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Monday, January 31, 2011

Dead Cues

Here are a few cues to think about while setting up for your deadlifts today.....

  1. Natural stance with feet under hips.
  2. Symmetrical grip whether parallel, hook, or alternate.
  3. Hands placed where arms won't interfere with legs while pulling from the ground.
  4. Bar above juncture of little toe and foot.
  5.  Shoulders slightly in front of bar.
  6. Inside of elbows facing one another.
  7. Chest up and inflated.
  8. Abs tight.
  9. Arms locked and not pulling.
  10. Shoulders pinned back and down.
  11. Lats and triceps contracted and pressing aginst one another.
  12. Keep your weight on your heels.
  13. Bar stays close to legs and essentially travels straight up and down.
  14. Torso's angle of inclination remains constant while bar is below the knee.
  15. Head straight ahead.
  16. Shoulders and hips rise at the same rate when the bar is below the knee.
  17. Arms remain perpendicular to ground until lockout. 

Greg Glassman: Crossfit Deadlift Intro

Greg Glassman: Deadlift Arm Position

Saturday, January 29 'Chipper'

Was anyone else remided of the 'Filthy Fifty' by the end of this? Where did you start and did it make a difference? Either way, this thing went down fighting. It took all of us.

20" box jump, 50 reps
Rope climb, 5 ascents
1.5 pood kettlebell swing, 50 reps
50 sit-ups
40 pound dumbbell hang power clean, 50 reps
800m run
50 back extensions

Brandi- (1/2) 35kb/20db  13:28
Tammy- 35kb/20db  29:20
John- 35db  23:45
Dan- 35kb/35db  27:32
Tice- (1/2) 35kb/35db  22:00
Holley- (1/2) 20kb/10db  16:50
Eric- Rx  25:35
Bart- 30db  30:23
T- 35db  22:14

Great job guys. Thanks for another great day of training at CFSF. Standby for Monday. Use your time wisely and get some prehab, mobility, or some nice long stretching for that nasty posterior chain.


Friday, January 28 'Clean'

The clean is a beautiful thing to see. Like the snatch, it requires a lot of practice to begin to hit all the cues we've talked about. There were some solid cleans. We had a few points that we focused on, and they were all hit.

Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
John- 215
Sharon- 75
Eric- 135
T- 155

Great body weight clean John. Super strong stuff. Wise decision to rest that shoulder Eric, still some really good cleans. Sharon- YOU'RE CLEANING! Just think what you'll be doing in the next year...

We turned this session into a practice session for many people. Refining the deadlift, practicing the hang clean, and finally putting those together for some good clean fun at CFSF.

Big THANKS to John for the dumbbells and bands. Much appreciated.

Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27 'Holbrook'

Hero workouts are always a blast. No better motivation to put out. 'Holbrook' was no different. Again, the rep scheme was perfect. Just keep moving...

10 rounds:
5 thrusters, 115 pounds
10 pull-ups
100 meter sprint
1:00 minute rest

Eric- Rx  24:40
Bart- 95 PP  27:27
Alice Ann- 45  PP
Tammy- 65 (8)  24:45
Scott- 95  (9)  24:45
Holley- (5) 14:35
Casey- Rx  25:48
John- Rx  23:01
Dan- 95  23:06
Sharon- 45 (5) 16:40
T- 95  24:28

Great job everybody. Super strong session at prescription Eric, Casey, and John. Great fuel. We have had some really good fuel over the past week. Thanks. The addition of a couple of strong athletes to CFSF's day crew and night crew has been great, and sorely needed. Thanks for that too.

This session is named in honor of  U.S. Army Captain Jason Holbrook, 1st Battalion, SF Group 3, who was killed July 29, 2010 in Tsagay, Afghanistan.

Friday is the last Friday of the month. Let's be ready. Thanks for the efforts, and the great fuel.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When my granny was 91, she did PT just for fun.
When my granny was 92, she did PT better than you.
When my granny was 93, she did PT better than me.
When my granny was 95, she did PT to stay alive.
When my granny was 97, she up and died and went to heaven.
She met St. Peter at the pearly gates, sayin' "Gee St. Petey, I hope I'm not late."
St. Petey said with a big ol' grin, "Drop down granny and give me ten."

