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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30 '11.2'

This session is from the CrossFit Games, and it's a really good one. Fifteen minutes of pure love.

15:00 AMRAP
155 pound deadlifts, 9 reps
12 push-ups
15 box jumps, 24"

Eric- Rx  7 + 5 deads
Bart-  6 + 10 box jumps
Alice Ann- 7 + 9 KB deads
Tammy- 95  5
Tonya- 95  4
DT- Rx  4
Brad- Rx  6
Brandi- 95  5 + 3 push-ups
Sharon- 95  4 + 3 box jumps
Teresa- 95  6
Dan- Rx  7 + 3 deads
John- Rx  8 + 2 deads
Holley- 95  4 + 6 deads
Todd- Rx  8 + 3 deads
Casey- Rx  6 + 3 push-ups

Great session everyone. Good job night crew on following the prescription for the push-ups. Hands off the deck changes everything, and turns up the workload quite a bit. We had some really good round totals, and solid work. This was another great day at CFSF.

Burly Girl dropped in for a visit last night to catch up with some of her peeps and motivate them to GO! GO! GO!   It was decided that the Burly Baby's name should be Texas Ranger. What do you think?

Thursday is a rest day, not an off day. If you have any issues, today is the best day to give them some attention. ICE, massage, stretching, mobilization, whatever feels good. You have the tools, now use them. The time you invest is well worth the payoffs.

Thanks for the terrific efforts today. You guys make CFSF the absolute coolest place to be. Thanks for that also. Use your time wisely and be ready to crush or be crushed.

Here's a great website for paleo information and recipes:

Better than yesterday.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29 'Thrusters'

The Thruster might just be one of the most beautiful things on Earth. It is a vehicle to both destruction, and euphoria... I love Thrusters.

Thrusters 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Eric- 175
*Alice Ann-19:18        *5 rounds:
Bart- 115                         500m row
Lisa P- 70                        10 thrusters
Tammy- 80
Scott- 145
Chris- 135
DT- 95
Tonya- 65
Kat- 35
Brandi- 85
Teresa- 100
John- 215
Dan- 175
Casey- 165
Brad- 125
Holley- 60
Sharon- 70

Great session everyone. Nice lifts John, and Teresa. You two are strong! That third rep can be as elusive as the Yeti. Good job on staying dialed in on dips, drives, and finishes. This efficiency is what gives us any advantage when three reps are involved. How much you lift is important, but more important is how well you're lifting.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF

Ready to lead, ready to follow.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28 'Squats/pull-ups/dips'

This was another great session and great day at CFSF. Heavy volume, lots of reps. Some people breeze through the bodyweight stuff, some people get mired down. Which were you today?

75 squats
50 pull-ups
20 ring dips
50 squats
35 pull-ups
15 ring dips
25 squats
20 pull-ups
10 ring dips

Eric- Rx  18:12
Bart- 18:22
DT- 30:41
Alice Ann- * 7:30
Chris- 26:28
Tonya- 20:57
Tammy- **11:26
Scott- **10:19
Kat- **7:50
John- Rx 15:17
Teresa- **11:56
Cole- Rx  11:56
Sharon- 18:24
* = modified
** = started at 50 reps

Great session guys. We had a visit from Cole, an affiliate owner from Lincoln, Nebraska in town for some training. He has some great ideas that they have incorporated in their box, and we welcome him to ours. He brings great fuel.

Good jumps Kat! Outstanding ability to remain upright when I could not. My demonstration was definitely NOT the way to jump on the box... Keep up the good work, and keep those ankles/calves comfortable by continued mobility and flexibility training.

Thanks for all the terrific efforts. Thanks for the fun, and the fuel.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday, March 26 'Abbate'

Unfortunately, 'Abbate' fell on a rain day. We always have options when it rains. Today we exercised that option and went with a Tabata session that involved all the fun stuff. Fortunately for us, we have people who will not be stopped by the weather. These are the tough of the tough, and we are lucky to have them.

1 mile run
155 pound clean and jerk, 21 reps
800m run
155 pound clean and jerk, 21 reps
1 mile run

John- Rx  41:52
Todd- Rx  36:20

Super great session guys. This session was a good one. It is named in honor of  U.S. Marine Sergeant Matthew Abbate, killed in the Helmand Provence of Afghanistan, December 2, 2010.

Without the efforts of John and Todd, CFSF would not have been able to honor this warrior. Thanks guys.

Sunday is a rest day. Use your time wisely. Take care of your business. Be supple, relaxed, and ready to roll strong Monday. Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Wag more, bark less.

