scott- 17:55
Sharon- (3) 10:00
Casey- 12:16

The Madman usually gets nailed by height, having to travel longer distances while lifting or squatting, so it was great to have a session that rewarded height. He made  the 100 ft. broad jumps in just under 10 jumps, giving him a nice advantage that he doesn't often get. Even though he could have stepped across the finish line he dropped and did the burpee's anyway. GREAT JOB MADMAN!

How did you negotiate the bear crawl? We saw some forward, sideways, and a few backward crawls. The combination of crawling, then jumping was brutal. A good lung burn, for sure.

HOOF*CKINYAH Tammy! Getting to the top of the rope is awesome, just remember that the MOST important part of rope climbing is to save enough energy to get back down safely.

Friday is a rest day, not an off day. Pre-hab, mobility, long stretching- anything that helps you recover, and feel better. Be ready for Saturday, 0900.

Thanks for all the great efforts required to get this session shut down. See you Saturday for more fun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

They're up! Huge THANKS to Eric, Dustin, Bart, and everyone else who helped get the ropes and rings squared away. Now for the FUN stuff...

Wednesday, October 20 'Thrusters'

Front squats, then Thrusters? Don't question- just do. It went pretty well, all things considered. We had some really strong lifts. The Thruster is the epitome of "embrace the suck". The more we get, the better we feel about them.


Eric- 200
Dustin- 195
Bart- 135
Scott- 175
Lisa- 65
Sharon- 95
Teresa- 110
Casey- 180
T- 165

Super strong session Eric, and Dustin. You guys are killing it! Also, great lift Teresa. From the bar to 110 pounds is a big jump in strength since you've been rolling with us. OUTSTANDING! Everyone had good Thrusters with good form.

A long line of action against the normal force of gravity with a load plus bodyweight, the Thruster is one of the most profound accelerations possible. The movement works from full flexion to full extension at the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and arm. A real gasser of the first order.

Thursday is next. Be ready. We are going to have some fun like no other fun we've had yet.......

Thanks for letting CFSF deliver.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19 'Bulger'

This was a great session. Tons of volume however. How did you feel about the front squat? Did you have a good rack? It means everything!

10 rounds:
150m run
7 chest to bar pull-ups
7 front squat
7 handstand push-up

Eric- 115  31:11
Dustin- 95  31:36
Bart- 75  31:48
Alice Ann- (7) 45  22:32
Scott- (7)  24:35
Teresa- (5) 21:30
Lisa- (4)  45  22:00
Casey- Rx 37:41
T- 115  34:03

The prescribed weight for the front squats was 135 pounds. Only one person got it as prescribed- GREAT JOB Madman! If you had some difficulty holding the bar in a racked position, take some time and get those shoulders, and wrists more flexibile. Upper arm parallel to the ground is a good racked position, that allows our bodies to hold the load. Not our arms.

This session is named in honor of Canadian Forces Corporal Nicholas Bulger, killed in July, 2009 Zhari district, Afghanistan.

Standby for Wednesday, Day 2.  Thanks for all the great efforts it took to get this thing booked. Great fuel that got us through.
Do one thing a day that scares you. Do CrossFit!

Monday, October 18, 2010


The Wall Ball Shot is an extremely functional movement. Lately, where functional movements are discussed we see swiss balls and rubber bands, and trunk work. While surely of some value, this is not the type of functionality CrossFit is in pursuit of.

CrossFit see's the bulk of human movement as being comprised of a limited number of irreducible fundamental movements. These fundamental movements we call functional. They include, but are not limited to, squatting, deadlifting, cleaning, lunging/running/walking, jumping, throwing, climbing, and pressing.

This atomist, or functionalist view has us asking of every exercise "how universal is the motor recruitment pattern?"  When this litmus is applied to biking, and bench press the answer comes back, "not very." When we ask the same of running, and the push-press the answer comes back, "very."

The case for a potent neuroendocine response associated with many of the exercises that we've dubbed functional seems like a fairly straightforward argument. It is known that cleans, deads, and squats carry an inordinately large neuroendocrine response.

