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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Was it the Clean, or was it the Burpee? It was the combination. Lethal. We were the nail. Again. Felt great...

Three rounds:
135 pound Hang power clean, 15 reps
15 Burpee's

Nanook- 55  10:34
Lynde- 75  6:34
Richard- Rx  8:44
Emilee- 75  11:54
Alice Anne- 55  9:27
Eric- Rx  8:48
Teresa- 75  9:16
Scott- 115  10:22
Shaun- Rx  7:28
Todd- Rx  8:00
Cortez- 125  9:09
Dave- 75  10:52
Kathryn- 65  6:39
Candice- 55  10:24
Jessica- 35  8:35
Brandi- 65  12:01
Holley- 45  8:51
Shar- 45  9:35
Cliff- Rx  6:08
Corey- Rx  3:56
Joshua- Rx  8:27
Keith- 65  12:15
Josh- 65  9:43
T- 115  7:35

Super good workout everyone. Seriously fast times Kathryn, Lynde, Cliff, and Corey. You all have the cardio-respiratory system of King Kong! Congratulations Keith- you're doing it. Good job Dave- just keep that shoulder happy (you too Andrea).

Remember and practice the cues and patterns we worked on while "Cleaning up the Clean". They will help maintain efficient movement as you grind through reps, and nothing gasses like "O" lifts for reps.

Thanks very much for the Frog Tog Kathryn and Dave. It, and you, are very much appreciated.

Just for kicks, we compared time and load from 10 people from both the lunch crew and the night crew. Here's how things broke down:                  

                 Total time     Total load
Lunch-        1:15:39         720 lbs.
Night-         1:09:16         680 lbs.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment Olympic athletes feel as they stand victorious on the podium. We may not be Olympians, but we know this feeling as CrossFitters. We feel it every time we finish a wod. That's a huge part of why we do it- why we work so hard. We can. Most can't. An uncommon dedication to fitness...

Tuesday is a rest day. Use your time wisely and take care of your business. If you don't who will? Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for the terrific efforts and fuel.

WFYU- 12 weeks.

Monday, July 30, 2012


This was another super fun workout that took a toll on the power people. Short, and sweet, this session packed a heavy punch.

Four rounds:
30 jump and touch; 12" above hand reach
185 pound Deadlift, 20 reps
10 Handstand push-ups/*HS prog.

Lynde- 135*  12:10
Shar- (3) 105  16:12
Nicole- (3) 75/DL 35/P  16:56
Todd- Rx  11:02
Corey- Rx  8:53
Bradley- 95  12:40
Kathryn- 125*  15:55
Dave- (3) 135/DL 45/P  14:00
Chris- (3) 135  9:32
Casey- Rx  12:03
Nanook- 95/DL 45/P  14:27
T- 165  11:00

Great job Casey, Corey, and Todd- at prescription. Great to see Corey, visiting from Norfolk, and Dave back from shoulder stuff, rolling again. Good job Keith. Be consistent and keep doing your homework.

Find a fix for those tight calves and plantar fascia.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Friday, July 27, 2012


This was another fun couplet. Thanks CFHQ! Relatively short, unless you subbed out the GHD sit-ups for ab mat sit-ups. Again, the sub was worse than the exercise. We did allow a 1:1 Toes to bar sub that some people took advantage of.

225 pound Back squat, 21 reps
42 GHD sit-ups
225 pound Back squat, 15 reps
30 GHD sit-ups
225 pound Back squat, 9 reps
18 GHD sit-ups
                                 BS     Core
Alice Anne- 13:08     65      mix
Nanook- 12:24         55     GHD
Casey- 14:23           185     mix
Candice- 16:32          X      AbMat
Eric- 13:42               185     mix
Scott- 16:04             155     mix
Lynde- 11:45           115     mix
Tammy- 11:59           75     mix
Holley- 18:50            45     AbMat
Richard- 14:19         155     mix
Josh- 11:30              165     GHD
Jessica- 15:26           35      AbMat
Cliff- Rx  24:08
Shar- 18:46               75    mix
Teresa- 17:49          105    mix
T- 10:08                  135    GHD
Chris- 5:13               X     AbMat
Chantel- 6:41            X     AbMat
Keith- 6:00               X     AbMat
Nicole- 5:56             X     AbMat

Great workout everyone. Great wall work Candice. Good job Cliff. Puppies all did well, and we had a couple of visitor's... Chris, Chantel- drink the kool-aid, do your homework, and come back.