Friday, March 25 'Deads/OH squats'

After being crushed from cleans and wall ball shots, my lower body was compromised when it came time for deads and more squats. I love CrossFit.

21, 15, 9 reps of:
225 pound deadlift
Overhead squats, 135 pounds

Eric- Rx  19:09
Bart- 185/95 FS  13:35
LaRunda- 95/55 FS  9:12
Ryan- 185/45  8:46
Lisa P- 95/45 FS  8:19
Emilee- 9:48
Teresa- 95/35  10:36
Sharon- 95/35  12:32
Brad- 185/135 BS  14:29
DT- 185/135 BS  15:27
Brandi- 135/45  16:36
Holley- 95/65 BS  15:38
John- Rx  16:55
Kat- 95/squat  10:56
Big D- 225/95  13:20
T- 185/95  10:44

10:00 AMRAP
3 pull-ups
6 push-ups
9 squats

Chris- 10 rounds
Tonya- 9 + 4 push-ups

10:00 AMRAP
30 double-unders
75 pound power snatch, 15 reps

Casey- 4 + 10 double-unders

Quite an interesting range of workouts in one day. Triumph in the face of adversity, or rigid flexibility. Either way you want to look at it. Some people got some, some people got something else. Some people got a taste, some got a mouthful. Whichever you ended up with, great job on getting done.

We had a visit from Big D, home on leave from Baghdad, Iraq. We are happy to have him rolling with us while he's home. He brings great fuel.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF.

Movement = Life

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 24 'Med ball clean/WBS'

This session held true to the "looks easy" theory. Yeah, we're talking about cleans, and wall ball shots, but there's just 15 of each.... That can't be too bad, can it?

5 rounds:
15 med ball cleans, 20/16
15 wall ball shots, 20/16

Eric- Rx  11:44
Bart- Rx  13:10
LaRunda- Rx  18:26  way to hang tough!
Scott- Rx  14:32
Ryan- Rx  11:48
Lisa P- (2)  5:52
Brad- (3)  6:38
Teresa- (3)  8:07
Brandi- (3)  9:57
Shar- (3)  10:44
John- Rx  10:08
Dan- Rx  13:03
Casey- Rx  11:29
Tammy- Rx  12:31
T- Rx  10:18

Great session guys. Chris, Tonya- really good job. Five rounds at prescription. Timers on next time... Great too see Teresa back. Missed that fuel. You too Todd. Good job also from the CF Moms, you two are going to have tough kids from the start because they are starting life "CrossFit".

This session relied on hip recruitment. Solid hips get it done. Muted hips just drag by while the quads get smoked. If you hear  the words "heels", or "turn those hips over", or "tall chest", or the worst..."BETTER CURVE!", while you are working out, make sure you putting total effort to hitting the cues, and achieving proper form. Inefficient movement is what we want to adjust.

Thanks for all the great efforts. Working hard seems easier when you know everyone else is working just as hard. Good job on making it fun too.

Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


P90X = Man aerobics
CrossFit = Elite fitness

Call us when you're ready to stop dancing around your living room.


Tuesday, March 22

Anytime the workout of the day starts with burpee's look out... However, after St. Patrick's Day, 70 is nothing. The kettlebell is where things got dicey for me. How about you?

70 burpee's
60 sit-ups
50 kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
40 pull-ups
30 handstand push-ups

Eric- Rx  20:55
Bart- Rx  22:35
LaRunda- 30  23:23
Tammy- Rx  22:29
Scott- Rx  20:15
Dan- Rx  22:13
John- Rx  24:34
Scott- Rx  23:18
Casey- Rx  28:00
Katherine- 20  28:50
Holley- 30  29:40
DT- 35  33:43
T- Rx  23:45

Really good session everyone. This was a nice one and done kinda thing that definitely ended up with floor lock for several minutes. Just as the work was getting tougher, I was reminded of why we do this.... We do this because it is difficult. We do this for the challenge. We do this because it works!

Wednesday is a rest day. Use your time wisely. Everything you do adds up to how well you perform. Everything contributes to your success or your failure. You determine your fate. Train hard. Be consistent. Do your homework. Three easy steps toward success.

Thanks for the wicked strong efforts today. More great fuel. Thursday is next. Eat your Wheaties, you'll need them.

I'm going to Wichita....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21 '10k run'

The lunch crew opted out of the 10k run, and I can't say I blame them. From a time standpoint it was a little long...  However, the night crew had a few guys that decided to get the run. Hooyah guys!