One example of a high functionality and marked carryover of cardiorespiratory benefit to sport and human performance in general, is the Wall Ball exercise. This exercise is largely a front squat and push-press combination. The functionality of throwiing, or shooting an object from overhead and standing up is hopefully obvious.

We will use a med ball weighing between 14 and 20 pounds, aimed at an 8 to 10 foot target. The movement begins with a front squat and follows through to a push-press/shove that sends the ball up and forward to the target from which it rebounds back to the throwers outstretched arms where it is absorbed back into the squat. In its entirety the wall ball is quite simply a throw.

When performed each shot looks identical to the one before and after the ball's contact and departure are gentle and smooth. If the athlete endeavors to quiet the drill, the benefit to mechanics and breathing techique are immense.

Here are the technique fundamentals:
--Each rep begins with a rock bottom squat
--Keep the elbows down and in
--Keep the ball low to the chest
--Don't let the ball obstruct view of target
--Launch with little finger roll and push
--Make ascending and descending movements the same
--Minimize breathing and ball contact noise
--Breath deeply and attempt to synchronize breathing to shot rate.

The wall ball drill is comprised of two highly functional classic weightlifting movements brought together at light loads and extended duration to create a super-potent metabolic conditioning tool with an enormous potential for increasing athletic performance.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, October 17 'Forrest'

This must be a very special guy, because this is an extra special session. When it takes Graham Holmberg 32 minutes to finish, we know we are in for it.

3 rounds:
20 L-pull-ups
30 toes to bar
40 burpee's
800m run

Teresa- (1/2) 37:49
Casey- 59:30
T- 42:43

This was one of the toughest sessions ever on my hands. Just one more rep on the bars and I would have had severe rippage. As it is, I'm left with a few blisters. Nothing to complain about. On the contrary, we have a good life, rich with blessings for which we should be thankful, and grateful to people like Forrest Leamon, the hero for which today's session is named. These men have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may have the lives we choose to live.

Monday is a rest day. Do the right thing. Your body will thank you.

A path with no obstacles leads nowhere...

Saturday, October 16 'CF Total'

This is the second 'CF Total' we have seen at 14th St., and it went really well. The last time was July 24th, and everyone that rolled then and now, increased their score.

CrossFit Total
Back squat, 1 rep
Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
                         BS        P       Dead     Total
LaRunda-         115      70       130        315
Sharon-            135      80       205       420
T-                    225      130     295        650

The Total scores might not rise much, but they rise every time. Consistent growth. Great session LaRunda. Form is good on everything, just need continued fine tuning. Great deadlift Sharon! Remember when 100 pounds was the goal? Funny huh?

We can do anything with training, patience, and persistence. CrossFit is the proof. Look at the different movements, exercises, mobility, everything that we have learned over the past two years. Impressive. We have so much more to learn, practice and experience that we can never become bored, just better.


Friday, October 15 'HPC/burpees'

This session didn't look too scary on the board, which usually terrifies us. It turned out to be a really good session though. Did you find that huge hip contribution to the hang power clean? A strong hip drive is the difference between working hard, and working way too hard. How about that super fast elbow flip, do you have it?

3 rounds:
Hang Power Clean, 15 reps
15 burpee's

LaRunda- 45#  9:54
Tammy- 65#  13:36
Scott- 95#  11:45
Teresa- 65#  10:43
Bart- 115#  13:13
Casey- 135#  8:06
John- 45#  6:04
Sharon- 65#  14:48
T- 135#  11:37

Super session Madman! You were born to HPC. LaRunda, John- great job on getting a good start with the hang power clean. Gotta work on the wrist flexibility though, makes for a much easier, and efficient rack. Nice rack Tammy! Our fingers merely babysit the bar in the racked position.

Have you been reading up on the paleo diet? What do you think about it? Sounds pretty darn effective to me. Get informed.