Friday is a rest day. Do anything that feels good and helps you recover. Standby for Saturday. Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the great efforts and fuel.

Paleo day...

Better than yesterday.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Most were relieved to see a Push press strength workout pop up after the hammering last cycle. Not so fast... We should be just as gassed when we finish this as when we finish any other 'chipper', or 'met-con' workout.

Push press  2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Eric- 185
Scott- 186
Kathryn- 100*
Teresa- 120*
Lynde- 125*
Shaun- 205
Todd- 195
Candice- 85
Holley- 70
Brad- 155
Cliff- 245
Shar- 105*
Josh- 155
Nicole- 70
Keith- 135
T- 165

FOUR *PR's in one session- Great job Lynde, Teresa, Kathryn, and Shar. Super heavy lift IceBeast. ARGH! Nice work everyone. Puppies- another arrow for your quiver. Good job.

We hit the targets we set, from properly placed racks, to solid dips and drives, and finishing with strong, active shoulders. Great job on hitting those cues.  JUMP!

Hit the blog and find something that feels good, or something that feels bad. Either way, you win. Your body deserves a little "me" time. Hit that posterior chain, and those tight shoulders. Sore? ICE.

Remember to find a paleo friendly recipe or two for lunch or dinner Friday.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

NO! We are not a cult. Now sit down and drink your kool-aid...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 CrossFit Games - Spirit of The Games Winner: Deborah Cordner Carson


Motivation has never been a problem, especially with Hero workouts, but upon completion of the fourth round the realization sank in that there are five more rounds to go. Of all the sessions we've seen lately, none has required more focus on "the here and now" than 'Ship'.

Nine rounds:
185 pound Clean, 7 reps
8 Burpee box jumps, 36" box

                                 C     B"
Tammy- 28:56          65    20
Scott- (6) 18:00       115  36
Lynde- 31:08            95   20
Eric- 26:33               95   24
Alice Anne- 28:54    65   20
Nanook- (6) 20:00   45   24
Kathryn- 30:27         75   24
Richard- 30:06          95   36
Teresa- 29:51           65   24
Holley- 32:48           45   20
Candice- HPC 23:49 55  20
Jessica- HPC 26:06  45   20
Cliff- 37:08               95   36
Brad- PC 28:48       105  36
Josh- 25:05              105  36
Todd- 27:26            135  36
Ryan- (6) 16:27        65   36
T- 31:00                  105  36

'Ship' might be the session of the summer... so far at least. Good job EVERYONE for showing up and getting this workout in the book. We needed some serious fuel and you guys delivered. At prescription, this workout is a monster. At any scale, not much better. But that's why we do it.

Great workout Todd, and Lynde. You two had the heavy Cleans, and killed it. Way to hang tough Cliff, and Holley. This brought out the "never quit" attitude you both possess, and what we all need to have as CrossFitters. Thanks for that.

The puppies are still doing great. Airsquat- LOCKED DOWN. Thanks for your hard work. Remember to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

This workout is named in honor of Canadian Forces Sergeant Prescott Shipway, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, who was killed on September 7, 2008 in the Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

Thank you all for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the great fuel and great efforts.

On time, on target, NEVER quit.

Monday, July 23, 2012


This definitely felt like a CF Games workout, and we had some performances worthy of the Games....

2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Chipper

155 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps
10 Box jump overs, 24" box
135 pound Thruster, 10 reps
205 pound Power clean, 10 reps
10 toes to bar
10 burpee muscle-ups (*MU prog)
10 toes to bar
205 pound Power clean, 10 reps
135 pound Thruster, 10 reps
10 Box jump overs, 10 reps
155 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps

                            OHS     Thruster     PC
Patricia- 10:20*    70             75         85
Kathryn- 17:52*   65             65         75
Tammy- 17:18*    65             65         95
Teresa- 15:23*     80             75         95
Candice- 13:45*   X              35         35
Casey- 28:58       135           135       185
Joey- 27:53*        95             65         65
Lynde- 15:39*     75              75         95
Loren- 26:20*      65             65         95
Todd- 25:16*       75             95        155
T- 19:51               75             95        135

Great work everyone. This was a fun format, a little like a jelly donut. We worked our way to the middle, only the filling wasn't jam, it was PAIN! Then we had to work our way back out to the other end. Fun stuff.