10k run
Dan- 1:04:06
John- 1:04:26
Casey- 1:12:07

Good run guys. Way to step up to the plate. Everyone else chose the 'Modular' interval workout, which was a 1:1 interval that can bend time. Both were good lung burns. Some people were introduced to jingle-jangles, and the rope whip for the first time. How did you like 'em?

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Take some time and stretch out that tight posterior chain. Feels super nice when you're done, and helps us achieve and maintain the flexibility we need.

Citius, altius, fortius

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday, March 20 'Front squats/rope climb'

The front squat can be very difficult until a correct rack position can be maintained. Increased wrist, elbow, and shoulder flexibility is key to a good rack. Work on this by getting a bar and racking it. Hold that rack, get used to the high position and remember that the fingers are only babysitting the bar.

Front squat/Rope climb
Front squat, 10 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 9 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 8 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 7 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 6 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 5 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 4 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 3 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 2 reps
Rope climb, 15 feet
Front squat, 1 rep
Rope climb, 15 feet

Scott- 135  20:32
Dan- 95  17:29
Brandi- 65  13:38
Holley- 55  26:40

We're gonna need a bigger board... Huge volume today. Really good job guys. We were hitting the cues that we have talked about hitting, and the squats looked good.

The airsquat is a total body exercise. It requires flexibility and awareness. If you have the notorious "butt wink", focus on added flexibility through the posterior chain, actively recruit muscles of abduction, and root those heels. Efficient squats take a while to perfect. During warm ups, focus on hitting all the squat cues we talk about, and use that time to practice and perfect those squats.

Thanks for all the terrific efforts. Thanks for the good fuel.

Do you have the minerals?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 18 Pull-up/push up'

This session turned out to be much heavier than it looked. We got a cool 180 reps of both pull-ups and
push ups. Definitely gonna feel that later....

10 L-pull-ups
15 push ups
15 chest to bar pull-ups
15 push ups
20 pull-ups
15 push ups

Christi- (2)  13:40
Chris- (2)  13:00
Todd- Rx  29:35
Holley- (-5)  30:10
Dan- Rx  33:04
Casey- Rx  34:36
T- 28:20

Great efforts today everyone. Great fuel. Also great to have Todd rolling. He brings good fuel, we need that badly.Chris, Christi- you guys are doing well. Chisti- do not get discouraged, you are learning. If CrossFit was easy, more people would be doing it. As it is, CrossFit is not easy, and you are doing it. Become determined.

Saturday is a rest day. Use your time wisely. Standby for Sunday, 12:30.

Hit the mobility every chance you have. Show someone the couch stretch over the weekend.

Thursday, March 17 'Squats'

The CrossFit HQ workout was a mix of single rep squats. We also had the option of participating in the second annual Beer, Burgers, and Burpee's St. Patrick's Day workout. Afew people picked one or the other, some did both....

Overhead squat  1-1-1-1-1
Front squat 1-1-1-1-1
Back squat 1-1-1-1-1
                                     OS      FS     BS
Tammy                          70       145    165
Brandi                            45       105    125
Brad                              105     125    215
Scott                             135      205   255

Beer, Burgers, and Burpee's
100 burpee's
Drink 2 beers, or eat 2 burgers, or both
75 burpee's
Drink 2 beers, or eat 2 burgers, or both
50 burpee's
Drink 2 beers, or eat 2 burgers, or both
25 burpee's
Drink 2 beers, or eat 2 burgers, or both

If you chose BBB, we hope you enjoyed it. We had a blast. Thanks.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16 'Double unders/power snatch'

We have some awesome athletes training with us. Athleticism does not come cheap. Lots of practice, training, and patience is required, as well as a sweet genetic compliment from Mom and Dad... We had options. Even though most of us really need a lot of double under practice, the options were a nice alternative.

