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Friday, November 30, 2012

Crossfit Nutrition Tip #2 - Coconut Oil For Performance & EnergyPaleo In A Box – Performance Nutrition For WOD Athletes

Crossfit Nutrition Tip #2 - Coconut Oil For Performance & EnergyPaleo In A Box – Performance Nutrition For WOD Athletes


Fight Gone Bad. Feared, loathed, adored- all at the same time. Another all-time CFSF favorite. Thanks Coach!

'Fight Gone Bad'
Three 5:00 minute rounds:

Wall ball shots, 20/16
Row (calories)
Sumo deadlift high pull, 75/45
Box jump, 20" box
Push press, 75/45

1:00 minute rest between rounds

Derrick- 258
David- 199
Kelli- 216
Kathryn- 240
Eric- 299
Alice Anne- 279*
Allie- 190
Candice- 222
Casey- 284
Erin- 257
Todd- 274
John- 334
Sharon- 222
Richard- 342
Abby- 206
Holley- 194
Dave- 241
Heather- 199*
Tammy- 251
T- 292

Great job EVERYBODY for showing up, and THANKS for helping keep everything running smoothly. FGB is a blast, and it requires more of us in many ways than any other workout we see. The 1:1 ratio really helps.

We had some super strong efforts and MONSTER point totals- Richard, John, Erin, Tammy- HOOF*CKINYAH! Awesome. There were a bunch of people who got their first taste of FGB, and did really well. Good job you guys.

The 'Hope' workout was brought up last night as a comparison to FGB. Same format only a few different exercises:

Power snatch 75/45
Box jump, 24"/20"
Thrusters, 75/45
CTB pull-ups

They will both kick your ass, pick you up, and kick your ass again. You decide.

On the Paleo Challenge; there has been considerable negative feedback on the exclusion of bacon and sausage. We voted to include those items in the challenge. So we can continue to enjoy breakfast. How about a vote on beer?

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for the strong efforts and great fuel.

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up"
--Jim Valvano

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Paleo Challenge

The Paleo Diet Outline

The rules of the Paleo Diet are to eat foods with very few and all pronounceable ingredients, or better yet, no ingredients listed because they're all totally natural and unprocessed.

Omitting all of the following foods and beverages will help you regain your healthy metabolism, reduce systemic inflammation, and help you discover how foods are truly impacting your health, fitness, and quality of life. Obviously, since we are going off a point system in this challenge you can eat these foods. However, the more you indulge in them, the more you are limiting the extent of your results.

1. Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial. No maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, etc. Read your labels because companies sneak sugar into products in ways you might not recognize. However, for the purposes of this challenge, we will allow Stevia as the only approved sweetener.

2. Do not consume alcohol. It just isn't good for you and you're trying to make a lifestyle change, right?

3. Do not eat grains. This includes (but is not limited to) wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, millet, bulgur, sorghum, amaranth, buckwheat, sprouted grains, and all of those gluten-free pseudo-grains like quinoa. Yes, we said corn... for the purposes of this challenge, corn is a grain. This also includes all the ways we add wheat, corn, and rice into our food in the form of bran, germ, starch, and so on. Again, read your labels.

4. Do not eat legumes. This includes beans of all kind, (black, red, pinto, navy, white, kidney, lima, fava,etc.) peas, chickpeas, lentils, and peanuts (no peanut butter either). This includes all forms of soy- soy sauce, miso, tofu, tempeh, edamame, and all the ways we sneak soy into foods (like lecithin).

5. Do not eat dairy. This includes cow, goat, or sheep's milk products such as cream, cheese, kefir, yogurt (even Greek), and sour cream... with the exception of clarified butter or organic butter.

6. Do not eat white potatoes. This is somewhat arbitrary, but is we are trying to change your habits and improve the hormonal impact of your food choices, it's best to leave out white, red, purple, Yukon gold and fingerling potatoes off  your plate. But do eat sweet potatoes. Just go light if weight loss is your goal.


