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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday, May 29 'Amanda'

Amanda. At some point during this session I wondered who comes up with these beautiful combinations of exercises? This was another fun session that required serious gas.

Three rounds of:
9, 7, 5 reps
135 pound Snatch

Dan- 75  18:30
T- 85  15:25
John- Rx  18:42

Great determination and persistance with the muscle-ups, Dan. That is great motivation that pushes us on. Really good fuel. This was a monster session scaled. As prescribed almost unbelievable. Heavy weight.

These athletes we will see from the Games are incredible, and are great examples of what can happen with strict adherance to the paleo diet as well as killing the wods on a consistent basis.

Charlie don't surf...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday, May 28 'CF Games 3'

The second session of the weekend turned out to be the third session from the Games. What about the second? This was, as prescribed, a monster. We don't even have a thirty inch box....

21, 15, 9 reps:
315 pound deadlift
Box jumps, 30" box

Brent- 185/24"  6:35
Tonya- 105/24"  8:56
Dan- 225/24"  6:49
T- 225/24"  9:34

This was a heavy session and it will be interesting to see what the top tier CF athletes get this one done in. We still have one more session to look forward to, and it should be another good one.

We will roll Sunday at 12:30, then it's off for the rest of the Memorial Day weekend. Please take every chance you have to thank a Veteran, and keep the servicemen and women in forward positions in your thoughts and prayers. Freedom is not free. It has been bought and paid for by the blood and lives of brave men and women willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

These colors to not run.

Friday, May 27 'CFG 1'

They're here again! The CrossFit Games Regional workouts are always a blast, and this one was no different. A total blast. The simplicity of this session was overshadowed by its potency. A gasser of the highest order...

1000 meter run
30 handstand push-ups
1000 meter row

Brent- Rx  20:28
Shane- Rx 18:09
Sam- 16:05
Chris- Rx  23:37
Tonya- 13:17
Tammy- Rx  14:49
Dan- Rx  10:17
John- Rx  10:44
Holley- 20:12
Teresa- 15:00
Beth- Rx 13:37
Sharon- Rx  18:50
T- Rx  15:04

Great session guys. Good hollow positions on the handstand push-ups. Great job going as prescribed too. This was a fun session and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Standby for the next gem from the Games.

This weekend CFSF celebrates its one year anniversary on 14th Street. We are going to have some CFSF all time favorite sessions Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. You will have options.

Thanks for all the great efforts today. Great fuel.

Take the opportunity to thank a Veteran for your freedom.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

10:30 Horde has been added, don't miss out!

Paleotrition Newsletter

Wednesday, May 25 'CTB - L-sit'

Once again the "looks easy" theory held true. This session looked benign on the board, but a few minutes in it became apparant that this too was a mother grabber.

15:00 AMRAP:
15 chest to bar pull-ups
:30 ring L-sit

Eric- Rx  5 + 10 pull-ups
Brent- 4 + 10 pull-ups
Shane- 4 + 5 pull-ups
Sam- 5 + :15 L-sit
Bart- 4
Beth- 4 + 10 pull-ups
Sharon- 6 + 7 pull-ups
Teresa- 4 + :05 L-sit
Dan- Rx  4 + 9 pull-ups
Casey- Rx  4 + 6 pull-ups
T- Rx  5 + 15 pull-ups

CF Mom:
21, 15, 9 reps of:
Wall ball shots

Emilee- 6:53
Lisa P- 5:30

Great session everyone. Really good pull-ups, and everyone is making good progress on the L-sit. Add rings and the stability factor goes through the roof. This couplet was a great marriage of two core busting exercises, and it delivered.

Great session Emilee, and Lisa P... Just glad that arm stayed attached. Peligrosa, por favor.

We are on our original schedule this week which makes Thursday a rest day. Not an off day- There is bonus work, with an assignment for 'The Horde'... Git 'er dun.

Hit the Mblog and spend some extra time on tight or sore bits and pieces. Ask someone to give you a nice back massage too. Thanks for the susper strong efforts, and great fuel.

CFSF is sending out some serious love vibes to AA. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

...yes we will.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24 'Row/push-ups'

Another part of CrossFit I love is that one day you're the hammer, the next day you're the nail. This was a fun little couplet. It's been our experience to observe that most couplets are not as fun as this one was. The prescription was for a 50 meter swim instead of the row. We had few options, other than crashing the Y's pool for a while. Maybe next time...