10:00 AMRAP:
30 double unders
15 power snatch, 75 pounds

Eric- Rx  2 + 28 double unders
John- Rx  4 + 9 snatches
Dan- Rx  4 + 20 double unders
Sharon- Rx  2 + 5 snatches
Scott- Rx  2
Alice Ann- Rx  4 + 5 snatches

Option 1:
3 rounds:
400m run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull-ups

Bart- Rx  15:34
Ryan- 35  12:02
Alex- 35  12:11
Brad- 35  14:20
Brandi- Rx  17:16

Option 2:10:00 Cindy (modified)
3 pull-ups
6 push-ups
9 squats

Holley-8 + 3 pull-ups

Option 3:3 rounds:
750m row
35 sit-ups

DT- 22:00
Katherine- 22:47

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We love and miss ya Tadpole-

T-minus 48 hours and counting.... BBB no. 2

Beer, Burgers, and Burpee's

CrossFit Woman's Creed

I am a CrossFit Woman.
I do not wear makeup to the gym. I wear chalk.
I do not get manicures. I scrub the calluses off my hands.
I do not glisten or smile while I'm working out. I swear, grunt, and curse.
I am a CrossFit Woman.
I am as proud of my muscles as I am of my scars.
They are the evidence of my hard work and dedication.
I am a CrossFit Woman.
Student. Trainer. Coach.
Increased work capacity is my mission.
Elite fitness is my goal.
I am a CrossFit Woman.
I may scale a WOD, but I will never quit or give up.
I do what others won't and I excel where others can't.
I am a CrossFit Woman.
I am invincible.
And you could be too.

Monday, March 14 'BTN jerk/Push-press'

Going overhead is fun. When everything is clicking it's even more fun. We subbed out the push press for the jerk for everyone except Tammy, Eric and John.

Behind the neck Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Push press 2-2-2-2-2
Eric- Rx 225
Bart- PP  155
Chris- PP  135
Ryan- PP  115
Tammy- Rx  100
DT- PP  115
Katherine- PP  70
Holley- PP  85
LaRunda- PP 85
Sharon- PP  90
Dan- PP  205
Christi- PP  85
John- Rx  265

Great session everyone. Tammy, Eric, John, great job on going as prescribed. Everyone else, great push presses. Dips all looked good, drives were strong and we had some solid overhead stability. When we are hitting all of the the cues,  it feels good. You can tell when you are locked on and dialed in. We had a few things we wanted to see, triple extension was one. Strong heel drive, and solid overhead were a couple more. We hit them. Thanks.

For some, this was the first time they have gone overhead. Really good job guys. The press and the push press are your introduction, and they will lead to jerks in time. Solid work and practice are your vehicles to progress, along with determination.

John F. going heavy overhead

Dan-O strong active shoulders!

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Tuesday is a rest day, not an off day. Use your time wisely. Come back feeling BETTER and more FLEXIBLE.

No bicep curls here dude...

LaRunda J skinning the cat

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13 'WBS/pull-ups'

Seven rounds can get long, but these were manageable numbers. Wall ball shots and pull-ups can be a deadly combination. Not today.

7 rounds:
10 wall ball shots
10 pull-ups

DT- (5)  8:59
Katherine- (4)  6:29
Brandi- (5)  7:21
Brad- (4)  6:19
John- Rx  6:40
Holley- (5)  8:36

Solid wall ball shots guys. Strong pull-ups as well. Another fast time John F, way to go. Second CFSF session for Ryan- also doing well. Welcome back Brad! We are glad you are rolling with us again. DT, Katherine- good session. You are getting used to the intensity, getting more and more as you go. Keep up the great work. Remember to fuel your body too Katherine!

Thanks for another great day of training at CFSF, thanks for the great fuel.

On time, on target, NEVER quit.

Saturday, March 12 'Run/sit-back/run'

Another great session from CFHQ that delivered serious gas, this one left most on floor lock for a while. Scaled or not, this was a core buster.

1 mile run
100 sit-ups
100 back extensions
1 mile run

Dan- 24:50
John- 25:28
DT- 1/2  19:00
Katherine- 1/2  24:30
Bart- 26:43
LaRunda- 33:20
Sharon- 37:00
Tammy- 33:15
Brandi- 1/2  27:28
Brad- 1/2  28:14
Ryan- 26:44

Great session everyone. Nice time Dan and John, and welcome to CFSF Ryan. You did great. Was your second run within a minute of your first run? How did you break up the core work? Anyone able to go straight through?

Hit the mobility blog and find some mobs/stretches for those ultra tight legs. You will feel yummy good when you're done. Thanks for the great efforts, more good fuel.

CFSF- in the pursuit of true fitness, not just the appearance of fitness.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sail on, sailor.

Thursday, March 10 'Pull-up Clock'

The pull-up clock can shred hands. Early on, the minute rest seems too long. Then your rest time begins to get shorter, and shorter, and shorter....

'Pull-up Clock'
With the clock running, perform one pull-up on the first minute, two pull-ups on the second minute, three pull-ups on the third. Continue until you cannot make the number of reps in the time alloted.