How to Squat

Here are some valuable cues to a sound squat. Many encourage identical behaviors.

  1. Start with the feet about shoulder width apart and slightly toed out.
  2. Keep your head up looking slightly above parallel.
  3. Don't look down at all; ground is in peripheral vision only.
  4. Accentuate the normal arch of the lumbar curve and then pull the excess arch out with the abs.
  5. Keep the midsection very tight.
  6. Send your butt back and down.
  7. Your knees track over the line of the foot.
  8. Don't let the knees roll inside the foot.
  9. Keep as much pressure on the heels as possible.
  10. Stay off the balls of the feet.
  11. Delay the knees forward travel as much as possible.
  12. Lift your arms out and up as you descend.
  13. Keep your torso elongated.
  14. Send hands as far away from your butt as possible.
  15. In the profile, the ear does not move forward during the squat; it travels straight down.
  16. Don't let the squat just sink, but pull yourself down with the hip flexors.
  17. Don't let the lumbar curve surrender as you settle in to the bottom.
  18. Stop when the fold of the hip is below the knee- break parallel with the thigh.
  19. Squeeze glutes and hamstrings and rise without any leaning forward or shifting of balance.
  20. Return on the exact same path as you descended.
  21. Use every bit of musculature you can; there is no part of the body uninvolved.
  22. On rising, without moving the feet, exert pressure to the outside of your feet as though you were trying to separate the ground beneath you.
  23. At the top of the squat, stand as tall as you possibly can.

Tuesday, January 25 'MU/squats-Cindy'

The mainsite workout was a beast that included a movement many cannot do. The sub is worse than the exercise, so how about just letting that go, and picking up Cindy for some fun? Not so fast. It was apparent early on that quite a few people would rather get that mainsite workout... Great job guys.

3 rounds:
12 muscle ups
75 squats

Jon- 27:15
Casey- 38:20

20:00 AMRAP
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 airsquats

Eric- 17 + 10 squatss
Bart- 17
DT- (10:00) 5
Dan- 14
Emilee- 10
Holly- (3/6/9) 8 + 3 push-ups
T- 17

Great session everyone! Lots of really good fuel. Another great day to be at CFSF. We have seen some really athletic people cruise through before, but last night we saw something that doesn't occur too often. After watching a few guys practicing muscle ups and observing the false grip, Dan jumped up onto the rings and did a muscle up on his first attempt. Hoof*ckinyah. That is an athletic move off the charts. Just wait until he gets his sea legs...

Eric, Bart- great job with Cindy. She is more attractive than say, Fran... But she still likes to kick some teeth in every now and then. DT, Holly- getting some CF tempo experience- Great job you two. Wicked strong effort Em.

Wednesday is an off day. NOT a day off. Get some mobility. Stretch. Massage. Anything that feels good and helps you recover. If you have a problem area, learn how to handle it through mobility and prehab exercises. Mighty good fix. Use off days to take care of this business when you aren't at CFSF, and add them in warm up or cool down when you are at CFSF.

Thanks for the wicked strong efforts. Be ready for Thursday.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slate Magazine Defines CrossFit

Monday, January 25 '800m run repeats'

What a great day to run. Super nice weather allowed us to open up the garage door and pretend it was springtime. Then, SNAP! Time to roll....

3 rounds:
800m run
2:00 minute rest

Eric- 15:45
Bart- 16:10
LaRunda- 19:56
DT- 19:56
Tammy- 20:49
*Emilee- 27:20 (5 min rest)
*Alice Ann- 19:78 (800m row sub)
Dan- 13:48
John- 16:10
Holly- 13:43
Sharon- 22:05
T- 16:37
*modified pregnant :-)

SUPER FAST RUN DAN! You are lighting CFSF up with some serious fuel. THANKS! We will all benefit from it. This was another perfect session from CFHQ. 800 meters and two minutes rest allowed most to keep up speeds that they were comfortable with. Although running has never been a favorite, I liked this session, and hope you guys did too.