You will have a possible total of 20 points per day. You will start with 15 points. You will add bonus points based on fish oil consumption, mobility, CrossFit, and sleep. You will subract points based on the quality of foods you eat. Here's the breakdown:

15 points for a full day of all Paleo-friendly meals and snacks
+2 for a workout at CrossFit Serious Fitness
+1 for extra mobility (outside of CFSF)
+1 for at least 6 grams of fish quality fish oil
+1 for at least 7+ hours of sleep
20 possible points per day

Deducting points

-1 point off for every serving of: beans, hummus, peanuts, agave, honey, salt, peas, dried fruit, most salad dressings, red wine.

-2 points off for every serving of: dairy, (milk, yogurt, cheese, butter), soy products, quinoa

-3 points off for every serving of: cereal, grains, wheat, oats, corn, tortilla chips, bread, rice, pasta, noodles, hot dogs.

-4 points off for every serving of: soda, juice, sports drinks, potatoes, fried food, chicken wings, most restaurant appetizers, pizza, cookies, baked goods, ice cream, frozen yogurt, sweets, pancakes, ketchup, processed marinades, BBQ sauce, sugar-added dried fruit, beer, and all alcoholic drinks (besides red wine).

*Note: If you are going off the reservation, it's important to know how many servings you are eating. For example, 1 can of soda is 2 servings. That means if you drink an entire can, you must subtact 8 points. Moral of the story: don't do that.

*Note 2: There are no portion restrictions in the challenge, but be smart. If you are eating an entire bag of trail mix, you are not eating Paleo; you are doing more of the same stuff you did before. Use this challenge to change your habits.

There is a potential for 5 bonus points per day. Here's how to get them:

1. You get 2 extra points for every day you participate in a CrossFit workout. The benefits of Paleo are magnified when combined with a training program that combines constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

2. You get 1 extra bonus point for every day that you consume at least 6 grams of fish oil.

3. You get 1 extra bonus point for every day that you do more than 20 minutes of mobility, outside of class.

4. You get 1 extra bonus point for every night that you sleep more than 7 hours.

The Paleo Challenge will begin January 7th with a weigh in, measurements, and contracts. It will cost $15.00 to participate with 2/3 of the pot going to the winner, along with two free months of CFSF. The second place winner will get 1/3 of the pot, and 1 free month of CFSF.

The Challenge will be ten weeks long. Good luck!



This was a great day at CFSF. Most days are great, but this day was extra special. Lots of *PR's. That is wicked strong fuel that we all benefit from. Thanks you guys!

'CrossFit Total'

Back squat, 1 rep
Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1
                      BS     P     DL     Total     8-29
Derrick-        385   170  455    1010    
Allie-             125   70    160     355
Kathryn-       145    75*  205*  425       415
Erin-              185    95   205     485
Teresa-          165   80    210*   455
Kelli-              90    70    130     290
Abby-            95     60   130     285
Richard-        280   125  345     750
John-             345   185  435     965       935
Dave-           230* 135* 265*   630       530
Tom-            230   135   305     670       650
Heather-        45    65.5   95     205.5 

Great workout everyone. Super strong Derrick and Erin. IceBeast has some competition now doesn't he...This was an exceptionally "starry" workout. Great *PR's Kathryn, Teresa, and Dave. Good stuff.

If this was your first 'CrossFit Total' good job. This is a starting point. Your next 'Total' will freak you out. You'll see.

The 'Total' is another fun workout that we like to see when it pops up. No clock, but just as intense as any met-con we've done. It gives us opportunities to fine tune things we've talked about, and find our limits. Thanks Coach Rippetoe. More good stuff.

We also had an opportunity to practice some dumps. Failure is a component of success, and it will occur. You will miss lifts. Knowing how, and being prepared to dump a miss is very important.

Wednesday is a rest day. Use your extra time wisely. Hit the mblog and find something that feels good, or find something that hurts... We benefit either way. Ask for a massage. Take a nap. Do anything that feels good, and helps you recover.

Thanks for the super strong fuel, and thanks for a really good day at CFSF.