Ready to lead, ready to follow- CFSF

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13 'WBS/MU'

This deadly little couplet wrecked us, but didn't finish us off... We came back strong and determined to kill this session. It took all of us to get it done. If you are still subbing out the pull-ups and dips for the muscle-ups, you are working way too hard. The muscle-up is within everyone's reach, if you are willing to put in the practice...

50 WBS
10 muscle-ups
40 WBS
8 muscle-ups
30 WBS
6 muscle-ups
20 WBS
4 muscle-ups
10 WBS
2 muscle-ups

Dustin- 17:40
Bart- 18:44
David- 19:09
Tammy- 16:42
Scott- 17:54
Casey- 18:44
T- 12:56
Emilee- 11:54
LaRunda- 12:21

Are the wall ball shots as difficult for you as they have been in the past? They are gassers, for sure, but if you can push past the overwhelming urge to stop you will find them lots easier. Stopping only delays the pain, and makes resuming work more difficult.

Muscle-ups, whether bar or ring, are completely doable. We can all get pretty good pull-ups and dips, what's holding some people back is more of a mental, than physical block. We hope to get the rings attached to the ceiling I-beams soon, this should make them easier for the trees that roll with us.

We had a blast Wednesday night with an impromtu going away feast with Emilee and a few others at Ono Grill. It's a good thing we are all patient and friendly, as it could have gotten ugly. When English is your second language, appartently things can go wrong. But hey, there was free beer... that has to make up for some of the language barrier, huh?

Thursday is another well deserved rest day. Again I encourage you to get some pre-hab, mobility, or at the least, some nice long stretching in. Check out KStarr's mobility blog, start wherever you want and get comfortable in uncomfortable positions. This guy has great information, and the stuff works.

Thanks for all the great efforts, and fun times. Enjoy your rest day, and be ready to roll strong Friday.

WBS + MU = WFYU every time!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12 'Snatch balance'

The snatch balance turns out to be a great movement. We were a little intimidated by the newness of this exercise, but it was made a lot less difficult with the progressions, and practice. By the end of the day, we had some monster lifts!

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Eric- 165
Alice Ann- 95
David- 155
Bart- 165
LaRunda- 95
Emilee- 105
Teresa- 110
Sharon- 105
Casey- 195
T- 165

Did you like this session as much as I did? I love the long, or short little grinds, and met-cons, but I really love the type of session this was. Practice, with rest, and some maximal efforts. Great lifts everyone!

The snatch balance requires a high level of strength and flexibility. If you leaned forward, you found out that maintaining a load can be very difficult. The torso should remain as close to vertical as possible. Sitting straight down was the idea, keeping the load over the scapula, NOT the head. Retreating down - not back (like the back squat) gets us into the position we want.

You do not want to push the barbell up more than a few inches, the idea is to put a bit of upward momentum on the barbell, or "unload" it from your shoulders, while at the same time driving yourself into the bottom position to receive the bar. This exercise is used to practice positions in the snatch and speed getting there. We are landing in a power position and riding it down. Depth is key.

Get comfortable in the rock bottom position, get there and stay there. This, along with stability, will prepare us for successful snatch balance practice in the future.

Thanks for a really fun session, and more wicked strong fuel. Standby for Wednesday.

We punish the specialist... CFSF

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, October 11 'Tabata This'

Of all the Tabata's we've seen, I think this is my favorite. Definitely delivers the desired effect, and then some. For some reason, I was reminded of FGB while in the middle of the Tabata... The order of exercises is:
1) Row 2) Squat 3) Pull-up 4) Push-up 5) Sit-up


Alice Ann- (3-8-5-7-6)  29
Eric- (6-13-8-13-11)  51
Bart- (7-10-6-10-13)  46
LaRunda- (3-11-4-3-9)  30
Teresa- (4-10-2-7-6)  29
Sharon- (3-9-2-6-10)  30
Tammy- (3-14-2-7-10)  36
Casey- (5-12-6-10-12)  45
Emilee- (3-10-3-12-6)  34
Lisa- (3-6-5-X-10)  24
T- (5-16-8-15-12)  56

Which of the five stations gave you the most difficulty? The pull-ups kicked my butt! I fell prey to the "too much, too soon" theory, and got a bunch of rounds at 12, burned out my grip, and only got 8 pull-ups in the last few rounds. Many people went out like houses on fire only to be caught in the flame and burn out by the last rounds. That destroys our scores, as we record the fewest number of reps in any one round.