Tuesday will be Day 3, and they always deliver. Thanks for the ultra strong efforts today. Awesome good fuel. Take some time and get some mobilization, or some slow, static stretching of those way too tight posterior chain muscles. This stuff pays big dividends on small time investments.

Every moment, every day, every opportunity you're given- be someone special.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23 'Deadly Double Unders'

CrossFit throws a lot of diiferent stuff our way. Sooner or later, something dreaded pops up. For me, its double unders. I really love double unders.

Three rounds:
10 deadlifts, 275 pounds
50 double unders

Casey- Rx  8:40
John- Rx  8:09
Tammy- 120  4:47
Bart- 135  8:05

Great session guys. Really good deads, and double unders. This was a gasser. DT, Dan, Holly- glad you are rolling with us. Stay motivated. You will grow stronger and learn more great stuff in the next six months than you can imagine.

Thanks for another great day of training at CFSF.

Friday, January 21, 'L-pulls/Pistols'

21 L-pull-ups
20 pistols, alternating
18 pull-ups
16 pistols, alternating
15 L-pull-ups
12 pistols, alternating
12 L-pull-ups,
8 pistols, alternating

John- 9:57
Bart- 10:26
Tammy- 13:16
Casey- 14:20
T- 12:42


Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday, January 20 'Snatch'

If you take a big pot and throw in deadlifts, hi pulls, and overhead squats, mix them all up you'd have a snatch. The grandaddy of all movements, the snatch is both functional and beautiful. However, lots of practice is required to get the subtle qualities and cues necessary to get dialed in.

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Eric- 135
Bart- 115
LaRunda- 45
Allice Ann- 45
Scott- 115
John- 140
Casey- 155
Sharon- 60
T- 110

Super strong session Madman! Nice weight, great snatch. Way to tough it out. John- cues, mobillity, and tenacity are what came together for you to allow you to get that PR. Great job. Great job EVERYONE! The snatch is an advanced movement, and we are SNATCHING! It took a lot of work from all of us to get to where we are now.

We had something happen last night that I have been waiting since June to occur. Finally someone from inside the karate dojo heard something going on, opened up the shared locker room door and saw CF. He was like a kid in a candy store. He hung around for a while, exploring. When he picked up a kettlebell and started swinging it, I thought to myself, "He'll be back. Guaranteed." That is one of the coolest things about CrossFit, seeing the excitement it brings to the newbies.

Thanks for the wicked good efforts. Thanks again for the good times too. You make CFSF what it is.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

No lunchtime sessions Friday- Night only!


Coach Burgener onThree Pulls of the Snatch

2004 Olympics - Weightlifting 77kg Snatch

Wednesday, January 19 'Run/burpee/DBrow'

Is running in the heat worse than running in the cold? At one point during the first run I was both hot and cold at the same time. That was weird. Not by the last run, hot as hell by then....

Five rounds:
400m run
20 burpee's
15 bent-over DB row, 50 pounds

Eric- 40  29:40
Bart- 40  29:51
Tammy- 15 (4) 29:51
Scott- 25  30:39
Tice- 15 (3)  21:02
LaRunda- 15 (3)  32:03
Alice Ann- 20 (3)  29:35
Emilee- 20 (3)  20:05
Lisa P- 15 (3)  20:46
Sharon- 20 (3)  22:27
Casey- Rx  29:35
John- 40  28:47
T- 40  26:57

This was a great session, and a fun session. Good job on booking this thing. Tice, first CF workout at tempo- you did great. You're going to look back at this in a few months and laugh. Super strong session Madman- going as prescribed. Arghh! Great to see John back, monster session right off the bat. This was a long, grindy workout that took a lot to finish- good job EVERYONE!

How about those DB rows- did you get that good retraction before rowing? Able to keep everything locked on in a bent over position? They seemed easier to deal with than the burpee's... Does anyone else feel like this was the burpee channel, all burpee's all the time on CFTV? I sure did... But they get us where we need to be, and get us there quickly.

Thanks for all the great fuel today.

Committed infidels, united and strong- CFSF

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tammy Fran killing the rope climbs. Hoof*ckinyah!

