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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29 'Rings, Rolls, Sots'

One of the things I love about CrossFit is that on any given day experienced CrossFitters can be thrown into the novice category. New skills, new challenges, things unfamiliar. That makes some people uncomfortable. We turn the equation around at CFSF and welcome the new and difficult by embracing it.

However, we did have options...

5 rounds:
5 hanging ring extensions
5 front rolls
5 back rolls
45 pound Sots press, 10 reps 

Scott- (3) 35#  11:00 
Eric- Rx  15:15
Cliff- 35#  21:24
T- 35#  14:00

Option A
5 rounds:
5 burpee's
10 box jumps

Alice Anne- 14:00
Joey- 14:38

Option B
'Slab City'
13 rounds
:30 kettlebell swing
:30 rest


15:00 AMRAP
150 meter row
10 box jumps
10 WBS

Ryan- 6 + 150m row
Ben- 7 + 3 WBS
Danson- 5 + 10 box jumps

Great session everyone. Welcome to CFSF Ryan, Ben, and Danson. Drink the kool-aid. Come back for more.

Wednesday is a rest day, not an off day. 5 mile run/walk for the Mudders, for added kicks, throw in some PT every few miles for that good lung burn. If you aren't a Mudder, get some mobility, or some nice long relaxing stretching for that ultra tight posterior chain.

What did you think of the Sots press? We have added this in with the overhead squats portion of our warm up in the past, usually every fifth squat has us staying in the hole, getting five Sots presses. Let's make this a mandatory component of the overhead squats in the warm-up.

Thanks for the great efforts. Use your off time wisely.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28 'Dead Handstands'

It was great to get back into CrossFit after the Thanksgiving break rested and ready to go. This was a super session to start back with too.

21, 15, 9 reps:

Handstand push-ups

Tammy- 135  6:16
Sam- 155  7:42
Scott- 185  6:43
Cliff- 225  8:55
Shaun- 225  8:40
Brad- 225  9:38
Lynde- 185  11:23
Joey- 185  10:35
Sharon- 115  10:42
T- 185  5:38

Great job guys. Even though NOBODY was getting the handstand walk as prescribed, we still got some great handstand push-ups and HSPU progressions. Super heavy deads Lynde! Definitely want you on the top of the obstacles pulling us all up and over... Remember that the Tough Mudder is less than two and a half months away.

Congratulations to Shaun, the newest member of the tire flip team. Flipping Joey is no easy task, HOOYAH! We also had a visit from Alex. Drink the kool-aid and come back for more. What better Christmas present could you give yourself ?

We have a few weeks before Christmas. Prioritize. Keep CFSF on your list of things to do.

If you have any sore bits and pieces, hit the blog and find a few fixes. If you feel great, hit the blog and find a few mobilizations for pillar muscles and joints. Take care of your business.

Thanks for all the great efforts. Thanks for the fuel.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We love and miss you guys!

Monday, November 21 'Nutts'

Hero workouts are definitely a blast. The motivation and the meaning help many to keep going with aggression until finished. We see that often, but not as often as when we see Hero sessions. Great job everyone!

10 handstand push-ups
250 pound deadlift, 15 reps
25 box jumps, 30" box
50 pull-ups
100 wall ball shots, 20/16
200 doubles/600 singles
400 meter run carrying a 45 pound plate

                           Dead     Run
Brad- 29:11         250       60
Lynde- 31:56       165   
Sharon- 35:33      115       15
Shaun- 32:30       225       45
Cliff- 36:45          225       45
Joey- 31:25         155       45
T- 32:35              225       45

Good job on toughing out a pretty tough session. NOBODY got this at prescription. None the less, everyone was gassed. Personally, the 600 singles were far worse than 200 doubles. Gotta embrace those doubles...

This session is named in honor of Lt. Andrew Richard Nuttall, of the 1 PPCLI, Alberta, Canada, killed in Iraq on December 23, 2009.

Great to see Joey back in the gym, he brings much needed fuel. He also hooked us up with another "O" bar. Huge THANKS Joey!  Thoughts will be with Todd on Wednesday as he gets his knee repaired. Be cool, let that knee heal, and before you know it you'll be right there beside us struggling through another monster wod. Until then, we will miss you and your fuel. So heal fast and, HURRY BACK!