Super fast time Patricia. You are a beast! We are fortunate to have you around every now and then. You drip intensity. CASEY!- You got your muscle-ups! HOOF*CKINYAH! Argh.... Thanks for your patience Dave. Just one more day, and we'll know for sure.

Monday is another well deserved rest day. Use your time wisely. Give your PC a little attention. Ask for another massage. If you are WFYU, run. It will be here before we know it....

Yes. That is snow on the roof behind us....


The Front squat is like the middle sibling, with his brothers Overhead, and Back. He could be called Goldilocks because a near perfect rack is required, along with a solid base, and ultra tight core. Any of those off a bit, and DUMP! You've lost the lift.

Front squat  2-2-2-2-2-2

Nicole- 60
Todd- 245
Shar- 100*
Ryan- 145

Great squats guys. Nicole, Ryan- outstanding. You both hit all the points we talked about wanting to hit. Thanks. Monster squat Todd! This after making up Friday's wod as a warm-up... Good job Shar. PR.

This was another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your great efforts and fuel.



This was a super fun session that felt a lot like a CF Games workout. The session flowed well, even for the people who went bottom up. Thanks for your rigid flexibility!

30 GHD sit-ups (*3:1 abmat)
225 pound Deadlift, 30 reps
30 double-unders (^3:1 singles)
95 pound Overhead squat, 30 reps
30 pull-ups
                                DL     OHS
Richard- 11:59         225      75
Alice Anne- 11:12*^115      35
Lynde- 11:58           155      65
Matt- 13:25*^         135      X
Eric- 10:45^            225      75
Josh- 13:17^           225      65
Ryan-14:30*^         225      X
Nanook- 16:50*      95       35
Teresa- 12:05*^      125     45
Tammy- 11:44^       125     45
Bradley- 18:08         225     75
Casey- Rx  10:03
Candice- 7:31*^     115      X
Nicole- 8:48*^         85      X
Jessica- 10:35*^      75       X
Shar- 14:30            125    35
Cliff- Rx  18:48
T- 11:38                  185    65
Todd- 12:52^          225    65

Really good job everyone. Thirty reps was a perfect number for this session. Did you get anything unbroken? Good job Casey, and Cliff. As prescribed. Hooyah.

Great job puppies. You are all doing really well. Thanks for your super strong efforts.

We had a visit from Keith, and Delores. Drink the kool-aid, come back.

Hit the blog, find a fix.

Altius, Citius, Fortius.

Friday, July 20, 2012

F*uck! Anybody remember this crazy cat? F*ck! We miss him. F*uck!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Master Guy Savelli's Huc Chung Kun Tao Spear Hand Demonstration


'Fran' is referred to as the "F" word at CFSF, and we don't talk much about her. Why?  Because she will kick your ass.

21, 15, 9 reps:
95/65 pound Thruster

Shaun- Rx  7:28
Patricia- Rx  4:28
Lynde- 45  5:15
Tammy- Rx  8:45
Alice Anne- 45  7:43
Holley- 45  9:45
Kathryn- Rx  9:15
Emilee- 55  10:19
Andrea- 8 PP  6:55
Scott- Rx  9:56
Nanook- 45  11:45
Brandi- 55  9:18
Matt- 75  11:06
Nicole- 35 PP  5:48
James- Rx  11:04
Todd- Rx  5:52
Shar- 55  9:29
Cliff- Rx  8:35
Casey-) Rx  5:02
Candice-)  35  7:28
Teresa- Rx  9:46
T-Rx  6:46

Great workout EVERYONE! Super fast Patricia, Casey, Todd, and Lynde. Welcome to CFSF Candice, Andrea, Josh, Matt, Nanook, and Nicole. Now you've met 'Fran'. We hope you like her as much as we do.

