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Friday, June 28, 2013


What a monster couplet. We were the nail today. Loved it.

12:00 AMRAP

10 Burpees
25 Double-unders (*3:1/^1:1 Tuck jump)

Lynde- Rx  5 + 5 DU
John- Rx  7 + 5 B
Holley- Rx  3 + 14 DU
Liz- Rx  4
Trey- Rx  8 + 14 DU
Russell- Rx  6
Kathryn- Rx  7 + 10 B
Tammy- Rx  4
Candice- Rx  5 + 1 B
Casey- Rx  6
Todd McK- 4 + 5 T
Teresa- Rx  6 + 10 DU
Abby- Rx  6 + 17 DU
Richard- Rx  9
Lex- 5 + 10 B*
Britt- Rx  3 + 10 B
Delaina- 6*
Byron- 6*
Ryan- 6*
Jessica- 3 + 10 B*
CJ- 3*
Jordan- 7*
Lindsey- 6*
Jackie- 6*
Quincy- 3 + 10 B*
T- Rx  6 + 3 B

Great job everybody! Nice round totals Richard, and Trey. Beasts. Was it the Burpee channel or what? All Burpees, all the time. This was a long twelve minutes.

The Double sub for some was a 3:1 ratio of singles, and a 1:1 Tuck jump for a few. Either way, the sub is far worse than the exercise. Doubles are doable. Just gotta practice.

Congratulations Abby Turner! The first CFSF lady to get a Muscle-up! It was Muscle-up night, and excellence is contagious... Congratulations and welcome to the Muscle-up club Byron, and Ryan. HOOYAH!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the great times too. That's good fuel.

Do more. Be more.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

CrossFit - "The Foundation Is Nutrition"


This was another really good CrossFit Hero workout. Thanks CFHQ!


4 rounds:
400 meter run
185 pound Back squat, 24 reps
135 pound Jerk, 24 reps

Lynde- (2/4)  85/65  14:50
John- 105/75  27:10
Trey- 135/95  27:02
Liz- 65/45  29:30
Lindsey- 55/45  31:05
Richard- 135/95  24:28
Abby- 65/55  31:11
Todd McK-65/45  32:27
Kathryn- 75/55  26:07
Holley- 45/35  28:09
John M- 75/65  28:09
Teresa- 85/65  30:26
Juan- 95/65  29:54
Lex- 95/65  30:21
Britt- 85/65  33:04
Jordan- 65/55  30:16
Kimberly- 35/AS  28:00
Byron- 135/75  26:30
Lauren- 65/55  28:46
Stacie- AS/15  19:47
Ryan- 105/75  27:08
Quincy- AS/45  29:49
T- 95/75  31:41

Great workout everybody. Good job hanging tough. The word of the day was UNBROKEN. Did anyone make it?

This was a long session compared to yesterday's. No need to increase the difficulty level here.

Hero workouts motivate us all to keep working when things get tough, and your body is yelling STOP! We motivate one another. Super strong fuel is contagious. We need that. Thanks CFSF mutants in training.

Good job puppies. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail. Keep doing your homework!

This workout is named in honor of  U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Third Class Nathan Bruckenthal, who was killed on April 24, 2004 during operations off the coast of Iraq.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

No egos.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Work across broad domains. Long, and short. We were thrown a bone today with a nice, short, and sweet workout. Thank you CFHQ!

5 rounds:
275 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
25 Sit-ups

Trey- Rx  4:55
Abby- 135  4:44
Lynde- 155  4:34
John- Rx  8:09
Kathryn- 155  5:51 (20# med ball)
Allie- 135  6:08 (16# med ball)
Richard- Rx  4:36 (20# med ball)
Tammy- 155  6:16 (20# med ball)
Megan-35  4:46
Kiersten- 20  4:46
Lex- 205  6:44
Todd McK- 135  6:38
Lauren- 135  5:52
John M- 185  7:28
Candice- 135  6:45
Lindsey- 105  8:18
Britt- 185  7:37
Teresa- 155  5:47
Juan- 235  5:46
Kimberly- 55  8:39
Byron- Rx  8:27
Jessica- 85  10:32
Ryan- 225  9:20
Stacie- 75  9:40
CJ- 75  14:30
Jackie- 225  8:54
T- 225  5:01

Great session guys! Especially the lunch crew. You came to a fork in the road, chose the hard way and loaded the Sit-up. Did anyone consider the GHD sit-up?  There were some really fast finishes and some super strong Deadlifts. Outstanding.

The Deadlift is one of the first things you learn at CFSF and you'll use it a lot in life. That makes it functional. That also means that the cues you use for form while inside CFSF must be observed outside CFSF as well.

That's where your homework fits in too. The Deadlift set-up is not a comfortable position, and we don't linger there. Add low flexibility and it's miserable. Worse, add an inability to stay tight, and organized and your injury potential is greater. This is why we ask that you do the small things on your own that so greatly impact your performance at CFSF.

HOOYAH! Megan, and Kiersten. First genuine CrossFit workout, and you smashed it! You two are going to be monster killers of the highest order. Thank your mom and dad.

We are a week away from the Fourth of July. CFSF will be CLOSED 7-4 and 7-5. Barbecue some meat and eat like a caveman during your off-time, and be thankful for what we have.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the super strong efforts, and fuel that helps to keep us all going.