5 rounds:
150 meter row
25 push-ups

Chris- 12:50
Tonya- 12:00
DT- 13:24
Sam- 23:20  way to tough it out!
Scott W- 9:20
Tammy- 10:17
Brandi- 11:07
John- 7:39
Holley- 14:53
Joey- 12:50
Casey- 9:39
Bart- 8:21
T- 6:55

Thanks for your patience with the rowers. Luckily, the 150 meters only took about :30 seconds of all out rowing, so we weren't jammed up at all. We'll put another C2 on the Christmas list.

Rowing requires efficiency. If you are wasting movement, you are wasting energy. If you haven't heard the row tutorial, ask about it. Great information that when applied brings row times down. When introduced to the C2, most people focus on a high stroke frequency with a low powered stroke. With practice, you will be able to match a powerful stroke with a higher stroke frequency, enabling even better performance.

We are one month away from The Barbarian. Continue preparing by getting the rest day runs. Add some hills. Throw in a little PT every mile, squats, push-ups, plyometrics, anything you can think of. If you have a sturdy tree to climb in, climb in it. Do some bear crawling around in your back yard. This is going to be a fun four miler.

We are also embarking on our one year anniversary in the newer, bigger CFSF. It has been a great year. We will have some special sessions next week to celebrate. If you have any favs, let us know. Otherwise.....


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23 'Double unders - Snatch'

Efficient double unders don't come easy. They require practice, agility, endurance, and coordination. We have some guys that make them look easy- good job guys. IF you aren't where you want to be with the double unders, take a little time before or after the wod and practice.

7 rounds:
35 double-unders
1 snatch

One attempt at the snatch per round. A missed lift will not count.

Tammy- 45#  180  16:00 (4)
Dan- 100#  500  10:00
John- 135#  810  10:29
Casey- 125#  625  16:34
T- 110#  550  19:43

Option A:
10:00 AMRAP
3 pull-ups
6 push-ups
9 squats

Chris 9
Bart- 12 + 6 push-ups
DT- 10
Sam- 6
Scott W- 10 + 6 push-ups
Holley- 10 + 3 pull-ups
Sharon- 10 + 3 pull-ups

Option B:
1000m row
25 sit-ups
500m row
50 sit-ups
250m row
75 sit-ups

Brent- 16:15
Shane- 17:00
Tonya- 15:51
Teresa- 18:15
Beth- 17:15
Tammy- 15:46

Great job guys. This was a good session. Did you make the best choice? Now that it's over, I am glad to have chosen the double unders. They have been a problem for way too long, and this session forced some major improvement.

Great lifts John, great round total Bart, and super fast row Tonya. You guys are strong, and getting stronger by the week.

Thanks Jedi Knight Beth D. for the gymnastics practice after the night sessions. We have some really good gymnasts beginning to bloom right before our eyes. Great instruction Beth, and great gymnastic skills. Our improvement is obvious, from rolls to bridges, free handstands to cartwheels, and pop offs... Great stuff.

Part of CrossFit's success lies in it's ability to throw you into novice classification so frequently. The skills base is huge, the learning curve steep. Some are willing to put in the time and practice and embrace the suck. Those who do not eventually just stop coming back. Progress is muted without the willingness to start at the beginning and go from there. We cannot jump onto the middle rungs of the ladder. We must climb up from the bottom. The skills are acquired during the climb.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning. Thanks for all the strong efforts, and good fuel.

Ready to lead, ready to follow.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday, May 21 'One mile run'

One mile. Down and back four times. Not too bad at all, another fun, well timed session. Thanks CFHQ!

One mile run

Tonya- 8:41
Tammy- 10:35
LaRunda- 10:01
Madison- 11:18
Houston- 10:25
Sharon- 15:00
Bart- (2k row) 8:16
T- 8:31

Considering not too many of us like to run, everyone's run looked good. Good job on not walking once LJ. Lungs getting stronger! Good job on hitting the run cues we've talked about.

Use your time off wisely. Get some good stuff. Thanks for the terrific efforts, and fun times.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20 'Wilmot'

This may have been one of the heaviest sessions we've seen in a long while. 'Wilmot' has a lot of volume, and a lot of intensity. A two for one special offer...