What is it about 'Fran' that makes her so devastating? The combination is ultra potent. The rep scheme can be difficult, she's a mean girl with a hairy back. She'll punch you in the nose, and she sucks the air out of my lungs every time we meet. It's great.

'Elizabeth', 'Isabel', and 'Fran'. All in a row. Brings back memories of  "Ladies Week" we had a couple of years ago. Imagine getting these workouts together, with anywhere from 10:00-15:00 minutes recovery time between workouts. That puts things into perspective. These people are fit!

Thursday is rest day, not an off day. Get some mobs, ICE, stretch your quads. Do anything that helps you recover. Thanks for the wicked strong efforts from EVERYBODY. 'Fran' got what fer today.

Here's a little paleo challenge: Find some paleo friendly recipes from Cindy's Table, or Nom Nom, and make them for rest day dinners. Every rest day dinner paleo... What do you think?

If you find any recipes you like share them!

Here's a recipe for ya-


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


'Isabel' is another super fun workout that can get ugly quickly. Snatching for reps drinks copious amounts of fuel, as that tank empties form begins to degrade. Pacing is key.

30 Snatches, 135 pounds

Tammy- 55  2:54
Lynde- 75  3:49
Kathryn- 65  3:07
Richard- 115  4:26
Shaun- 115  4:18
Teresa- 55  2:00
Scott- 95  3:05
Brandi- 55  3:33
Shar- 55  5:57
Holley- 45  5:30
James- 95  4:18
Cliff- Rx  3:17
Casey- Rx  6:37
T- 105  4:55

Good work everyone. Teresa found some previously unknown source of power and tapped into it. 2:00 is super fast. Great job Teresa! Also great job Casey, and Cliff- at prescription. Nice work Candice, Nicole, and Ryan. You are all snatching!

We talked about patience, and explosiveness before the wod began. Good job paying attention to those cues. Early pulls destroy power. The Snatch has a beautiful aesthetic value, and when it's on, it's on. You feel it. Unfortunately, when it's off, it's off. Fall back to the Burgener. Grab a stick and get a few cycles. You'll be dialed in again before you know it.

True story... I asked Bradley, visiting from Alaska, to show me his Snatch last night. He said he wasn't that comfortable with me yet. Good work Bradley. You are a CrossFitter.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the great fuel. Standby for F... BANG!

Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CrossFit Games 2012 - Womens Obstacle Course


The men's final consisted of three CF classics in one session. Elizabeth, Isabel, then Fran. Luckily, we get them individually.

21, 15, 9 reps:
135/95 pound Power clean
Ring dips (*ring prog.)

Lynde- Rx  10:49
Nanook- 65*  10:00
Teresa- 95  9:10
Andrea- 45  8:00
Emilee- 75  9:46
Scott- 135  7:42
Richard- 135  6:49
Ryan- 95  12:28
Tammy- 75  8:11
Kathryn- 75*  7:03
Shaun- Rx  6:17
James- 135  10:38
Todd- Rx  6:27
Casey- Rx  7:56
Candice- 65  8:36
Shar- 65  9:52
Brandi- 65  11:00
Brad- 135  10:42
Holley- 45  5:38
Nicole- 35  6:06
Cliff- 135  5:40
T- Rx  9:12

For this session to be recorded as prescribed, all Cleans had to be at 135, and all the dips had to be on the rings. No designation means bar dips were performed. Some people got the prescribed load but not the ring dips. Some people got the ring dips but not the prescribed load. Either way, we got nailed.

Super fast times Cliff, Holley, Nicole, Richard, Shaun, and Todd. Way to hang tough on this one Brad, Brandi, James, and Lynde. Wicked good ring dips too Lynde... Thanks Nanook. The ring dip progression you showed us is a winner!

There were a few things we talked about wanting to see... Patience through triple extension and shrug, super fast flips under with hands opening up as we receive the bar, and a properly placed rack. Good job on hitting MOST of that. It's hard not to rush as we work, but we have got to remain completely aware of the cues we have learned and practiced. Rushing throws efficiency out the window, and invites injury through the front door.

Thanks for the cool paleo website Kathryn. Thanks for all the terrific efforts. Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


This might be one of the most interesting workouts we've seen lately. A rope climber's dream come true.