What Is Fitness, and Who Is Fit?

The definition of fitness is the capability of the body of distributing inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during increased physical effort. CrossFit's definition is a little different.

CrossFit's First Fitness Standard
There are ten recognized general physical skills. They are: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. You are as fit as you are competent in each of these skills. A regimen develops fitness to the extent that it improves each of these ten skills.

Importantly, improvements in endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility come about through training. Training refers to activity that improves performance through a measurable organic change in the body. By contrast improvements in coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy come about through practice. Practice refers to activity that improves performance through changes in the nervous system. Power and speed are adaptations of both training and practice.

CrossFit's Second Fitness Standard
The essence of this model is the view that fitness is about  performing well at any and every task imaginable. Picture a hopper loaded with an infinite number of physical challenges where no selective mechanism is operative, and being asked to perform fetes randomly drawn from the hopper. This model suggests that your fitness can be measured by your capacity to perform well at all these tasks in relation to other individuals.

The implication here is that fitness requires an ability to perform well at all tasks, even unfamiliar tasks, tasks combined in infinitely varying combinations. In practice this encourages the athlete to disinvest in any set notions of sets, rest periods, reps, exercises, order of exercises, routines, periodization, etc. Nature frequently provides largely unforseeable challenges; train for that  by striving to keep the training stimulus broad and constantly varied.

CrossFit's Third Fitness Standard
There are three metabolic pathways that provide the energy for all human action. These "metabolic engines" are known as the phosphagen pathway, the glycolytic pathway, and the oxidative pathway. The first, the phosphagen, dominates the highest powered activities, those that last less than about ten seconds. The second pathway, the glycolytic, dominates moderate powered activities, those that last up to several minutes. The third pathway, the oxidative, dominates low powered activities those that last  in excess of several minutes.

Total fitness, the fitness that CrossFit promotes and develops, requires competency and training in each of these three pathways or engines. Balancing the effects of these three pathways largely determines the how and why of the metabolic conditioniong or "cardio" that we do at CrossFit.

Favoring one or two to the exclusion of the others and not recognizing the impact of excessive training in the oxidative pathway are the two most common faults in fitness training.

Common Ground
The motivation for the three standards is simply to ensure the broadest and most general fitness possible. Our first model evaluates our efforts against a full range of general physical adaptations, in the second the focus is on breadth and depth of performance, The third measure is time, power, and consequently energy systems. It should be fairly clear that the fitness that CrossFit advocates and develops is deliberately broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.

There is another aspect to the CrossFit brand of fitness that is of great interest and immense value to us. We have observed that nearly every measurable value of health can be placed on a continuum that ranges from sickness to wellness to fitness. Though tougher to measure, we would even add mental health to this observation. Depression is clearly mitigated by proper diet and exercise. Not to mention the confidence and mental toughness CrossFit training provides.

Done right, fitness provides a great margin of protection against the ravages of time and disease. Our fitness, or being "CrossFit" comes through forging men and women that are equal parts gymnast, Olympic weightlifter, and multi-modal sprinter or "sprintathlete." Developing the capacity of a novice 800 meter track athlete, gymnast, or weightlifter.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday, January 16 'CrossFit Total'

The last CFT was in October. These sessions are just as intense as any met-con sessions we see. We just don't do it for time. We had great weather that allowed us to open up the garage doors, and some really great lifts.

CrossFit Total
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
                           BS     SP     Dead     Tot.
Tammy-             150     65      215      430
Casey-              275    135      365      775
T-                      230   140      305      675

Great lifts Casey. Sore shoulder and all. Tammy- HOOF*CKINYAH on another PR day! 215 are some sweet numbers. Remember back when we got going? Whew, 65 pound deadlifts knocked you over. NOW, 215 pounds... Keep up the awesome work.

Tyce, Jaime, great job. Form, consistency, intensity. In that order. Solid base from which to grow.

Monday is next. Mainsite WOD or trainer's choice. Thanks for another great weekend of training and conditioning at CFSF.