Soft is contagious. Don't catch it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We need another rower... and some 8 pound med balls.

Three rounds:

Weighted Toes to bar, 10 reps
200 meter row, arms only
10 Bar facing burpee's
200 meter row, legs only

Richard- 17:57       10/0/0
Derrick- 9:46            0
Allie- 21:42              0
Erin- 19:07               0
Kelli- 20:25              0
Kathryn- 19:08        PB
Russell- 20:30          10
John- 16:25             14
Dave- 17:38             0
Shannon- 25:03        0
Sharon- 16:53          0
Matt- 15:34           6/10/0
Heather- (2) 12:52    0
Tom- 17:19              14

Great job everyone. This was a really cool, and deceivingly difficult workout. However you held the weight, between your knees, or ankles, it was incredibly difficult to perform the TTB. Great job to the people who usually sub the TTB- everyone got it today. Super good job to the people who got it loaded!

The rowing was also pretty interesting. We have all practiced arms only, or legs only during the row tutorial but to have it in a workout was something else entirely. Anywhere from 1:00 to 1:30 was the average time for the 200 meters. Thanks for your patience if you had to wait. Derrick, Cary, good job on subbing out the SDHP for a few rounds of rowing. You guys are maniacs.

Remember that mobility and flexibility training are investments in your athletic future. You might not feel or see many changes on a day to day basis, but over time things can change profoundly. By testing and re-testing you will see and feel change with as little as a two minute investment of your time. The returns are invaluable. It's your business. It's your body. Take care of it!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the great efforts and fuel.

Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

Monday, November 26, 2012


CFSF hopes everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoyed the break. IT'S OVER.

5 Front squats
25 Pull-ups
4 Front squats
20 Pull-ups
3 Front squats
15 Pull-ups
2 Front squats
10 Pull-ups
1 Front squat
5 Pull-ups

Derrick- 205-235  10:30
Erin- 105-130  10:07
Teresa- 95  8:30
Kathryn- 95  8:30
Richard- 165  5:59
Abby- 55  8:46
Matt- 135  9:45
David- 85  9:09
Candice- 45  11:19
Casey- 155  9:13
Tom- 135  6:50

Super strong lifts Derrick and Erin, and super fast finish Richard! Most people kept the same load from start to finish. You guys chose to increase with each round. HOOYAH!  Great job everyone. All the Front squats looked good, and several people got ALL their pull-ups sans any scale... CANDICE!  Feels good to reach a goal doesn't it?

The Thanksgiving break is over. We will stay on schedule right up until Saturday, December 22. We will be off for the Christmas break from Sunday, December 23 through Thursday, December 27. Then off again for the New Years's break from Sunday, December 30 through Wednesday, January 2.

December is also a special month because we will be straying from the mainsite periodically to have some real good fun. Expect the unexpected, and be ready.

Remember to continue collecting paleo recipes. The Paleo Challenge will get going in 2013 and there will be some seriously good incentives to win this. Details will be posted soon.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Life, as Rx'd


This was a great choice for a notoriously slow day at CFSF. We needed that extra motivation that the hero workouts provide. Thanks CFHQ!

Five rounds:
1000 meter row
200 meter Farmer's Carry, 45 pounds dumbbells
45 pound Waiter's walk, 50 meters R arm
45 pound Waiter's walk, 50 meters L arm

Casey- Rx  49:00
Shannon- (3) 20  30:04
Tom- 30  44:35

Great job Casey- at prescription! This workout destroyed our grips. Using the hook grip on the Farmer's walk helped, but not much. Maintenance of an active shoulder on the Waiter's walk made all the difference in the world. Soft feels gravity a lot more than stable.

This workout is named in honor of  U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent, and former Marine, Michael Weston, who was killed on October 29, 2009 in Kabul Afghanistan.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WTM 2012: "The Toughest Bastards I've Ever Seen"

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 1: Food

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 2: Exercise

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 3: Sunshine


We have mashed two workouts into one in the past with mixed results. The addition of a 400 meter run to rounds of 'Cindy' really changed the workout a lot. 'Cindy' is a gasser of the first order without the run.