Eric- 15 minutes + 12 pull-ups
Alice Ann- 16 minutes
Bart- 16 minutes
Tammy- 11 minutes
Dan- 15 minutes
John- 18 minutes
Holley- 10 minutes + 9 pull-ups
LaRunda- 11 minutes + 6 pull-ups
Brandi- 13 minutes
Sharon- 8 minutes
DT- 14 minutes + 14 pull-ups
Katherine- 20 minutes
Casey- 15 minutes + 8 pull-ups

Great session guys! Great round totals John and Katherine. How about those hands Tammy Fran? Did you get some YBF on that tear? Tough hands and skinned shins are HOT! They are badges of honor, earned and deserved for doing what most people cannot do.

Friday is a rest day, not an off day. You have extra time that can be spent taking care of your business. So do it!  Thanks for another great day of training at CFSF. Thanks to the Madman for running the rodeo. Saturday 0900.

Today we do what others won't. Tomorrow we do what others can't.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 9 'Bench press/back squat'

This was a great strength session. Leave it to CFHQ to come up with another beautiful workout. The rep scheme was perfect, and as usual left everyone gassed.

12:00 AMRAP
185 poound bench press, 3 reps
225 pound back squat, 5 reps

Eric- Rx  8
Scott- Rx  6 + 3 bench
DT- (8:00) 135/135  4
Chris- (8:00)  135/135  4
Bart- 135/135  6
Tammy- 65/65  10
Christy-  x/55  10
Tonya- 70/55  10
LaRunda- 65/55  10
Dan- 185/185  9 + 3 bench
Casey- Rx  9
John- Rx  10 + 1 squat
Holley- 45/55  11
Sharon- 45/55  11

Super big thanks to Casey and John who brought in a bench and a rack that saved the day. This type of session can push the gym to it's limits and the extra equipment is very much appreciated. We had some really good round totals, and solid form.

Some guys went for 8:00 minutes instead of 12:00, there will be time to ratchet up the intensity in the future. As prescribed, this is a heavy session. We used loads that allowed us to stay dialed in, focusing on those ever so important cues that everyone should know and apply. Your jouney to find anything near full hip power potential is a long one. Be patient and keep working on the things we've talked about anytime you squat.

Thanks for all the great efforts. More good fuel.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8

We had to split this session because of rain. The lunch crew got the mainsite workout, and the night crew got a little AMRAP. Whichever one you did, the gas factor was there.

10x100m sprint/:90 rest
fastest split/slowest split

Bart- :16/:19
Eric- :14/:17
LaRunda- :19/:23
Chris- :15/:24
Lisa P- :27/:29
Scott- :15/:22
Tammy- :20/:23

12:00 AMRAP
7 burpee's
7 broad jumps
7 sit-ups
7 ball slams
7 box jumps

Dan- 4
John- 5 (GHD sit-ups)
DT- 4 + 6 ball slams
Holley- 3 + 6 ball slams
Katherine- 4 + 7 ball slams

Triumph in the face of adversity. CFSF is rigid flexibility... If you missed the run, we can get it later. If the 12:00 AMRAP looks good to you we can get that one again too. Great job on both workouts.

Great work on those muscle-ups and handstands guys. The more you see the more you want. The more you want the harder you train. The harder you train the faster you grow and learn. CFSF is not just getting hammered. CFSF is about learning and growing, and getting hammered. The skills you are learning are not easy, they are demanding of both time and patience, and you have to be willing to fail. Failure leads to success. Always. Afraid to fail? You will not grow. You will probably quit. We don't want you. We want winners who get up and come back for more. ESPECIALLY when they fail. Usually with determination and resolve. These people bring good fuel. They are the people we need at CFSF- Magnets.

Thanks for all the terrific efforts, and the fun. Thanks for another great day of training at CFSF.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, March 6 'MU/dead/lunge'

Interesting combination. Deadly triplet. A gasser of the highest order...

4 rounds:
7 muscle ups
225 pound deadlift, 15 reps
Walking lunges, 30 steps

Bart- 165  27:15
Dan- 185  25:31
DT- 135 (3)  28:20
John- 225  25:33
Casey- 225  35:13

Great muscle ups guys! Keep hitting those rings for more, more, more. The sub for muscle ups is ten times as difficult as the muscle up itself. Several people rolled off the clock today, working more on form than time. Good job. The foundation you build now will have to be strong for the future.

Huge thanks to DT for the barbell racks. Wicked sweet, and much appreciated.