Standby for Tuesday. Should be a blast. Thanks for all the terrific efforts today. Great fuel for us to burn.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday, October 9 'Handstand walk'

We were just discussing that some CrossFit workouts had begun to get sorta exotic, and BAM! Handstand walk for a hundred meters... WHAT?!?  It took me a few seconds to process what I was seeing. Definitely gonna need to scale this one.

Great session Sharon, and LaRunda. We had a lot of fun with this one today. We did a modified wheelbarrow walk, for a broken 100 meters. You can bet on seeing this little gem in the future, as it is a solid progression for a handstand.

CFSF is losing one our strongest magnets, and a plank owner. Emilee has taken a job in Clanton, and will be leaving us soon. While excited for her, we are tremendously saddened by her departure. Her fuel will be missed badly. However, I see a carport CrossFit in her future, since she's now a Level I Instructor! We love you, and wish you and Neil all the success you can handle.

Sunday is a rest day, which means next week will be a week we are all familiar with- a Thursday rest day.

Thanks for making CFSF the absolute coolest place in the world! See you Monday.

CFSF- fun work, hard play, and NO cuddling after!


Friday, October 8 'Front squats'

My lower body had just begun to recover fully from Monday's total destruction when the Friday workout popped up... "Oh shit" came to mind first. Luckily, things weren't too bad at all. We had some super strong squats from our crew, and a few PR's to boot.

Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Eric- 250
Bart- 165
David- 145
Todd- 285
Tammy- 110
Emilee- 105
Sharon- 110
Casey- 255
T- 185

With seven sets, the thought process can go many ways. Do I want to max out on the last set, or in an earlier set, to avoid the fatigue of arriving at seven? Some people maxed early, some at the end. Either way, the front squat session was a good one.

Super strong squats, Todd, Madman, and Eric! Great PR's Tammy, Emilee, and Sharon. Much more functional than the squats that brutalized us Monday, the front squat is a more demanding squat in that our cores MUST be solid, elbows high, maintaining a good rack- much more taxing from a flexibility standpoint than the back squat.

Good luck on the 5k run in Birmingham Saturday, Tammy, Emilee, and Lisa P. We'll be thinking of you, and know you'll have a blast. Standby for Saturday, 0900. Be there. Thanks for all the great efforts today, and all week. This was a pretty heavy week, and I am glad its over.

CFSF- If its good enough for a Navy SEAL, its good enough for me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday, October 8 'KB snatch/pull-ups'

"This should be a nice, short, and sweet session..." I thought to myself as I saw the workout on the main site. I was partially correct, it was sorta short, but not very nice, and certainly not sweet. By the last round my grip was going, and my heart was beating  in my eyes, as I was breathing through my ears...

21, 15, 9 reps:
KB snatch/pull-ups

David- 30#  10:10
Emilee- 20# 13:41
Ryan- 35#  7:57
Casey- 53#  9:10
T- 53#  9:26

Great session guys!  Intensity is our goal, and I think everyone made it happen with this thing!  Getting that KB going really requires a strong opening up of the hips, did you feel it? How about those forearms? Did you let the KB bang, or land smoothly? I had some issues with my non-dominant side, and my forearm is  yelling at me for it.

Standby for Day 2. Should be fun. Let's throw some gas onto that fire and see what happens...

Thanks for all the terrific efforts. We needed that fuel badly.

Doing the uncommon uncommonly well... CFSF

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Plyometric exercises  help to develop explosive strength and speed in fast twitch muscle fibers. These exercises use the inherant stretch-recoil properties of muscle (i.e., eccentric tension generated when the muscles are lengthened) to enhance subsequent shortening or concentric contractions. This is the dynamic action behind the rapid prestretch or "cocking" phase to "activate" these natural recoil properties.