20:00 AMRAP
400 meter run
3 rounds of 'Cindy':
 5 pull-ups
 10 push-ups
 15 squats

Tammy- 3 + 100 meters
Teresa- 3 + 200 meters
Eric- 4
Alice Anne- 3 + 300 meters
Candice- 2 + 2 rounds
Casey- 3 + 200 meters
Abby- 2 + 2 rounds
David- 3 + 200 meters
Matt- 4
Kathryn- 3 + 8 push-ups
Shar- 2
Dave- 3 + 200 meters
Tom- 4

This was a great session. Good job everyone. Congratulations Candice- no scale pull-ups. HOOF*CKINYAH! We call workouts that end up mashed together "monster mashes", and this beast qualifies as one mean mash. Even 'Backwoods Cindy', where we reversed the exercise order, wasn't this tough. Good job toughing out a tough session.

Tuesday is a rest day. We will roll Wednesday, and then it's a long break until Sunday. Use this break as "active rest". Do anything except workout. Ride a bike, get some runs, get some mobility, and extra flexibility training. Come back recovered, and ready to roll.

Expect the unexpected.

Check out the WTM:


Monday, November 19, 2012


The Snatch has an aesthetic unrivaled in sport. It's a beautiful movement to watch, and when things are on and moving well, it's a great movement to perform.

Snatch  3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1

Derrick- 125
Erin- 100
Kathryn- 70
Casey- 155
Tom- 120

Good job everyone. We recorded the most weight moved. There were options: Power Snatch, or full Snatch. We also talked about a few cues as we began- good job hitting them. First and foremost, STAND UP all the way before anything else happens. Patience. Nice job.

The learning process cannot be rushed. Focus on the cues we talk about, and continue to put things together over time. Get a PVC bar and practice the Burgener, or the Snatch sequence anytime you want to, and continue to work on flexibility issues. Everything counts.

The rest day is approaching. Get your recipes, and grocery list together. Info on the paleo challenge will be coming out soon. This is going to be a ton of fun, and well worth your efforts. Standby.

Better than yesterday.


Running with Burpee's can be a recipe for disaster. Throw in some dumbbell rows and we are talking serious gas. This was a fun workout that almost destroyed us. Thanks CFHQ.

Five rounds:
400 meter run
20 Burpee's
50 pound DB bent over row, 15 reps

Teresa- 15#  24:16
Holley- 15#  34:11
Russell- 40#  22:40
Todd- 53#  24:35
Abby- 15#  28:27
Sharon- 20#  34:41
Dave- 35#  24:39
Kathryn- 25#  26:39
Heather- 1/2 (3) 15#  12:28
Tom- 35#  25:05

Great workout everyone. Super fast Russell, and super heavy Todd- good job guys. Nice weight Kathryn, and good going Heather. Getting those sea legs.

So by now you have seen that the CrossFit Serious Fitness website has been hacked. Pretty cool, huh? We'll have that down soon, so listen to the nice music while you can.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for the wicked strong fuel.

On time. On target. NEVER quit.

Friday, November 16, 2012


While we should be just as gassed at the end of any strength session as we are on any chipper, we sure were glad to see a strength workout pop up- particularly 2's, and no clock. This was a good day at CFSF.

Back squat  2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Kathryn- 135
Derrick- 365
Erin- 185
David- 205
Todd- 305
Tammy- 135
Casey- 275
Teresa- 160*
Dave- 215
John- 305
Tom- 225

Very nice squats everyone. Derrick, Erin- MONSTER lifts. You two are super strong, and we are fortunate to have you rolling with us. Good job Kathryn- double dosing on 'Barbara' then nailing some solid squats. Nice PR Teresa!

Todd brought up a very important aspect of lifting during the lunchtime session. Dumping. We should know how to dump, and practice. Failure is a component of success, and sooner of later you will need to dump. It might look ugly, but the only other option isn't an option. Thanks Todd!