Hard play, fun work

Saturday, March 5 'Press'

The shoulder press is a total body exercise. From our feet, to our hips, right up through our core and into the shoulder girdle, everything contributes to the press.

 Shoulder press  3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Chris- 105
LaRunda- 75
Sharon- 70
Dan- 165
Bart- 115
T- 140

This was another great day at CFSF. We had some nice presses from everyone, and began to establish a solid foundation for future presses for a few people that did not post lifts. Form, consistency, intensity.

Great handstand Katherine!  See, it was just a matter of time and practice. Keep up the good work. Be pleased, not satisfied.. Super strong lift Dan. You are a mutant in training.

Rready to lead, ready to follow.

Friday, March 4 'Back squat/HS walk'

When was the last time you walked on your hands before CrossFit?  Handstand walking requires many skills, chief among them are strength and balance, as well as coordination. This session was a great couplet that delivered a serious punch.

5 rounds:
20 back squats, 135 pounds
Handstand walk, 20 meters

Bart- 135  13:34
Eric- Rx  16:44
LaRunda- 75  16:45
Casey- 135  15:17
Dan- Rx  19:18
DT- 75  20:10

Great session guys. Solid deads that hit all the cues we have talked about. Good - Good.  Handstands still need some work though. Don't hesitate to get a little extra practice while warming up or cooling down. Pick up a jump rope and practice double unders as well.

Great hand walking Eric and Dan. No scale, no wheelbarrow. Outstanding. You guys are setting that bar up high where it belongs, motivating the rest of us on to better performances. That's good fuel.

Eric H. walking on his hands

Several people rolled off the clock, turning this session into more of a skill thing with the handstand walk. Great job Holley, Katherine, and Sharon. You were walking on your hands today. How many other girls can say that in Calhoun County? That's right... NONE!

Thanks for the terrific efforts and the great fuel.

Take care of your business.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday, March 2 'Run/snatch/HSPU'

What a gasser! This was a great session. Perfect rep scheme, and another perfect day at CFSF...

3 rounds:
400m run
75 pound snatch, 15 reps

Eric- Rx  17:35
LaRunda- 17:38
Bart- Rx  17:54
DT- 65  22:56
Scott- Rx  15:28
Tammy- 35  17:10
Brandi- 45 {PP}  15:54
Tonya- 35 {PP} (2)  9:30
Chris- 45 {PP} (2)  10:24
Dan- Rx  16:50
Holley- 28:18
Katherine- 30:00
Casey- Rx  20:37

Great session guys. Good lung burns. Nice snatches too. Snatching is not easy. Good snatchers make them look easy, but they require lots of patience, and lots of practice. Throw flexibility in the mix as well, try getting under anything with tight posterior chain musculature...

Thanks for the terrific efforts getting this one in the book. More really good fuel. Use your rest time wisely. Do something that feels good, and helps you recover. If you have a favorite mobility, DO IT! Your body will thank you for your time and effort.

Larry the Lobster is livin' large....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1 'McClusky'

Don't you just love options? I do. We needed options because 'McClusky' is a mother grabber of the highest order. The muscle-up club would have been hard pressed to pull off nine in each round, not to mention the rest of the session.

Option 1: 
The Viking
1000m row
800m run
200 tire slams
800m run
100m row

Bart- 29:00
LaRunda- 31:30
Lisa P- 33:00
Chris- 1/2  17:36
Tonya- 1/2  16:00
John- 24:59
Holley- 1/2  18:24
DT- unknown, he just kept going...
Katherine- 1/2  18:48
Dan- 21:40

Option 2
Bench press 5x5 to 5RM
8:00 AMRAP
7 thrusters, 95 pounds
7 pull-ups
7 KB swings, 53 pounds

Eric- 225 bench, 5 rounds
Casey- 215 bench, 4 + 2 pull-ups (70# KB)

Option 3
Core Killer
:90 HS hold
20 push-ups
:30 plank
:60 HS hold
30 push-ups
:60 plank
:30 HS hold
40 push-ups
:90 plank


Outstanding everyone! This was a really fun session. It's ok to stray once and a while. Just stray for the right reasons. We had good intensity that would have been missing had we not exercised our options. We want intensity, not the need to rest every few reps. Some understand, some never will. Goodbye.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. You are great, and we appreciate you all. Do your homework, take care of your business. It's easy, and it allows for better performance, and that's why we work hard. Why work hard just to drop the ball one the one yard line? Finish strong. Winners win, others find excuses.

Hit the blog and find some mobs that you need. You know you need it, you know you want. Get it.