6 rounds:
50 airsquats
25 ring dips

Sam- (4) 35/15  10:57
Tonya- (4) 23:45
DT- (4) 33:50
Chris- (4) 34:48
Tammy- (4) 16:32
Holley- (4)  17:49
John- Rx  22:50
Brent- Rx  21:45
Sharon- (4) 17:45
Brandi- Rx 19:51
Dan- Rx  26:39
Bart- Rx  30:32
T- Rx  27:13

However long, this was a fun session. By the last reps of the last rounds those ring dips got dicey. Great job on getting solid ring dips guys. Yes, I too had the strap burn. Just didn't show for an hour or so after. Ouch.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Chris, Tonya, Sam, Houston, and Madison on their efforts to get the airsquat locked down. Good job guys. Your hard work is evident. Be pleased, not satisfied.

This session is named in honor of Canadian Forces Private Colin Wilmot, who was killed in Afghanistan on July 6, 2008  from injuries received from an IED.

Saturday is next. 0900. Be ready. Thanks for the terrific efforts.

There is no success in failure, and failure is no success at all.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday, May 19 'Weighted pull-ups'

This was another fun session that allowed us to go at a nice pace, building up to some great weighted pull-ups. We need a weight vest, those straps can get uncomfortable fast.

Weighted pull-ups 2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Bart- 50
Eric- 75
Chris- 35
Scott W- 45
Tammy- 15
Matt- 50
Brad- 55
Beth- 25
John- 105
Dan- 100
Casey- 90
T- 72.5

Super strong session John and Beth. Close second Dan. You guys are all STRONG! We had several people refining their kips sans load, and doing well. Sam, Tonya, Brandi, Holley- great progress, learning to open up those hips and FLY!

The Madman, along with Joey, decided to do 'The Viking' as a warm-up. Hoof*ckinyah guys. Good job. Didn't get Joey's time but Madman finished the full session in 47:30. His second mile was a little slower due to the fact that he ran carrying a beautiful young lady (85# duffel bag) that he grabbed after destroying the village. Ah, the spoils of victory.

The mobility wod has had some great information on hot knees lately. Check these out and take care of your business. Mobilization takes very little time and effort, yet the benefits are incredible. We are hitting the pavement more, so sore knees, shins, and hips are easy targets for relief. Get some!

CrossFit = Elite Fitness. Everything else is mostly show, not much go.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17 'Thrusters'

Thrusters in sets of two. Embrace the suck. I know a few people who love Thrusters, most do not. One thing is for sure- they are potent gassers of the first order, no matter what the rep scheme is.

Thrusters  2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Eric- 205
Chris- 155
Tonya- 90
Brent- 180
DT- 160
Matt- 135
Brandi- 95
Dan- 200
Teresa- 100
Holley- 60
John- 235
T- 155

Super strong session John and Teresa. Great stuff. The Thrusters looked good. All the cues we have talked about were being hit well. Good job on that. Good job on an all around good session. We do need to work on dumping though.

Wednesday is a rest day, not an off day. Thanks again Chris. Also big thanks to the Madman for taking care of our patch of lawn out front, giving us better access to the pole of power. Just don't abuse it... Take some time and get the rest day bonus work. If you are doing the Barbarian, get the run/walk as well.

Thanks for the terrific efforts, thanks for more good times at CFSF.

Better than yesterday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Many paleo diet recipes call for almond flour. Here's how to make your own, and save some cash.
Good luck!

Monday, May 16 '5:00 AMRAP-deads/push-press'

Aside from our warm-up, a five minute workout may be unfathomable to some. When we see a five minute workout we understand what will follow. It feels a lot longer than five minutes when you're in the thick of it too...

5:00 AMRAP:
275 pound deadlift, 3 reps
115 pound push-press, 7 reps

Eric- Rx  5 + 3 PP
DT- 165/95  4 + 3 deads
Chris- 165/95  4
Tonya-125/65  6
Scott W- 225/95  4
Sam- 95/65  3 + 3 PP
Casey- Rx  5
Brent- Rx  5
Joey- 165/65  7
Dan- Rx  5 + 1 PP
Teresa- 125/65  6
John- Rx  7 + 1 deadlift
Holley- 95/45  4
T- 225/105  6
Tammy- 185/65  5

Super strong session guys. As usual, at prescription for the mutants in training. This was a real gasser. Just five minutes, huh? Longest five minutes in a long time. This was a great session though. Fun combination, and the timing allowed for full on intensity.