Friday is a well deserved rest day. Use your time wisely. Mobility, flexibility, massage, roll, smash, sleep... ANYTHING that feels good and helps you recover.

Ready to lead. Ready to follow.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


'Barbara' is another all time favorite workout at CFSF and we love to see her. Be careful though, like the other CrossFit girls, she'll kick your ass until your teeth hurt.

Five rounds:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
3:00 minute rest between rounds
Derrick- 44:48
Tammy- (4) 33:43
Eric- 38:38                   38:50
Alice Anne- 42:40
Russell- 41:13
Todd- 42:11                 45:44
Casey- 41:07                42:25
Erin- 40:17
Abby- (3) 25:45
Teresa- 41:53
Holley- 42:50
David- (3) 28:31
Shannon- (3) 30:08
John- 34:06
Candice- 41:23
Nicole- (3) 30:56
Matt- 34:37
Dave- 47:00
Heather- (3) 18:56
Tom- 35:18                   36:00
Kathryn- 35:41
Allie- (3) 31:10

Great job everybody. Really great job Candice, and Holley- the whole thing.... 'Barbara' punishes the anaerobs, good job hanging tough through a long session you guys. Matt, and John- fast. Nice work. Good job on dropping time for a few people from last run as well.

Puppies, good job on getting all the PT dialed in and looking good. More super strong efforts. Thanks! David, welcome to CFSF, show me your hands.....

The finish times reflect the 12:00 minutes of rest. 'Barbara' is an interval workout. If you bust a move and get EVERYTHING unbroken, it takes just over three minutes. With the three minute rest, that's a 1:1 interval. The pressure to have a faster total time might encourage you to shorten the rest, but resist the temptation.

It's official. We are working out the details of the "Paleo Challenge". This is going to be fun, thanks very much Holley "FFS" Fenn. This challenge will not only help introduce you to the Paleo lifestyle, it will also give you a very accurate inventory of what you're consuming on a daily basis.

Next week is Thanksgiving. CFSF will be closed Thursday, November 22, and Friday the 23rd. From then on it's holiday time, and we may have some "special" workouts to celebrate. Ho ho ho... Hold on tight!

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for all the strong efforts and fuel.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This was another super fun workout. Thanks CFHQ!  One question... Is seven the new five?

Seven rounds for time:
75/45 pound Thruster, 12 reps
9 Toes to bar
200 meter run carrying a 20/16 pound med ball

Erin- 45/20  24:53
Derrick- 45DB/20  25:15
David- (5) 75PP/20
Russell- Rx  27:42
John- Rx  21:42
Kathryn- Rx  23:30
Eric- Rx  22:08
Alice Anne- Rx  25:23
Casey- Rx  25:52
Tammy- (5) 45/16  19:21
Allie- (5) 45PP/16  19:17
Abby- (5) 45PP/16  19:27
Matt- Rx  22:00
Todd- Rx  23:51
Nicole- (5) 45PP/16  22:36
Teresa- Rx  27:07
Shannon- (5) 35PP/16  20:00
Keith- (5) 45PP/20  19:59
Dave- 65/20  25:40
Heather- (4) 45PP/16  13:55
Tom- Rx  25:00

Great workout everyone. This was a deceivingly difficult session. As it turned out, carrying that med ball was the most difficult part of the workout for most. Wherever you held the ball it was awkward, and hard to manage. Not to mention navigating the bums, bluehairs, and cars...

Great job stepping up Erin! You opted for the 20 pound med ball. HOOYAH! That's good stuff, and great fuel for everyone. CFSF ladies are strong! This was another outstanding workout from all of the puppies. Thanks for the super strong efforts, your enthusiasm, and coachability!

Are you prepared for the paleo rest day? It's approaching. Get your recipes, grocery list, and be ready.

Fun work, hard play.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues


This was a great workout for a special day. We knew it would be difficult, but the only other option wasn't an option. It had to get done.