Examples of this phase include taking the arm back into position prior to throwing a baseball or bending the knees prior to jumping. Thus athletes that rely on explosive strength and speed, such as sprinters and basketball players, include plyometrics in their training programs.

A plyometric movement can be broken down into three phases:
--Lengthening phase (eccentric contraction)
--Amortization phase
--Take-off (concentric contraction)

During the lengthening phase, the muscle creates tension like a spring being stretched. This type of contraction, called an eccentric contraction, occurs when performing movements such as jumping down from an object, running downhill, or lowering a weight. During the eccentric contraction, tension is built into the muscle as it lengthens. The take-off occurs via concentric contraction of the muscles. During this phase, the muscle shortens as it contracts, and actual work (i.e., movement of the body through space) is performed.

The amortization phase is the period of time from the beginning of the lengthening phase to the beginning of the take-off phase. This is the most important phase when it comes to plyometric training. During this phase, the muscle must convert the muscular tension generated during the lengthening phase to acceleration in a selected direction during the take-off phase.

The elastic properties inherent within the muscles and neuromuscular reflexes (the stretch reflex) are responsible for this conversion. Plyometric training may increase the efficiency of this conversion. The goal of plyometric training is to decrease the amount of time in the amortization phase and thereby increase speed.

While box jumping, if you step up and down, instead of jump up and down, these mechanisms and responses are blunted. This is why we perform box jumps, not box steps, and why you are asked to jump instead of step.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday, October 4 'Bench press'

After the destruction of our lower body from Monday's session, it was refreshing to see upper body work  for Tuesday. Ten rounds of two reps is an interesting combination, and we treated it a little differently from one person to another. Some stayed with the same load, some increased as they went. Another facet of CrossFit that I love- choice.

Bench Press

Eric- 245 built
Alice Ann- 75 constant
David- 145 constant
Scott- 175 constant
Ryan- 195 built
Todd- 275 built
Casey- 265 built
Emilee- 85 built
Lisa- 85 built
T- 185 constant

Built refers to adding to the load as you progressed, constant means we stuck to the same load for the 10 rounds. Super strong lifts guys! Some of our slow starters had a really good session today, these people get stronger as they go.

Great to see Ryan back from CF Battalion in Atlanta, now you can show those guys back home what you have learned at CFSF. Another facet of CrossFit that I love- the community. I have been involved in many things over my life, but the community inclusion that we see displayed from CrossFitters all over the world is beautiful. Sharing information, skills, love. Where is the love, anyway?

Wednesday is another well deserved rest day. Use your off time wisely. Get some active mobility, or some slow, static stretching. These pay big dividends, and are well worth your time. Thanks for all the strong efforts, and fun.

Punishing the specialist- CFSF

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday, October 4 'Back squat/rope climb'

This was a monster session. Heavy volume, and high intensity to match. Which set was most difficult for you? For me, the third set, thirty reps, was really difficult. We had a few guys go as prescribed today, and a few scales of either the rope climb or the squats, or both. Remember, scaling allows for greater intensity levels, and intensity is what we're after...

95 pound back squat, 50 reps
Rope climb, 5 ascents
115 pound back squat, 40 reps
Rope climb, 4 ascents
135 pound back squat, 30 reps
Rope climb, 3 ascents
155 pound back squat, 20 reps
Rope climb, 2 ascents
175 pound back squat, 10 reps
Rope climb, 1 ascent

Eric- Rx 29:47
Todd- Rx 26:45
Dustin- Rx-squats/towel pull-ups- 28:27
Bart- 75/85/95/105/115/Rx-rope climbs- 32:15
David- 65/85/95/105/115/Rx- rope climbs- 32:45
T- 95/115/135/155/155/Rx-rope climbs- 25:00

Great session Eric, and Todd! Going as prescribed. You guys are strong. Also, great work LaRunda, and Lisa P.  You two are quickly getting up to speed as you roll onto the on ramp toward the intensity highway.
The rope climbing is getting to be much easier than it was. Longpants help too. The squats all looked good, tall chests and rooted heels, good drives and strong finishes. Much more important than how much weight is lifted, how well its lifted is what counts.