CFSF will be closed until Monday, November 28. Use this time to catch up on some mobility and long stretching, and some running, biking, swimming, dog walking, or WTFYLTD, and come back rested and ready to roll strong.

CFSF sincerely wishes everyone a very nice Thanksgiving, and thanks again very much for choosing CFSF.


Monday, November 21, 2011

CFSF will be closed from Tuesday November 22nd through Sunday, November 27th. After November 21st, the next training day is Monday, November 28th.

CFSF wishes everyone a very nice Thanksgiving. Enjoy the break!

Sunday, November 20 'Heavy Fran'

Heavy Fran is Fran's older, meaner, HAIRIER, Aunt- and she's angry.

'Heavy Fran'
15, 12, 9 reps:
135 pound barbell Thruster
Weighted pull-ups

Tammy- 65  6:25
Teresa- 75  5  10:51
Cliff- 95 (PP)  8:55
Emilee- 55  9:55
Shaun- 95  7:14
Lynde- 75  9:04

Great session everyone. Some people loaded the pull-ups, some did not. Quality is the goal. Good job. This was the first 'Frannish' session for some, and they did really well. Thrusters, at any weight, and pull-ups are a potent punch, leaving even the fittest on floor lock afterwards.

We will be rolling Monday this week, taking Wednesday - Sunday off. We will meet again Monday November 28.


Saturday, November 19 'Michael'

'Michael' is like an old friend that lives far away. Happy to see him every now and then, but glad when he's gone.

Three rounds:
800 meter run
50 back extensions
50 sit-ups

John- 25:19
Jeff- 28:05
Lynde- 1/2 runs 22:44
Shaun- 27:25
Tammy- 31:04
Teresa- 29:54
JJ- 31:03
T- 23:30

Great job everyone. This was a great day to be out running. Fresh, and windy. Felt great.

Thanks for all the terrific efforts. Thanks for the great fuel.

There is no success in failure, and failure is no success at all.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17 'Snatch balance'

One of several skill transfer exercises for the snatch, the snatch balance usually allows for heavier lifts than the snatch, giving the athlete confidence and control for future snatching.

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Sam- 95
Alice Anne- 60
John- 180
Shaun- 145
Beth- 85
Lynde- 85
T- 110

Great lifts everyone. We hit all the cues we talked about hitting, and got some really good lifts...

There are three skill transfer exercises, all begin with the bar in a back rack position. Differences in starting (jumping) foot position, and inclusion or exclusion of the dip, are what sets them apart from one another. The snatch balance begins with a more narrow (jumping) stance, the same stance for the clean.

Movement is initiated with a strong dip and drive, then a super fast dive under the bar, moving the feet to the landing position while simultaneously launching the bar overhead to a fully locked out active overhead position as explosively as possible.

They each require successively greater dynamics and athleticism to reach, hold, and control the catch portion of the snatch, which is the rock bottom position of the overhead squat.

Take some extra time to get some mobility, long stetching, or both. Hit that posterior chain, and tight shoulder girdle. Thanks for all the terrific efforts and great fuel. Saturday, 0900. See you there.

On time, on target, NEVER quit.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 5 Best Tips to Improve Your Running Technique - YouTube

The 5 Best Tips to Improve Your Running Technique - YouTube

Tuesday, November 15 'Thrusters'

Moving a heavy weight over a long distance is one of the requirements for becoming stronger. I'd say the Thruster satisfies that wouldn't you?

Thrusters 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Sam- 130
Alice Anne- 105
Cliff- 185
Teresa- 120 *PR!
Shaun- 205
John- 245
Beth- 80
Emilee- 80
Lynde- 120
T- 170

Great work everyone! Super strong lifts John, Lynde, Cliff, and Shaun. You all are ANIMALS! Just wait until you've been rolling a while, and become more efficient... Your work capacity will be through the roof. Great lift Teresa- personal record. Hooyah!