Ready to lead, ready to follow.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday, January 15 'Elizabeth'

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than with a beautiful CrossFit lady? Elizabeth is an all time favorite who can pack a punch as strong as the baddest of any men I know. Still a really fun ride.

21, 15, 9 reps:
Ring dips

Tammy- 65  12:59
Scott- 125  15:19
T- 115  12:25

Great job guys! Solid cleans that went from the ground to the rack, into a nice squat, and up. Man that's a lot of blood moving a long way all over our bodies. A gasser, no doubt. Cleaning for reps is perhaps one of the most challenging things we do at CFSF. Ask someone in the globo gym how much they clean, and you'll get an answer like, "Do you mean at home, or what?"

Thanks for the really great efforts, and fun times. Standby for Sunday, 12:30.

"Wake everything up, and shake out the nonsense....
     -That's my comfort zone."

-Rob Orlando

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thursday, January 13 'GHD sit-ups/push-jerk'

These last few sessions have been a blast. Great little couplets that are short, sweet, and ultra potent. As usual, we had options. Knees to elbows, and reverse crunchers were subbed for GHD sit-ups for the tender. The GHD sit-ups is potent, get small doses. If you can get 50 unbroken abmat sit-ups it's time to get oriented to the GHD and begin incorporating it into your daily work.

5 rounds:
20 GHD sit-ups
5 push-jerk

Lisa P- 35  10:33
Eric- 115  10:07
Bart- 95  11:03
LaRunda- 45  12:43
Emilee- 75  12:58
Tammy- 65  12:13
Scott- 95  11:05
T- 125  8:40

Great job everyone. Solid push jerks. Good dips, drives, retreats, and reception of the bar with AGGRESSION, and strong finishes. Five is a perfect number of reps for a session like this. Just enough to get that burn, but not so much that a walk away is required. Remember, intensity is our friend. A load should always allow for full on intensity. Otherwise, too much rest is needed, and intensity levels drop way down.

If you didn't get all five rounds on the GHD, make that part of your commitment to training- new stuff. We have so much stuff to have fun with at CFSF that there is plenty to add into warm-ups or cool-downs. New stuff makes us struggle, yes. But its also what helps connect our brains to our bodies. Why so important? It's the neuro-musculature connection that gives us better coordination, balance, agility, accuracy, and strength. Can you think of any other programs that come close to this full compliment of skills? Me neither.

Friday is a rest day. Get some mobility, do something that helps you recover and feel good. Balls of pain? Is it oxymoronish to say that the balls of pain actually feel good? Figure it out and tell me what you think. Use your off time wisely.

Thanks for a great week full of fun. Thanks for all the terrific efforts.

Movement = Life = CFSF

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CrossFit What About Abs?

GHD Situp Elements

Wednesday, January 12 'Row/push-up AMRAP'

This was a super fun session. Make no mistake, this was a gasser. Heartbeat in the ears kinda thing. But really fun none the less.

15:00 AMRAP
250m row
25 push-ups

Bart- 6 + 105m
Larunda- 5
Emilee- 4
T- 7 + 150m

Great job guys. We have combined many things with rowing, but never push-ups. Fun combo, huh? It was great to get back to CFSF after the snow. Ever try Tabata snow shoveling? I got about an hour and a half Tuesday. Gave me a great idea we will try later, because my biscuits were burned.

Thursday is next. Layer. Thanks for the awesome efforts. Great fuel.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, January 8 'WTF?"

Wall climbs? What are wall climbs? Oh, yeah, I see now. These were what we used to do with gear against a fence, usually for punishment. Or the way some of us used to do handstand push ups for reps instead of flipping over. But a wall climb in a workout? Monstrous work on the hip flexors and shoulders. By the end, it felt like we'd just done 'Murph' or something...

5 rounds:
10 wall climbs
10 toes to bar
20 box jumps, 24"

Tammy- (3) 20" 33:10
Scott- 20"  42:39
T- Rx  43:14

Great session Scott and Tammy! More good fuel that we definitely needed. This just might be the most dynamic shoulder stuff we've ever seen in any CrossFit workout to date. But that's why we do it, isn't it? To be pushed, sometimes dangerously close to limits that are pushed farther away every time we roll.