The squat, along with the deadlift, is one of the most functional movements we see. We squat repeatedly every day in real life activities.

Thanks for all the terrific effort. today, great fuel. Standby for Tuesday, and be ready to roll strong.

Be someone special.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, October 3 'Jerry'

We have never seen 'Jerry' before, but this reminds me of the 'R+R' sessions we used to get, minus the burpee's. Not sure if 5 rounds of 400m run and 500m row is better or worse than a mile run, 2000m row, and another mile run... What do yo think? I certainly didn't miss the burpee's today, that's for sure.

1 mile run
2000m row
1 mile run

Casey- 28:28
Sharon- 40:27
T- 27:24

This session is named in honor of Jerry Dwayne Patton, 40. Died in October, 2008 during a HAHO drop while assigned to USSOCOM.

That second mile got interesting. I had hoped to get a little active recovery on the row, no luck. My bacon got burned. 2000 meters seems to stretch out. It was the perfect distance though.

A session like today leaves the door open for anything tomorrow. Expect the unexpected. Be ready to roll.

Friday, October 1 '1 RMx2/The Triplet'

This was an interesting mash-up, combining two 1 rep max lifts with a nasty little triplet for a ten minute AMRAP.  The double-unders ate a huge amount of time for everyone. We need to practice them more often. Have you checked out the new speed ropes we have?

1 rep max snatch
1 rep max clean and jerk
10:00 AMRAP:
6 cleans
12 pull-ups
24 double-unders
Weight (in kilograms) was added to total number of reps completed in the AMRAP for a score.
                           Snatch     Clean&jerk     AMRAP reps     AMRAP rounds
Eric- 235            135/61       155/70                104               2 + 2 double-unders
Dustin- 199         135/61       155/70                68                1 + 8 double-unders
Bart- 244            115/52       135/61               131               3 + 5 cleans
Scott- 217           135/61       145/66               90                 2 + 6 cleans

This was a great workout. You guys did really well. A ten minute AMRAP after a couple of max sets seems brutal, but if you can just keep going, you will survive it. If you stop to rest once, you'll stop again- too often. The double-unders are not too bad once you get the rhythm, but it requires practice. Cash out by practicing some.

Saturday is a rest day. Send Em some love vibes as she gives the instructors all they can handle at CF Atlanta this weekend. No worries Em, YBF. Thanks for all the super strong efforts this week. We'll start the next week a little early, like Sunday at 12:30. Be there.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Popeye had spinach, we have CrossFit!

Thursday, September 30 'Muscle-up/burpee's'

This was another great session disseminated from CFHQ that definitely delivered.  How are your wrists feeling?  We decided that we have got to get some rings attached to the ceiling I-beam.  Too many people have trouble with the muscle-up simply because of the ring location, that stinks.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to get these, so if you have a looong ladder.....

5 rounds:
7 muscle-ups
21 burpee's

Eric- 18:05
Dustin- 19:55
Bart- 22:55
LaRunda- (3) 15:09
David- (3) 27:00
Scott- 20:40
Tammy- 21:10
Todd- 17:48
Casey- 29:23
Sharon- (3) 15:10
T- 20:49

Great muscle-ups guys!  Just getting comfortable with the false grip is taking a huge step towards knocking these things out like drunks at a bar fight.  Great time Todd, and way to tough it out Casey.  The sub was far worse than the exercise, huh?

Remember that there will be no Friday evening sessions, lunch only. Our thoughts are with Emilee as she takes on the CFHQ Trainers this weekend at CF Atlanta.  We have total confidence in you and know you will succeed.  Just have fun while you're doing it.

Thanks for the awesome efforts in getting this session behind us.  We are the burpee destroyers that have laid waste to the little bastards, burning them in a big, stinky pile.  But they will return.

Saturday is a rest day.  Check the CFSF site for info on Sunday.