These are two very functional exercises that are dominated by hip power. The transmission of power from the hips to the bar is made more efficient over time with practice. Hip power also demands rooting from the heels... not balls of the feet. Activation of the posterior chain power potential takes a lot of time and practice as well.

We had a few rack races using the med ball and Scott W finished first with a time of  :11.1 seconds. Good job Scott. Rack races are fun, and they involve coordination, accuracy and agility. Three of the ten general  skills of physical fitness that CrossFit delivers. Pretty good.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF.

Altius, citius, fortius.

Monday, May 16, 2011

1991 World Pro gymnastics Andreas Aguilar rings

Crossfit Vs Bodybuilding

CrossFit or Seizure?

Sunday, May 15 'Front squat/HS walk/Sit-ups'

We have got to get more handstand practice. I think the high wheelbarrow we did was more work than the handstand walking would have been. None the less, we need to get those free handstands, and handstand walking.

Three rounds:
95 pound front squat, 21 reps
Handstand walk, 40 ft.
30 GHD sit-ups
Handstand walk, 40 ft.

We took the session a bit easier than normal, only one person went as prescribed and timed it. Madman got it in 19:35  Great job. Also great job Candice for carrying the longest legs in the place. You guys are a good team.

We had several other teams, Bart and LJ, Teresa and Tammy, and Houston and Madison, who by the way, locked down the final pieces to the airsquat. Super job guys! This was a fun session that turned out to be a gut buster.

Monday is next. Eat your Wheaties. You'll need them. Thanks for all the terrific efforts.

Here's a link to some frequently asked questions about next months Barbarian Challenge:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday, May 13 'CrossFit Total'

These sessions should be as gassy as any met-cons we do. There is no clock, which means we have time to recover fully, however, we are maxing out. That should be everything we have. Nothing left. We strive for failure. Many had PR's while pushing toward failure. Good job!

CrossFit Total
Shoulder press, 1 rep
Back squat, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
                          SP      BS      DL      Tot.      1-16
Eric-                  175    300     375      850
DT-                   115    185     260      560
Tonya-               75      135     130     340
Chris-                135    185     245      565
Brad-                 125    275     370      770
Brandi-               65     150     195      410
Brent-                135    315     370      820
Dan-                  185    305     370      860
Casey-               145    325     385      855      775
LaRunda-           80      165     200      445
Sharon-              75      145     200      420
Teresa-               75     160     200      435
T-                      140    220     305      665      675

Super great session everyone. Really strong lifts, across the board. Did you have a favorite? What about least favorite? Are you cultivating a super strong core? Each of these lifts requires a solid, well braced core. The transmission of power from the hips to the upper body demands a strong core, otherwise the lift is missed, or worse, you are injured.

Saturday is a rest day. Rest. Recover. Sleep as much as you can. Feel better. Be ready for Sunday. Thanks for all the great efforts. Thanks for all the fun.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday, May 12 '20:00 AMRAP/400m run-MU'

The substitution for the muscle-up is far more difficult than the muscle-up itself. Keep practicing. Get comfortable using the false grip on the low rings, then get some high ring practice.

20:00 AMRAP
400m run
7 muscle-ups
                    100 sit-ups          Rounds
Eric-                  3:54                 4
Sam-           (50) 3:07                2 + 400m
Matt-                2:37                  4 + 400m
Lisa P-        (50) 2:00
DT-                  4:58                  2 + 400m
Brandi-             3:06                  3
Brad-               4:09                  3 + 21 dips
Holley-             4:00                  2 + 7 pull-ups/7 dips
John- Rx          3:45                   4
Joey-               4:54                   4 + 400m
Inman-         (50) 2:28               3 + 400m
Casey-            2:20                   3
Scott O-      (50) 1:13               5
LaRunda-        2:50                   3
Dan- Rx          2:20                   3
Houston-     (50) 1:43               3 + 400m
T- Rx              2:54                   4

For the first time ever, our pack was large enough to stop traffic. That's right, as the pack approached 15th street, the cars stopped in both directions to let us cross. I was in the goon squad and saw the whole thing.