185 pound Clean and jerk, 10 reps
100 yard sprint
20' rope climb, 7 ascents (*3:1 sub)
100 yard sprint
185 pound Clean and jerk, 1 rep

Holley- 45*  6:53
Nicole- 35*  6:55
Shar- 65*  7:09
Kathryn- 75  9:09
Todd- 155  10:18
James- 115*  10:28
Scott- 145*  8:45
Matt- 85*  6:22
T- 135  10:28

That extra 5 foot climb took a toll on us. Bad news is we still needed two feet. That I beam is just over 18 feet off the ground... No worries, we'll take it any way we can get it.

Good job getting this one booked. That last Clean and jerk was almost as interesting as the second 100 yard run. Who comes up with these distances? They are spot on Goldilocks- just right.

Sunday might be the most well deserved rest day in a while. Super fun stuff. Use your time wisely. Address that tight PC, maybe some ICE on anything sore. Ask for a massage :-)

This was a tough cycle, but it was also a great cycle. We had some great efforts, super fast times, heavy lifts, and a good time getting it done. Thanks for that.



This was another great CrossFit Games workout that only two people at CFSF got at prescription. We love having options, but great job Cliff, and Casey. Since this workout had been compared to 'Helen', she was Option 1. Just for fun, we threw in a Power snatch sub for the swing and called in 'Snellen' as Option 2.

CrossFit Games Track Triplet
Three rounds:
115 pound Split snatch, alternating legs, 8 reps
7 bar muscle-ups
400 meter run

Casey- Rx  30:09
Cliff- Rx  18:35

Kathryn subbed a Power snatch at 45 pounds, and did a ring muscle-up progression using the band in 15:45. Great progression, thanks for the new fun!

Three rounds:
400 meter run
21 KB swings, 53 pound KB
12 pull-ups

Richard- Rx  12:16
Tammy-  35  16:44
Holley- 30  15:16
Todd- Rx  11:07
Shaun- Rx  11:18
Matt- 35  14:55
Brandi- 35  17:28
Nicole- 20  19:02
Sharon- 35  20:02
Candice- 30  14:20
Lynde- 500m row sub/35  14:59

Three rounds
400 meter run
21 Power snatches
12 pull-ups

Scott- 65  20:37
T- 75  19:18

Great workouts everyone. Rigid flexibility, CFSF style. Great job again Casey, Cliff, and great sub Kathryn.

There were several other people that rolled off the clock: Nanook, Ryan, Matt- Good job. Chris- welcome to CFSF. Drink the kool aid and come back.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Ready to lead, ready to follow.

Friday, July 13, 2012


The Games workouts are here. We look forward to this like a child waiting eagerly for the arrival of Christmas.

2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Clean Ladder
Perform one Clean every :30 seconds. Max deadlifts upon failure. Starting and failure loads were recorded.
                     Start     Fail     Deads
Scott-            135      225      10
Shaun-           135      245      15
*Emilee-         75       105      10
Tammy-          75       115      25
*Kathryn-       75       115      20
Richard-         135      215     16
Todd-            135      215     22
Matt-             135      205      16
Ryan-             135     225      17
James-            135     175      25
Cliff-               135     285      17
Josh-               135    225      25
*Teresa-          95     125      12
Shar-               65      85        25
T-                   135    185      19

Great workout everyone. Super strong Cleans IceBeast, and Shaun. Monster deadlifts James, Sharon, Tammy, Todd, and Josh. Three *PR's: Em, Kathryn, and Teresa- HOOF*CKINYAH! The FNG's KILLED IT last night too... Outstanding. Welcome to CFSF! There were also a few puppies working on the deadlift set-up, and first pull. Great job you guys- Nicole, Andrea, you're building a solid foundation for a strong CF career.

Kathryn also knocked out a cool 103 double unders in 2:00 for another *PR after killing the wod. Two in one day. Excellent!

This workout stretched our resources, and required a lot of help getting bars set up, loaded and unloaded as quickly as possible before the :30 expired. Thanks for your patience during the heats, and big THANKS to everyone for helping. That has to be one of the most special things about CFSF- everybody helped out. Good stuff.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Stay frosty

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This was another super fun workout. Thanks CFHQ. We love climbing that rope. It's also funny to see the expressions on the faces of the driver's as they drive by watching girls climb ropes. Congratulations to the folks who are getting all their rope climbs sans sub.