This was another example of how our core strength has a direct correlation to the amount of weight moved. Higher levels of strength through the core allow a greater transmission of  force to resistance. Weak core and that transmission is lost. Throw in tight hamstrings with a weak core and your Thruster now resembles stick man. Broken spine, loss of control, loss of HEELS... a recipe for disaster.

The Thruster demands a high level of skill, an aptitude as well as an ability, that must be cultivated and allowed to grow with constant supervision and continual control in order to get dialed in, and stay locked on.

Hit the blog and find a few fixes for anything you need. The information is there. All you need is the motivation to use it. Are feeling and performing better motivation enough? Should be...

Thanks for all the terrific efforts and great fuel. Thanks for training at CFSF.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunday, November 13 'GHD sist-ups/WBS 2:1'

Whomever came up with wall ball two for one shots is a maniac. However, they really help get the message across about how quickly we must retreat under. The twofers reinforce that pretty well.

21, 15, 9 reps:
GHD-WBS 10 pound ball
WBS 2 for 1, 20/16
                         Sit/toss     WBS
Teresa- 8:51        12           16
Emilee- 8:18        10           16
Lynde- 10:34       14           16
Shaun- 7:50         16           20
T- Rx  8:03          10           20

Dear Santa, we need another GHD... If we all write letters now, surely he'll hook us up, right? Good job everyone. This was a  core crusher of the highest order. I bet everyone threw those med balls higher than they've been thrown in a while though, AND, the next time you fly under the bar, you'll do it more quickly.

We benefit tremendously by embracing the suck. That's a huge part of why we do it. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. This was an interesting cycle, thanks CFHQ, and thanks for the great efforts and great fuel on a nice Sunday afternoon. Use your off time wisely.

Better than yesterday

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, November 12 'Chipper'

Chippers can be welcomed sights. One and done. Just get to the next exercise, won't have to see it again...

500 meter row
50 box jumps, 20" box
50 push-ups
50 sit-ups
50 jumping pull-ups
50 back extensions
50 dips
1.5 pood Tukish Get Up, 20 reps

John- Rx  25:48
Holley- 500m row (1/2) 10# kb  22:45
Cliff- 20# kb  29:32
Andrew- 35# kb  31:28
Lynde- 20# kb  28:30
Brad- 35# kb  24:20
T- 35# kb  20:30

Good job everyone. Super strong session John Fenn! As usual, at prescription. Hooyah. This was a good follow up to the 'Murph', and we enjoyed it very much. Thanks CFHQ.

Rest, ICE, stretch. Ask for a massage. Anything that helps you feel good. Be ready for Sunday. Thanks for the great efforts. Thanks for the fuel.


Friday, November 11 'Murph'

When I first saw the 'Murph' it looked like an impossible workout. That was 2006. Since then I have done the workout three times and it has become my favorite CrossFit workout. This is a special workout, and we got it on a special day.

As usual, we had options. Some people did a half 'Murph', some people partitioned the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats, some went straight through. Either way great job everyone.

1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run

Sam- (1/2) 26:30
Tammy- (1/2)  29:00
Shaun- 1 mi run, 1/2 PT, 1 mi run  39:00
Heather- 46:25
John- 39:38
Brad- 52:37
Holley- (1/2)  40:25
Beth- 46:48
Lynde- 2000m row sub for run, 56:21
Andrew- 57:39
Teresa- 63:50
T- 53:00

Outstanding job guys. Thanks for all the great efforts. Having a gym full of people working together makes the 'Murph' much easier to deal with. We think of this as a special workout, and it is, but to Lt. Michael Murphy it was just Wednesday.

It is in his honor that we struggle. There is no better motivation. Good call John. Good call.

Sad news for one of our super strong sled dogs. Todd has tweaked his knee and then some. Our thoughts are with you, hoping you get it fixed fast and feel better soon. Your energy will be severely missed.

Thank a Veteran for your freedom.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 2: Exercise - YouTube

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 2: Exercise - YouTube

Wednesday, November 9 'Grace' or 'Isabel'

Don't you just love having options? The only other option usually isn't an option, we caught a break today and had the choice between two beautiful girls...