We also had a fun little 100 sit-ups for time. Great job Casey and Dan, fast times! You guys tied for first place. This was a monster session. Where did you struggle? For me, the run stunk. Bad juju. The muscle-ups actually were better than ever. Attributable to lots of tape and chalk, for sure.

The sub for the muscle-up is three pull-ups and three dips. That's 21 of both each round! Get the muscle-up. We have seen guys QUIT because they couldn't get a muscle-up and were unwilling to put in the time to learn them. Get the muscle-up. If you can pull yourself up to the rings, you can get through the hole. Get the muscle-up.

Thoughts are with Alice Ann and Eric as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their baby, who appears to be just as eager to see them. We love you guys, and are sending love vibes your way. Great to see Scott W and his son Bryan, another future CrossFitter in training, at the night session. Come again. Sam, Houston, Inman, Scott O- you guys are all doing really well. Drink the kool-aid...

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF.
Get the muscle-up

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday, May 11 'OH squat/T2B/DBHSC/DU'

That looks like code doesn't it? The best Crossfit code I've seen is  WBS + TGU + SDHP = WFYU. However this session was a heavy one, and if it were coded, when decoded it would say "Kicks ass..."

5 rounds:
135 pound overhead squat, 5 reps
10 toes to bar
15 dumbbell hang squat clean
20 double-unders

Matt- 95 FS/25  22:02
Tonya- 65 FS/15  22:20
Bart- 75 FS/20  27:20
DT- 75 FS/20  25:10
Scott W- 75/20 (3)  20:00
Tammy- 35/20  21:20
Brent- 45/20  17:40
Shane- 45/20  17:35
Corey- AS/20  17:39
John- Rx  21:03
Holley- 65 FS/15  24:36
Casey- Rx  30:37
Dan- 95/40  22:03
LaRunda- 65 FS/15  26:35
Sharon- AS/10  24:54
Scott O- 45/20 (4)  13:15
T- 95/35  18:40

Great session everyone. This was a long, grindy sorta thing on a hot day no less. Am I the only one that feels like the dumbbell hang squat clean was the only thing we did?  Maybe because they're so much fun, huh?

We had a few subs, for the overhead squat we subbed the front squat. For the double-unders we subbed singles at a 3:1 ratio. Practice the exercises you subbed. Get better.

A few people rolled off the clock, getting their feet wet, and becoming used to the CF tempo. Good job guys. You are learning new things every day, and doing well. The curve is steep. Dig in. Be patient and consistent.

Super session John and Casey. Going as prescribed. Heavy duty stuff. You guys keep the bar up there.  Also, great job Houston and Madison. You two are much more organized now! Keep up the good work. AND STRETCH OFTEN!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brad, Corey, Michael, and Nick- We love and miss you guys. BE CAREFUL!

NAVY SEALs / 1st SFOD-Delta Rangers in action

Just a Sunday drive...
Thank God for guys like them....

Master Guy Savelli's Huc Chung Kun Tao Spear Hand Demonstration


Monday, May 9 '20:00 AMRAP'

Twenty minutes. Just twenty minutes. Easy reps, 5, 10, 15. This should be another great workout from CFHQ. Wait a minute... Just about half way through this thing I realized that this was a beast. May be heavier than it looked? Yep.

20:00 AMRAP
5 chest to bar pull-ups
10 wall ball shots
15 kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood

Eric- Rx  8 + 5 pull-ups
Bart- 35  6 + 10 WBS
Chris- 35  5
Tonya- 30  6
Tammy- 35  6 + 5 pull-ups
DT- 35  5
Casey- Rx  6 + 3 KB swings
Matt- 35  6 + 14 KB swings
Sam- 35 (9:00)  5
John- Rx  7 + 2 KB swings
Holley- 30  6 + 1 KB swing
Dan- Rx  7 + 2 KB swings
Joey- 35  7 + 10 WBS
Teresa- 35  7
LaRunda- 20  7 + 5 pull-ups
Inman- 30 (10:00)  3
Shane- 35 (15:00)  6
Brent- 35 (15:00)  6
Scott O- 35 (10:00)  4
Sharon- 30  6 + 3 WBS
T- Rx  10

So who's ready for some more kettlebell swings? Yeah, me too. I'll take a rain check on that one. Kettlebell swings are serious gassers. Technique, hip power, and good lungs help. Every now and then, pick up big boy and play with him. He makes all other kettlebells feel light.