10 mile run
150 Casey Fairbanks
Partition any way you'd like to. We did rounds of 1 mile running, and 15 Casey Fairbanks.

Sharon- 1/2  1:22
David- 1/2  1:00:53
Kathryn- 1/2  57:51
Dave- 1/2  52:37
Tom- Rx  2:03

This was a great day to be out and running. We were fortunate to have entertainment as we ran the loop. The Veteran's Day parade was going on while we were running and the patriotic music helped us keep going.

Good job Dave and Kathryn. You guys knocked out a 5k run Saturday, then another longer run Sunday, followed by a hike Sunday afternoon. HOOYAH! Good prioritization, and great training volume.

This workout is named in honor of  U.S. Army Second Lieutenant Clovis T. Ray,  assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 35th  Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, who was killed on March 15, 2012 in the Kunar province, Afghanistan.

Thank a veteran anytime you have the opportunity.



For some reason we were reminded of the early days of CFSF....

Snatch Balance  3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1

Tom- 105
Casey- 185

The Snatch Balance is a great progression exercise to help us become more comfortable pulling under the bar. Good job on some heavy weight Casey!

Add Snatch Balance in on your warm-up anytime you want to. Use the PVC, or just the training bar. Your Snatch will improve.

Ready to lead, ready to follow.


We love hero workouts. They bring out the best in everyone. Good fuel, and great motivation.

Four rounds:
250 pound Deadlift, 8 reps
16 Burpee's
15 foot rope climb, 3 ascents (*3:1 sub)
600 meter run

John- 185  26:22
Derrick- 250 mix  32:31
Russell- 185 mix  29:22
Eric- Rx  26:48
Erin- 135*  28:43
Casey- Rx  34:39
Kelli- (3) 75*  24:44
Alice Anne- 125*  30:59
Tammy- 135 mix  34:39
Allie- (3) 85*  25:55
Shannon- (3) 75*  37:15
Richard- 185  22:53
Abby- (3) 65*  28:33
Candice- 115*  36:18
Nicole- (3) 95*  37:12
Kathryn- 135  31:12
Dave- 155  29:26

Good job going as prescribed Casey, and Eric. Great workout everybody. Deadlifts all locked on, Burpee's looking good, the only problem... Too many rope climb subs. Learn that brake and hit the ropes. The sub is far worse than the exercise.

This workout is named in honor of  British Army Second Lieutenant Ralph Johnson, of South Africa, who was killed on August 1, 2006, in the Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Search the mblog for a few mobs. A little bit every day.

Hit the paleo site for some recipe ideas. Eat like a caveman.

Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


While not quite as brutal as the "mother chipper", this session is a close second. One and done, thankfully. If the Branimal were still around, he'd roll through it twice just for kicks. Arghh... Not a finger!

30 Handstand push-ups
50 Back extensions
30 Knees to elbows
225 pound Deadlift, 30 reps
40 pound Dumbbell push press, 30 reps
50 Kettlebell swings, 53/35 pounds
Row 20 calories
10 Muscle-ups (*3:3 sub)

                              Y/N                   DB                      Y/N
                             HSPU    DL        PP         KB        MU
Derrick- 24:58         N        225       40          53          N
Kelli- 25:22             N         65        20          35          N  
Eric- 22:57              Y        225       40          53          N
Erin- 25:01              N        95         20          35          N
Allie- 25:21             N        85         15          35          N
Casey- 25:46          Y        225        40         53          N
David- 1/2  16:12    Y       115        30          35          N
John- Rx  27:02
Richard- 20:45        Y        185       35          53          N
Abby- 1/2               N         65        20          35          N
Todd- 28:56           Y         225       40          53         mix
Candice- 26:23       N         95        20          35          N
Nicole-1/2 11:20    N         80         20         35           N
Tammy- 24:53        N         115      20          35           N
Sharon- 28:25        Y          115      20          35          N
Holley- 24:41          N         95        15         35           N
Shannon- 1/2 15:10 N        95         15        35            N
Keith- 1/2 14:12     N         95        30         35           N
Teresa- 24:25         N        125       20         35           N
Russell- 27:32        Y         165       40         53           N
Dave- 30:22           N        135       40         53            N
Matt- 24:30            Y        185       40         53           N
Cliff- Rx  28:12
Heather- 1/2 15:46  N         X         15         30           N   
Tom- 21:30            Y         185       35         53           Y

Good workout everybody. Great job going as prescribed Cliff, and John. This was a tough session- nice work just getting to the end. Did you hit the wall anywhere? Some said the Deads, others said it was the KB swings, wherever it was for you- HOOYAH! for getting over that wall.