JJ Heard on his way back down from a wall climb
Saturdays and Sundays are always a little more fun than weekdays at CFSF, because kids get some action over the weekend. Up to now, Logan M has had it all to himself, but not for long... JJ and Ramsey are having all sorts of fun, increasing motor skills, and getting STRONG! Another part of CrossFit that I love- it's ageless.

Thanks for the efforts today. Thanks for the fun.


Friday, January 7 'Rankel'

OK CrossFitters, anytime a hero session pops up we roll with a purpose, an additional motivation to go. Rankel was no different. This was a potent mix of weightlifting and PT with a little cardio thrown in for fun. Definitely one of the funner sessions we have seen lately.

20:00 AMRAP
6 deadlifts, 225 pounds
7 Casey Fairbanks
10 KB swings, 2 pood
200m run

Eric- Rx  5 + 5 Casey Fairbanks
Bart- 185/53-  4 + 10 KB swings
LaRunda- 95/30-  3 + 7 Casey Fairbanks
Todd- Rx  6 + 7 KB swings
Scott- 185/35 (10:00)  2 + 6 deadlifts
Tammy- 95/35-  4 + 6 deadlifts
Teresa- 95/35-  4 + 10 KB swings
Casey- Rx  5
Sharon- 95/30  4 + 6 deadlifts
T- Rx  5 + 4 KB swings

Wicked good session Todd! Great to have your energy back. Scott too. Wise decision to scale. Leaves open the option for more fun later. This was a tough one. How about the run? Anyone else have trouble catching their breath?

Today was a great session partially because in the midst of the struggle to keep going you can look around and see everyone else struggling and that simple sight allows you to just keep going some more. That you will NEVER see in any globo gym anywhere. It's a CrossFit thing.

This session is named in honor of  U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John Rankel 23, who was killed June 7, 2010 in Helmand Provence, Afghanistan.

Welcome to the muscle-up club Bart
This was also a great day at CFSF because we celebrated another huge success. After a few weeks of really hitting the rings, Bart J got a muscle-up. HOOF*CKINYAH! Your success helps everyone else succeed. Your fuel helps everyone go. Great job Bart... THANKS!

Congratulations on your one year anniversary.
Great job Scott W on making it one full year at CFSF! Scott was one of three people who began together, and the only one that made it. You are a huge source of good fuel and we are fortunate that you roll with us. Keep up the super strong work in 2011. I asked Scott for a shot of his six pack for the blog, "Modesty just won't allow it,"  he said, "How about a finger?"

Thanks for all the great efforts today. Thanks for the fuel. Thanks for letting CFSF deliver.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Chicks dig skills."
- Napoleon Dynamite

Only CrossFit  incorporates the skills that are seen in gymnastics, weightlifting, and calisthenics. Only a dickhead wouldn't recognize the superiority CrossFit holds over ANY other program.

CrossFit works. That's why we do it. WE ARE CROSSFIT!

Wednesday, December 5 'Fran'

Fran scares me. I'm not afraid to admit it. It was suggested that maybe we do Fran weekly, based on the "embrace the suck" concept, and within a few months she wouldn't be so bad... Right?

21, 15, 9 reps:

John- Rx  6:40
Eric- Rx  7:12
Alice Ann- 35  7:44
Bart- 75 {PP} 7:55
Lisa P- 45 {PP} 6:30
Sharon- 35  7:56
Teresa- 55  10:25
Casey- Rx  5:39
T- Rx  7:25

We had some really great efforts while booking Fran. Great to get some good fuel back too, thanks Teresa! Fran is an awesome benchmark workout, and when she pops up on the wod it gives me shivers. I love that.

What is it about this workout that destroys us? Most say lung burn, sounds good to me. I think it's just two super potent exercises put together for a serious punch. Scaled or not, you can plan on floorlock for a few solid minutes afterward... Isn't that one of the best feelings in the world?

Thursday is a rest day. Hit the mobility wod, give those tight pillar muscles- particularly hips, some much needed attention. They will thank you for your time and efforts in keeping them comfortable.