We had a crowd at both the lunch, and the night sessions. Thanks for your patience. When it gets crowded  be ready for the session to run in heats. First people to arrive will be in the first heat, those arriving after will be in the second heat. That will give everyone time to warm-up, get some mobs, and then 3,2,1, GO!  

We had return visits from a few guys. Liking the kool-aid, we hope. Great job on making it back. Many do not. "Too hard", or  "My knees hurt," or  "I have no time for it in my schedule..."  We have heard them all. These people would just take up valuable space and time. Ready to lead, ready to follow. Highly motivated people are who we want, and need.

Tuesday is a rest day. Not an off day. There is bonus work, and there is an assignment for 'The Horde'... That's right. We have got to start getting some rest day runs in. This is an easy one. Twenty minutes of run/walk on any intervals you want. We have seven weeks to get prepared. Be ready for some side work during the week as well.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. You guys are great and you make CFSF the coolest place to train. Thanks for the efforts, thanks for the super good fuel.

On time, on target, never quit.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday, May 8 "Thrusters/Burpee's"

Thrusters might just be one of the gassiest movements we do. From the PVC to the prescription today, they are monsters. Don't you love them? I do.

5 rounds:
95 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 bar facing burpee's

Teresa- (3) 55  14:19
Dan- Rx  20:44
Joey- 65  24:57
Russell- 45 (PP)  23:36
T- 75  20:20

Great job at prescription Dan! Way to hang tough Joey! This was a deceivingly difficult session, two heavy hitters back to back. Great job CFSF Sunday crew on knocking this one out on Mother's Day.

You know what to do.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7 'Box jump/Power snatch/CTB pull-ups'

This was another CFHQ session that delivered serious gas. Relatively short, this thing got every last bit of fuel we had to book it.

21, 15, 9 reps:
Box jumps, 24"
Power clean, 75 pounds
Chest to bar pull-ups

Teresa- 45/20"  14:51
Sharon- 35/20"  15:18
Dan- Rx  11:44
DT- 75/20"  16:42
Brent- 45/20"  9:42
Shane- 45/20"  9:50
T- Rx  13:14

Great session guys. That first round seems to stretch out like the last ten miles of a 500 mile journey. Good snatches. Nice accelerarion into active overheads.

We thought Brent was a good athlete until he brought his brother Shane. These guys are going to be bar benders very soon. We are glad you're here, guys. Drink the kool-aid...

Show your Mom some mobility exercises that will help her stay comfortable.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Coolest photo to date...

A soldier from the 10th Special Forces Group and
his dog jump off the back of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

Anchors and Magnets

We have observed that there are two basic types of people:  Anchors, and Magnets. Anchors, with intention or not, bring others down. Magnets, on the other hand, bring people up. Which are you, an Anchor, or a Magnet?

I suspect that if you are reading this, you are involved with CFSF, which means you are probably more of a Magnet than an Anchor.  Magnets are motivators, inherently lifting everyone else up around them, pushing them to work harder or just keep going.

That's another part of CrossFit that makes us special. We cultivate Magnets.


Thursday, May 5 'Griff'

We have seen some interesting things done backwards in the past, 'Backwoods Cindy', 'Narf', and a few other nameless pieces, but we have never done 'Griff' until now. Running backwards elicits several things, among which are stares of disbelief by drivers of and passengers in cars and passer byes...

800m run
400m backwards run
800m run
400m backwards run

Eric- 15:41
Chris- 19:28
DT- 19:28
Beth- 16:02
Brandi- 19:10
Brad- 17:02
Teresa- 21:01
John- 13:17
Joey- 12:52
Sharon- 23:48
Tammy- 19:50
Brent- 14:06
Scott O- 15:11
Casey- 14:41
Dan- 12:14
T- 15:00

This was one of the most fun CF sessions I think we've seen, maybe ever. We had some really fast runs, Dan, Joey, John- good job guys. How about those calves? Quads?  Anybody feelin' the love? Running backward is definitely interesting. Changes things quite a bit. Pretty cool, actually.