This was a high volume session. Excellent job puppies. You are all demonstrating good form, and solid determination. That's good fuel for us all. Thanks for that wicked strong fuel.

Remember that the 5:00pm WOD starts at 5:30 (earlier for long sessions). If you show up at 5:20 you have ten minutes to warm-up. If you are any later, you will have to roll with the 6:00 class. If you are early you may work on anything you want to while you wait. Do not be an individual- we roll together. If things get crowded, we will use the sign in sheet for prioritization.

Thursday is a paleo rest day. Do something that feels good and helps you recover, and eat like a caveman. We have a paleo challenge coming up where you can earn points for following the paleo model. More info later.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for your patience, and your hard work.

Movement = Life

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Olympic lifts for reps requires a lot of fuel, and without constant attention to form, things can get ugly fast. This was a great couplet that NOBODY got as prescribed...

5 rounds:
155 pound Clean and jerk, 10 reps
15 foot rope climb, legless, 1 ascent (*3:1 sub)

Derrick- 115#  16:04
Matt- 115#  15:16
Erin- 95#*  14:47
Richard- 135#  10:57
Eric- 135#  12:25
Casey- 135#  16:08
Russell- 115#  13:23
Candice- 65#*  14:58
Kathryn-85#  15:44
Sharon- 65#*  16:24
Cliff- 155#*  12:22
Keith- (3) 65#*  13:51
Shannon (3) 45#*  13:53
Tom 115#  11:25

Nice workout everyone. We talked about a few things we wanted to see with respect to the C+J's, good job hitting those targets. Super fast Richard, and super heavy Cliff. Where are you Dr. Frankenstein?

A few guys got some legless ascents- good job. Huge difference without the leg involvement.

Good job on the strength work puppies. Another arrow. Thanks for your hard work.

The rest day is almost here. Get your recipes and shopping list and take care of business! Just one day- you can do it. Eat like a caveman. Need ideas? Ask Sharon.

A little bit, every day. With a different focus each time. Think about the positions of limitation you have and address them. Staying fit and feeling good is not a passive activity. It requires work, consistency, and planning. The results are worth the effort.

"Buy the ticket, take the ride."
  -Hunter S. Thompson

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5 foods to avoid...

1. Concentrated fruit juices
       -too much sugar

2. Margarine

3.Whole wheat breads and pasta
       -hi glycemic carbohydrates

4. Soy products
       -overprocessed, and lacking any real nutrition

5. Corn, both on the cob and in other products
       -specifically, GMO (corn that has been genetically modified)

from the website:


This is a great format for a workout. Max lifts blended with sub max efforts. That fits the definition of work across broad domains... IceBeast you are incredible.

Front squat  1-10-1-20-1-30

Kathryn- 125-95-126-80-120-70
Richard- 185-135-195-135-205-125
Eric- 225-135-235-135-250-135
Alice Anne- 125-95-126-80-127-70
Holley- 105-80-100-70-100-55
Matt- 185-155-195-135-205-95
Candice- 75-65-80-60-90-50
John- 255-185-255-135-255-95
Nicole- 65-45-75-45-80-45
Erin- 95-75-100-75-115-75
Derrick- 185-155-205-135-225-115
Cliff- 315-145-335-145-315-145
Tammy- 125-95-145-95-150-75
Dave- 135-105-145-95-140-80
Allie- 70

Great workout everyone. Super strong squats, and solid form. Aside from the amount of weight you moved, are you locked on? From a stable platform to a well placed rack... Are you? The Front squat indiscriminately exposes flexibility issues and can be quite uncomfortable for beginners. Be patient, consistent and get some mobility/flexibility training EVERY DAY and this will be an issue for only a little while. It's on you.