135 pound clean and jerk, 30 reps
135 pound snatch, 30 reps

                               'Grace'     'Isabel'
Scott- 75#                                3:02
Sam- 75#                  3:05
Tammy- 65#             3:49
Teresa- 65#              3:05
Brad- 95#                                3:52
Lynde- 75#               4:18
Shaun- 85#               4:15
John- Rx                   3:58
Sharon- 55#             8:00
Holly- 55#                7:02
Cliff- 115#                4:14
T- 115#                    4:28

Super session everyone. Both of these girls are a blast. Great job John- as prescribed, and fast. Hooyah! Shaun, Cliff, nice job. You guys are gonna become awesome CrossFitters. Be patient, be consistent, and continue to kick ass! Good to see Holly Fenn back from school as well. CFSF is proud of her for making all A's.

We have had the short versus long debate again recently, and while most agree that the long sessions are definitely difficult, we will still receive the desired effects with shorter sessions as well. Remember that CrossFit expressly demands competency across broad domains, both long and short. Consider it fortunate to be thrown a nice short session this time.

Thoughts are with Eric as he recovers from surgery. Your CFSF family is sending love vibes your way. Thursday is a rest day. Not an off day. Get the run. Get some mobility. At least one or the other. If you are a Mudder, get both. Three months from now is the Tough Mudder run.

Thanks for all the terrific efforts today. Thanks for making CFSF the coolest place to train.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 8 'Rope climb/TTB/OH lunges/Run'

This session reads a little like a laundry list, and by the end made us all feel like we'd been through the washing machine....

5 rounds:

15' rope climb, 3 ascents
10 toes to bar
45 pound overhead lunges, 21 steps
400 meter run
Emilee- (2) 16:00       10
Walker- (2) 15:45      10
Sam- (3) 21:40          25/15/10
Amber- (3) 19:22      10
Brad- (3) 16:02         25
Sharon- (3) 20:40
Heather- 26:43          25
Andrew- 37:20          10
John- (4) 31:52         45
Cliff- 32:06               10
Lynde- 33:44            25
Shaun- 32:20            10
T- 33:53                   25

Great session everyone. Where did you begin to hit the wall? My legs started getting really heavy around the fourth round. The overhead lunges followed by the run had begun to take a heavy toll. Just keep moving.

We had some super fast running from a lot of people- good job. We also had some subbing out of reverse crunchers for toes to bar for some, and thanks to everyone for NOT coming off the bar, testing head strength vs. floor strength. You will always lose that one.

Take some time and find a few mobilizations for anything tight, grody, or painful. The time and effort you spend will be returned to you with added benefits, like comfort, and better performance. Easy decision.

Thanks for all the great efforts, great fuel, and good times.

Altius, Citius, Fortius

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, November 7 'WBS/Hang snatch'

Thirty reps can sound daunting, however, once you start chipping away, before you know it, just as quickly as it started, it's over. This was a high volume session that required a lot of fuel to book. Good job guys.

Three rounds:

30 Wall ball shots 20/16
75 pound hang snatch, 30 reps

Scott- 45  22:17
Amber- 35  22:18
Andrew- 45  23:39
Lynde- 65 hang power snatch  29:17
John- Rx  27:47
Cliff- 65  28:00
Shaun- 45  19:00
Tammy- 35  22:38
Brad- 65 push press  18:13
T- Rx  22:50

Great job everyone. How did you like going from the hang? We heard a few different comments floating around the gym, mostly having to do with blown backs. If your lower back began to give you problems during the wod, increase flexibility training both up and down river of the issue, and get some GHD work on the side. Welcome home John, great night to return on, huh? No worries, you'll have your sea legs back in no time....

Regardless of what you lifted, we had some really good snatching. We talked about a few cues that we needed to see and got them. Triple extension, on time pulls, and knees jacked out. Outstanding! Form, consistency, intensity.

Hit the blog and find a few more fixes. A little bit every day. Thanks for all the terrific efforts, and the great fuel.

Two is one, one is none. Be ready. Always.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday, November 5 'Row/Push press'

Thanks for everyone's patience at the rower. The log jam wasn't too bad, an all out row had the 300 meters well under 1:20, so the rest was welcomed for most...