CrossFit is about triumph in the face of adversity, rigid flexibilty and all, but we had traffic for the first time. Everywhere! 14th and 15th Street, and the alley... Of all the times to be out running backward, this really wasn't a good one. Thanks for the recon Beth, great info that kept the red juice where it needs to stay. Also thanks Joey, and Dan for guiding the stragglers in, of which I was one.

This session is named in honor of  USAF Travis Griffin, who was killed in Iraq in 2008.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Friday is a rest day, not an off day. Hit the bonus. Rest, stretch that tight PC, and be ready for Saturday.

It pays to be a winner.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday, May 4 'Front squats'

While more functional than its cousins the back and overhead squat, the front squat is a difficult lift for many people. Bad rack. Soft core. Quad dominant movement. All recipes for disaster. However, when things are dialed in and locked on the front squat not only looks great, but serious weight gets moving too.

Front squat  5-5-5-5-5

Tonya- 95
Tammy- 100
Sam- (Frankenstein squat) 95
Eric- 225
Chris- 135
DT- 135
Matt- 155
LaRunda- 80
Sharon- 80
Beth- 80
Holley- 75
Casey- 195
Dan- 165
John- 255
Joey- 135
T- 145

Good front squats guys. We talked about a few things we really needed to see taking place, and everyone hit them, really well. The front squat can expose serious flexibility issues, so continued work on the shoulder girdle and arms. Bit by bit, with consistency over time, is the key with mobility and flexibility. Added both equals better racks, much better overhead positions, better rock bottoms, you name it and it'll probably be improved also.

So a few of the CFSF crew have signed up for the Barbarian Challenge in Gadsden's Noccolula Falls Park. The race is Saturday, June 25. We are in the 10:00 am horde. It's not too late to sign up so if you feel barbaric, join us. Gonna be a seriously great time.    YOU MUST BRING YOUR ID/DRIVERS LICENSE!

Motivation, as defined, is the act or instance of motivating. Motivating is to provide with motives, or impel. At CFSF we value motivation, and people that are motivating. Joey is that guy for us. Thanks Joey. Great fuel, great motivation. Motivation is also contagious, catch it and spread it around.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Bit by bit.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3 'Jeremy'

We were reminded of the "easy theory" again. 'Jeremy' delivers gas. At prescription, a beast. Scaled still smokes buffutes!

21, 15, 9 reps:
Overhead squat, 95 pounds

Eric- Rx  9:49
Chris- (FS) 85  11:42
Matt- (FS) 95  8:00
Tonya- (FS) 45  10:39
Sam- 11:07
Beth- 35  8:39
Holley- (FS) 45  10:52
Dan- 65  8:07
Scott- (FS)  9:10
John- Rx  6:18
Casey- Rx  10:13
T- 85  9:28

Great session guys. Fast time at prescription John! Madman back strong. Big D did him right. This was a heavy session. Burpee's and squats, either front or overhead, is a dangerous combination. Maybe not quite as dangerous as beer and chain saws, but scary enough.

For everyone still learning and practicing the overhead squat we subbed the front squat. One of the worst things that could happen when learning the squat and all the squat variants would be to move to the next level too quickly. Mastery of the airsquat is required before moving up the ladder of difficulty.

The night crew is getting some seriously good cash out gymnastics practice. From back bridging, to back walkovers, to back extension (which looks NOTHING like back extension...more like a roll back and over into a freaking handstand, John) and a few more fun things thanks to our Jedi Master, Super Beth D.

This session is named in honor of  Jeremy Bloniasz who was killed July 6th, 2006.

Just a word of thanks to everyone working so hard. From skills, to gymnastics, to just going balls to the wall- THANKS! Your hard work, committment, and energy makes CFSF flow. Congratulations Danny W. on passing the yellow belt kata, and mastering the tying of the belt. Sam, thanks for working so hard. Just remember to bring your water with you. No more long walks to the table...

Find some mobilities that you like, find a few you hate. Do them all. Use your balls of pain, foam rolls, rolling pins, anything that works to achieve comfort and flexibility. Your body will thank you.

Chasing performance and having fun doing it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

OK guys, the Madman brought this to my attention, but how many of you would be interested in the 'Barbarian Challenge' in Gadsden's Noccalula Falls Park, June 25?
If you are in, let CFSF know and we can get it!