100 squats
15' rope climb, 4 ascents (3:1 sub)
75 squats
15' rope climb, 3 ascents
50 squats
15' rope climb, 2 ascents
25 squats
15' rope climb, 1 ascent

Richard- Rx  16:16
Lindsey- 24:20
Alice Anne- 13:09
Eric- Rx  13:55
Teresa- 16:13
Holley- 16:09
Brad- 12:22
James- Rx  18:03
Matt- 22:32
Todd- Rx   18:55
Josh- Rx  18:26
Kathryn- Rx  14:35
Tammy- Rx  16:48
Forrest- 18:55
Ryan- Rx  22:56
Joey- 22:30
T- Rx  14:00

Great workout everyone. If you aren't practicing rope climbs, or at least swinging around on them, start. Learn to brake, and never forget the most important part about rope climbing- leave enough energy to get back down. We saw a few different methods for climbing and coming back down. Find what works best for you and get some practice.

Good job on getting those airsquats locked down. You know who you are, and your hard work is evident. HOOYAH!  Be pleased, not satisfied. Tienamos mucho mas.

Wednesday is a rest day. Use your time wisely. Take some time and find something that needs attention. ICE, rest, recover.

Hit the Mblog. Thanks for all the great efforts and fuel.

Ready to lead, ready to follow.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


'Linda' is also known as the "Three Bars of Death", now you know why. When done at prescription this session is brutal. Scaled isn't much better. But that's why we do it right?

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight
Bench press: body weight
Clean: 3/4 body weight
                      DL     BP     C
Lindsey-        135     45     65
Emilee-          135     45    65
Kathryn-        135    45     65
Lisa-              115    45      x
Eric-              255    185   135
Andrea-    RDL 30   45      x
Richard-           x     155   115
Shaun-           255   185    135
Brandi-          135     x        x
Holley-           95     45      55
Casey-           275   185   145
Candice-       115     75     65 PC
Shar-             135     75     65
Teresa-          135    75     95
Josh-             225    135   115
Todd-           275     205   135
Cliff-             275    240    135
James-          225    135    115
Ryan-           225    185     125

Great job everyone. Serious lifts. That's a cool 165 reps on another hot summer day- but who's counting? We did not time this one, there would have been too much transition time waiting for a bar to open up. No worries, but thanks for your patience.

'Linda' is another Mark Rippetoe contribution to CrossFit and she's a winner. The descending rep scheme keeps it fun too. Welcome to CFSF Lindsey, and Josh. We hope you enjoy your stay with us in the CFSF easy bake oven. We can thank mother nature for helping to toughen us up.

We are 17 weeks away from the SC Tough Mudder. It will be here soon.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the great efforts.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Run repeats on a hot summer day. At least there was wind...

8 rounds:
400 meter run
:90 rest

Ryan- 23:45
Matt- 25:51
James- 24:30
Teresa- 30:05
Candice- 30:40
Casey- 25:29
Joey- 24:11
Tammy- 30:10
Brandi- 35:09
Shar- 34:30

Great runs everyone. Total time to completion was recorded, some people kept their splits as well. One of the goals of this session is to run consistently. We were looking for no more than a 5-10 second variance from the first through the last run.

Find a few mobs for that tight PC.

Thanks for all the terrific efforts and great fuel. Thanks for another great day at CFSF.



This little couplet left us in a pool of sweat, wiggling around trying to get comfortable. Which was impossible. However, this was a super fun session that tore hands on the uninitiated. Welcome to CFSF...

50 wall ball shots 20/16
25 toes to bar
40 wall ball shots
20 toes to bar
30 wall ball shots
15 toes to bar
20 wall ball shots
10 toes to bar
10 wall ball shots
5 toes to bar

Lynde- 16/14  12:27
Patricia- 16/14  11:11
Alice Anne- 16/14  18:39
Shaun- Rx  18:41
Eric- Rx  17:11
Todd- Rx  16:40
Cliff- Rx  20:03
Brad- Rx  20:40
Kathryn- 14  22:04
James- Rx  17:55
Teresa- Rx  15:40
Candice- (1/2)  11:30
Casey- Rx  15:43
T- Rx  14:05

Great job everyone.  This was a deceivingly difficult workout that destroyed our abs. We loved it. Thanks CFHQ.  Some people got away with reverse crunchers, and light med balls. No penalty this time...