300 meter row
20 Push press
300 meter row
15 Push press
300 meter row
10 Push press
300 meter row
5 Push press

Tammy- 65  14:10
Lynde- 75  16:41
Sharon- 55  17:18
Cliff- 95  12:33
T- 95  10:21

Great session guys! Solid Push presses. We still need to pay attention to NOT allowing the hips to chase the knees, otherwise known as "muting" the hips... This takes a huge amount of hip potential and throws it right out the window.

We can ask Santa for another rower, but we'll have to stay on our best behavior, and stay out of trouble- which is a tall order at CFSF.

Thanks for the efforts, thanks for the fun times. Use your off time wisely. Get the run/walk if you are a Mudder...


Friday, November 4 'GHD sit-ups/MU'

Muscle-ups are within everyone's grasp. If you are willing to put in the time and practice... Combine them with GHD sit-ups and hold on tight!

25 GHD sit-ups
1 Muscle-up
20 GHD sit-ups
2 Muscle-ups
15 GHD sit-ups
3 Muscle-ups
10 GHD sit-ups
4 Muscle-ups
5 GHD sit-ups
5 Muscle-ups

Amber- 9:35*
Lynde- 12:25^
Teresa- 21:09*^
Shaun- 20:30*^
Sharon- 22:09*^
Todd- 27:50*
Cliff- 23:05*^
T- Rx 8:20
*1:1 MU progression sub/*^ALL sub (3:1 MU/3:1 abmat sit-up)

Get those Muscle-ups! The substitution is far worse than the MU itself.... Practice a few reps every time you are at CFSF. Do not relent.


Thursday, November 3 'Double Snatch'

This was another fun little couplet thanks CFHQ! Great doubles everyone, your practice is paying off...

7 rounds:
35 double unders
1 Snatch
                            Snatch points
Tammy- 13:45
Sam- 11:00
Amber- 8:18
Richard- 7:51*           700
Andrew- 13:21^         400
Shaun- 13:40^           245# Push press
Sharon- 14:49*          35# Push-press
Casey- Rx 11:09        810
*doubles/singles mix

The Snatch points are equal to the loads lifted successfully.

Thanks for the great efforts. Thanks to Tammy, Casey, and Sharon for holding down the fort.


Tuesday, November 1 'OH walk/WBS/Farmer's walk'

This was a brutal session. Super strong efforts everyone!

5 rounds:

185 pound overhead walk, 40 meters
30 Wall ball shots 20/16
95 pound Farmer's walk, 40 meters

                            OHW     FW
Eric- 19:12            135        75
Cliff- 21:57             75          53kb
Amber- 16:14        35          25
Alice Anne- 19:57  45         30
Sam- 18:22            45         53kb
Heather- 16:32       85         53kb
Beth- 16:06            75         53kb
Casey- 20:15         135        95
Andrew- 23:39       95         95
Richard- 21:10       135       95
Shaun- 21:08         135       95
Cortez- 24:46        135       95


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday, October 31 'Scary 15'

We had all been wondering if the Halloween workout would be appropriately scary. What do you think? Yep.

3 rounds:
95 pound overhead squat, 15 reps
15 L pull-ups
95 pound split-jerk, 15 reps
15 knees to elbows
95 pound hang clean, 15 reps
15 back extensions holding a 25 pound plate

Todd- Rx  35:15
Shaun- 95 * ^  27:24
Cliff- 85  29:30 * ^
Beth- 55 ^ 29:07
Andrew- 75 * ^
Richard- Rx  33:10
T- 85  29:05
*airsquat sub for OH
^ Superman sub for back ext.

Great job Todd, and Richard. As prescribed. Outstanding. We had a few substitutions today, and remember the number one CrossFit tenet, first we need good form, then consistency, then intensity. It is ALWAYS in our best interest to scale, sub, or otherwise modify the WOD to our ability level. Do not feel as though you are not getting the desired effect. You will be gassed.

When we train, we practice. The more we practice, the more competent we will become. Be patient, be consistent, and do your homework. If you will commit to those three things your success is within reach.

Thanks for all the terrific efforts and great fuel today.