Never heard of the 'Barbarian Challenge'...
Best Ranger competition 2011

Sunday, May 1 'Ring row/bench/B squat'

This thing just looked kinda ugly on the board. However, it turned out to be another super session from CFHQ. Thanks a lot.

5 rounds:
15 ring rows
15 bench press, 155 pounds
15 back squats, 225 pounds

Dan- 155/135  19:33
John- 155/175  24:20
Holley- 35/50  21:32
T- 125/135(10)  20:20
Eric- 155/185  27:15

Good session guys. Great bench presses, and solid squats. Those ring rows are deceivingly difficult, and by the fifth round I was feeling like lead. They were a welcomed change from some of the other pulls we've seen.

Monday is a rest day. Use your time wisely. Get the bonus. Get some additional mobility or some stretching, or all of it. You have the entire day to do it....

Success is one good decision away.

From SCIMITAR, 4th Special Operations Squad, to STS/DevGru, Delta, and DOD/NSW detachment- THANKS!

Saturday, April 30 'Jackie'

'Jackie' is another CFSF favorite. The row can take too much fuel, which makes the Thrusters feel heavy. Paced rowing, and you're set up for a good rest of the workout.

1000 meter row
50 Thrusters, 45 pounds
30 pull-ups

Dan- 11:51
Brandi- 18:45
LaRunda- 16:10
Scott O- 16:45
Holley- 19:44
T- 9:30

Great session guys. Way to tough it out Holley and Brandi. This is a fun session. Mfake no mistake, 'Jackie' is tough, but the one and done thing really helps out.

Dip you have a plan, or just go until you couldn't go anymore, then rest? If you can push past that initial need to stop, things can get surprisingly better in just a few seconds. Rest at the wrong time, and  starting up again will be increasingly more difficult. So just keep going.....

Thanks for all the terrific efforts. Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Better than yesterday.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friday, April 29 'Moore'

Another great Hero session, 'Moore' includes a couple of notorious exercises that can be intimidating. Rope climbs, and handstand push-ups give more people butterflies than just about anything else we do. No worries.

20:00 AMRAP
15 foot rope climb, 1 ascent
400m run
HSPU max reps
                   #HSPU           Rounds
Chris-            32                    4
Tonya-          10                    5
DT-               21                    3 + rope climb
Tammy- Rx   37                    4
Brandi-         29                    3
Brad-            36                    4 + rope climb
Beth-            36                    4 + rope climb
Eric- Rx        50                    5 + rope climb
Scott O-       25                    4 + rope climb
T- Rx            22                    5 + rope climb

Great session Eric! Solid HSPU numbers. Tammy, Beth, GREAT JOB! Tammy turned a few heads climbing up and down the rope, and actually almost caused a wreck when a carload of fellas had to slow way down to make sure what they were seeing. "Girls on ropes?" They must have wondered....

This session is named in honor of  Indianapolis Metro Police Officer David S. Moore, who was killed in the line of duty January 26, 2011.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for the great fuel. Thanks for all the fun on the last Friday night of the month.

You may have a little extra time over the weekend to get a little extra mobility. Get it!

Wednesday, April 27 'Thrusters/CTB pull-ups'

CFSF wants to extend heart felt condolences to everyone that has been effected directly, or indirectly, with the storms that occured Wednesday, April 27. We are so very fortunate to have been spared, with death and destruction literally all around us.

We have seen many AMRAPS in the past, but not too many AMREPS. This was a laundry list that would have given the best Chinese Cleaners nightmares. We got it done.

7:00 AMREP
100 pound Thruster, 3 reps
3 CTB pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 6 reps
6 CTB pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 9 reps
9 CTB pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 12 reps
12 CTB pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 CTB pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 18 reps
18 CTB pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 21 reps
21 CTB pull-ups

Eric- Rx  15 Thrusters
Matt- Rx  21 CTB pull-ups
John- Rx  12 of 15 Thrusters
Sharon- 65  12 pull-ups
Teresa- 65 12 Thrusters
Joey- Rx  12 + 3 CTB pull-ups
LaRunda- 35  8 of 15 Thrusters

Great session everyone. Great practice Sam, Chris, and Tonya. Even with PVC Thrusters can gas, and regulary do. Next time will be loaded. So enjoy while you can. Super sweet session Matt. Got it done!