Again, great job puppies. You are all doing really well. Thanks for your wicked strong efforts, your coachability, and enthusiasm. That stuff is contagious and helps us all. Another arrow for your quiver too.

Several people were unsure of their 1RM for the Front squat. We keep up with what you do at CFSF, but it is YOUR responsibility to know these facts. Either keep a notebook, or use the 'Track my PR' web application. It's free and easy to use. Here's the address:

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Ready to lead, ready to follow.

Monday, November 5, 2012


The 2010 Northwest Regional workout was a blast then, and still a blast. This looks benign on the board, which causes a little nervousness, because this little couplet cripples us by the end. Bonus points for just staying on your feet when you finish....

Three rounds:
135 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps
50 Double-unders (*3:1 sub)

Kathryn- 65  8:01
David- PVC*  10:08
Holley- 35 mix  11:48
Allie- PVC*  10:00
Casey- Rx  8:25
Candice- 35 mix  9:35
Abby- PVC*  13:37
Derrick- 135 FS*  7:02
Erin- 45*  7:30
Todd- 95 mix  9:38

Good job guys, and HOOYAH! Holley "Flying squirrel" Fenn. You're getting OH squats!

If you aren't getting the doubles, practice them. They are easier than you think they are.

Big THANKS to Casey.



This is a super fun workout we used to see frequently but has been under the radar for a while. It's a great lung burn and we were glad to see it pop back up.

Three rounds:
500 meter row
21 Burpee's
400 meter run

Derrick- Rx  21:45
Richard- Rx  16:45
Matt- Rx  19:11
Abby- 15:30 run only
Todd- Rx  19:02
Holley- Rx  24:11
John- Rx  18:05
David- 27:00 1 row/2 run
Sharon- Rx  33:33
Candice- Rx  24:26
Teresa- Rx  21:40
Tammy- Rx  23:26

Great job everyone. Super fast finish Richard. You have the cardiorespiratory system of King Kong. Thanks for your patience if you had to wait for a rower. Hopefully nobody heard banjo music....

Great job puppies. Welcome to CFSF. You are getting a little taste of intensity, there's a lot more to come. Do your homework, train hard, and be consistent. Success is yours.

Constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.

Friday, November 2, 2012


CrossFit threw us a real curve ball with the addition of Back Tucks in the workout. Good job working on some new skills and gaining even more control of your body in space and time. It's all about stability and organization.

We didn't even turn the timer on. The Deads were recorded, and only one guy got the Back Tucks as prescribed- good job John Fenn. You definitely possess the circus monkey gene.

Russell- 185
Kelli- 105
David- 135
Casey- 275
Candice- 125
Allie- 105
John- 225
Cliff- 225
Holley- 125
Nicole- 85
Teresa- 165
Keith- 96
Kathryn- 145
Sharon- 135
Richard- 225
Abby- 65
Dave- 160
T- 225

We added a Power clean just for fun- 135/95. How did you like the progressions? Can you see yourself doing a Back Tuck in the future? You should. Good job on the Deads. Solid set-ups, pulls, and releases. Thanks.

Good job puppies. Your hard work is evident. Be pleased, not satisfied, and continue to do your homework. What is your homework?  Stretch your hamstrings, perform HAM, get into the rock bottom position, work on hollow rocks, or Superman rocks. YTWL's... There's a lot to choose from. You don't have to do everything every day... A little bit EVERY day. If you need more ideas ask your Instructor.

The rest day is closing in. Find a few paleo recipes and try them out. If you need some recipe ideas ask Sharon. She has a bunch of tested winners she can share with you. Start with one day, go from there. Eat like a caveman. Train like a beast.

Thanks for your rigid flexibility, and hard work. Good fuel. Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

I'm HUGE in June.