Rest, ICE, recover. Then work hard again.

Friday, July 6, 2012


With the crawl, walk, run model CrossFit presents, mastery of the airsquat is required before any real attempts at overhead squatting take place. Lack of flexibility, strength, and the confidence to get under, and get low are all contributory factors. Great airsquats lead to good overhead squats.

Overhead squat  5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1
Kathryn- 65
Cliff- 170
James- 95
Brad- 125
Lynde- 125
Shar- 75
T- 140
Teresa- 100

Great squats everyone. If you were locking down the airsquat instead of going overhead, be patient and do your homework. Tight hams? Good luck keeping hips where they need to be while you're in the hole. Sticky shoulders? Maintaining an active overhead position will be even more difficult than it already is. Everything counts. A little bit every day, and hit the wall periodically. You have to work for it. Quality over quantity.

We had a bunch of new people and visitors drop by CFSF. Drink the kool-aid. Come back.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 USA Swimming Olympic Trials - Men's 200m breast stroke


We've seen this before. We'll see it again, upside down. Maybe not. We'll know soon enough... Expect the unexpected. One of the really fun things about CrossFit.

70 burpee's
60 sit-ups
50 KB swings, 1.5 pood
40 pull-ups

Emilee- 20  19:55
Lisa- 18  11:07
Lynde- 35  18:54
Shaun- Rx  21:15
Todd- Rx  20:16
Teresa- 35  20:35
Cliff- 35  19:57
Candice- (1/2) 20  9:44
Forrest- (1/2) 35  12:30
Ryan- (1/2) 35  12:50
Brad- Rx  22:41
Nicole- (1/2) 18  13:28
Casey- Rx  23:11
Shar- 30  22:36
T- Rx  18:39

Great workout everyone. This was a gasser of the first order, and consumed copious amounts of fuel from us. Did you get anything unbroken? Not impossible. DOable. That might be a chief design motivator for the 'chipper' style workout. To see just how many reps you can do unbroken...

Welcome to CFSF Ryan. Drink the kool-aid, and do your homework. Really good job Nicole, and Forrest. Thanks for your hard work and great fuel.

Tuesday is a rest day, and CFSF will be closed for the 4th of July. Thursday, July 5th is the next training day. Use this time to get in some extra mobility. Everything counts.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the great fuel and great efforts. If a bad day at CFSF were possible, it would still completely dominate a great day anywhere else. Thanks for that.

No bicep curls here dude.

I'm going to Wichita

Monday, July 2, 2012


What can be said of 'Nasty Girls'? They're fun, and they can kick your ass.

'Nasty Girls'
3 rounds:
50 airsquats
7 muscle-ups/*3:3 sub
135 pound hang power clean, 10 reps

Cliff- Rx  20:40
Shaun- 7 MU/* 135  18:01
Casey- 14 MU/* 135  27:20
Nicole- * 35  12:55
Teresa- * 70  19:57
T- Rx  18:30

Great job everybody, and GREAT MUSCLE UPS! If you don't have them yet, keep practicing.

Thanks for all the terrific efforts and great fuel. Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion.


Brenton might be one of the most deceivingly difficult sessions we've seen in a while. Bear crawling and broad jumping turns out to be super potent. We had a blast doing it. Good job showing up on the hottest day of the year, so far...

5 rounds:
100 foot bear crawl
100 foot broad jumps/3 burpee's
 every 5 broad jumps

Lynde- 13:54
Todd- 14:15
Nicole- (3) 16:20
Forrest- (3) 17:33
T- 14:22

Great job everyone. Good workout Nicole and Forrest. You two are doing really well, getting used to the CFSF tempo. Lynde, Todd, outstanding.

This session is named in honor of Timothy Brenton, Field Training Officer, Seattle P.D.  Brenton was killed October 31, 2009 in a drive-by shooting.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Better than yesterday.