Thanks for the awesome efforts, thanks for the great fuel, and fun. You make CFSF the coolest place in town.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The CrossFit Theoretical Hierarchy of Development

A theoretical hierarchy exists for the development of an athlete. It starts with nutrition and moves to metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, and finally sport. This hierarchy largely reflects foundational dependance, skill, and to some degree, time ordering of development. The logical flow is from molecular foundations, cardiovascular sufficiency, body control, external object control, and ultimately mastery and application. This model has the greatest utility in analyzing an athlete's shortcomings or difficulties.

We don't deliberately order these components but nature will. If you have a deficiency at any level of the pyramid the components above will suffer.

Every regimen, every routine contains within its structure a blueprint for its deficiency. If you only work your weight training at low reps you won't develop the localized muscular endurance that you might have otherwise. If you work high reps exclusively you won't build the same strength or power that you would have at low rep. There are advantages and disadvantages to working out slowly, quickly, high weight, low weight, cardio before, cardio after, etc.

For the fitness that we are pursuing, every parameter within your control needs to be modulated to broaden the stimulus as much as possible. Your body will only respond to an unaccustomed stressor; routine is the enemy of progress and broad adaptation. Don't subscribe to high reps, or low reps, or long rests, or short rests, but strive for variance.

Tuesday, December 4 'Front squats'

Front squats are the most functional of the squats we perform. However, like the overhead squat, the front squat exposes flexibility issues- this time with the front rack. We had several people display perfect front racks, we had some people who really need to keep hitting the flexibility/mobility to maintain that perfect racked position.

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3

Eric- 185
Alice Ann- 75
LaRunda- 75
Bart- 185
Sharon- 95
John- 185
T- 165

Great session everyone. Jaime, Lisa P- really good work. Determination is what you two are feeling. Cultivate that and let it flourish. Your determination leads to success if you can remain consistent. You are both delivering serious fuel.

Great to have the ITC-D gang back after the break. Starting out STRONG. Wicked good stuff. Your energy and fuel have been missed.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF.

Be someone special.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

World Class Fitness in 100 Words

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

Practice and train major lifts: deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, and push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, sprints, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc. hard and fast.

Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.

Regularly learn and play new sports.

Monday, January 3 'Run/OH squat/pull-up'

We are back from the holidays. CFSF hopes everyone had a really great Christmas, but it's OVER! So is New Year's... IT'S TIME TO ROLL! I was able to sneak in a few wods over the break, but I am sooooo ready to get back after it. I hope you are too.

This was a great session to start back with, hits some of our favorite stuff and includes the overhead squat. Can you think of anything better? Me neither.

3 rounds:
400m run
75 pound overhead squat, 30 reps
21 pull-ups

John- 45  21:55
Matt- {FS} 75  24:56
Tammy- (2) {row} 55  22:13
Casey- Rx  26:15
T- Rx- 20:00

Welcome back, guys. This was a fun session. John, great work on the overhead squat. Your patience will be rewarded. Form, consistency, intensity- in that order. Tammy- super strong overhead today. That's a mere ten pounds shy of the weight you were deadlifting when CFSF moved out of my basement... HOOF*CKINYAH! Outstanding. Keep up the wicked good work. The Madman has returned!  It was great to have him rolling again after his December nightmare has ended. He brings good fuel.

This was also Matt's last session with us. He is moving on to another school, we have TOTAL confidence that he will succeed, and we wish him well. His fuel will be missed.

The overhead squat indiscriminately exposes flexibility and strength issues. Another great example of how critical it is to have strong, flexible shoulders and hips. Ever see someone that is not flexible try and pull off an overhead squat? Believe me, it's FUGLY. How about this- can you name five overhead squat cues? Having trouble?
  1. Eyes front, chest tall
  2. Show me your armpits
  3. Hips turned over
  4. Drive from the heels
  5. Knees out
Any more you can think of ? How about the two hand rule?

Work EVERY day to become more flexible, more mobile. It effects our workouts in a profound way, and is perhaps one of the EASIEST things we can do for a great reward.

Thanks for the terrific efforts, and the fun. Tuesday is next. Be ready.