Which is more important to you- Rx or unbroken?


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Snatch Balance is a terrific movement that helps us become more comfortable dropping under the bar. Good job showing up after a tough one too.

Snatch Balance  3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1

Todd McK- 80
Byron- 165
Delaina- 65
Casey- 165
Kathryn- 90*
Ryan- 115
Lindsey- 50
Dave- 100 (HPS)
T- 125

Great job guys. Nice weight Byron, and Casey, and good job on another PR* 149! ...Too bad 7 wasn't here to celebrate with you.

There were several cues we talked about before lifting, good job hitting every single one. Thanks.

Quincy, Stacie, thanks for your hard work. You are both getting locked on to the importance of homework, organization, and positioning. We need them all, and it's on YOU!

Along with dropping in aggressively, the Snatch balance also reinforces active shoulders. Try catching anything soft, and it's over. Bar hangs in snatch grip pay off, huh?

Check out this site. If you aren't a member, become one. We are CFSF. You can access the wod, warm-up, and any mobility we'll be doing. Good job John Fenn.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

"Buy the ticket. Take the ride."
  -Hunter S. Thompson



Fight Gone Bad. On a hot Saturday morning no less. This is one of our favorite workouts at CFSF, the epitome of "embrace the suck". Loved every minute of it. Thanks CFHQ!

'Fight Gone Bad'

3 five-minute rounds:

Wall ball shots, 20/16
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75/45
Box jump, 20" box
Push-press, 75/45
Row (Calories)

One minute each station. One minute rest between rounds. Reps are counted as points, calories on the row.

Todd McK- 237
Tammy- 263
Kathryn- 258
Delaina- 217
Russell- 287
Richard- 389
Liz- 200
Trey- 321, GO!
Patricia, 355
Casey- 280
Byron- 227
Lindsey- 224
Joshua- 210
Mitch- 254
Abby- 271
T- 250

Super great session everybody! This was a monster workout and we had some monster performances with really good point totals. 300 is the goal, and a few people smashed it.

If this was your first FGB, congratulations. You made it through one of the toughest CrossFit workouts around. The strategy varies, most just try to keep moving. Go out too fast and you're blown. Pace is key.

Quincy, Ivy, Jessica, Stacie- good job. We call that a "skirmish", and you all did great.

Todd McK, we have discussed this among the instructors and everyone agrees- you are no longer a puppy. Outstanding efforts, a terrific 'no quit' attitude, coachability, and a willingness to do more are what led you to this accomplishment. Thanks.

Exercise order is also a big factor. Each FGB I have started at different stations and the order I went in this time was by far- the worst. Push press to Sumo, Box jump to WBS, then Row. Not a wise decision. 38 points off the last FGB.

Is there a perfect order- a perfect strategy? Or will FGB just kick our asses to different degrees each time?

What I like most about FGB is that we always show up. The 1:1 ratio of athlete to scorekeeper means we have good numbers, which always makes things interesting. Thanks for coming out and helping.

Coach Glassman: "Is that anything like a fight?"
BJ Penn: "It's a Fight Gone Bad!"

Thanks for the super strong efforts and fuel. You are all awesome, and CFSF appreciates every single one of you! Thanks for another great day .

CrossFit is exciting!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Did the rep scheme give you that deja vu feeling all over again? As a bonus, Kathryn threw in a 2:00 Doubles challenge at the end

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Handstand push-up (*prog)
L-pull-ups (^reg pulls)

Trey- 21:05  50
Kathryn- 17:40^  70
Liz- 15:10*^
Abby- 17:39^
Allie- 16:13^
Todd McK- 22:45^
Russell- 13:02
Tammy- 13:58^
John M- 18:50^
Dave- 21:28^
Lex- 22:40^
Lauren- 19:47^
Sharon- 16:33^
Jordan- 18:14^
Delaina- 16:35^
Ryan- 15:04
Juan- 23:06
Richard- 14:40  132
Patricia- 10:42  143
Byron- 20:05^
Candice- 18:55^  41
Jackie- 17:38^

Good workout everyone. Great L-pull-ups Trey. Only a few of us can get them strict, most kipped the L-pulls today, getting feet above the bar at the top.

The good news is there were a lot of people going inverted, getting the HSPU's for the first time. Nice. From finding stability (hollow), to deciding which method is best for going upside down. 

From here, working on the full-range HSPU is next. Some used one, or two Abmats. We'll get some 45 pound plates next and work to increase range.

Good job on the Pull-ups too. Only a few people needed the bands, and a lot of us got kipping L-pull-ups. It's a start...

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

On time, on target, NEVER quit. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Clean. Hang clean. Hang power clean. It all meant nothing before CrossFit. It means everything now, and everything counts. Especially that elusive third rep.

Hang power clean  3-3-3-3-3-3-3 

John- 225
Kathryn- 105
Trey- 215
Lindsey- 66
Todd McK- 85
Russell- 165
Eric- 165
Alice Anne- 90
Mitch- 215
Holley- 75
Britt- 110
Sharon- 80
Britt- 110
Juan- 165
Lex- 145
Byron- 185
Ryan- 145
John M- 145
Todd- 160
Richard- 175
Joshua- 95
Dave- 125
Todd- 160
Abby- 85
T- 160

Great lifts everyone. Monster lifts John Fenn, Trey, and Mitch- you guys are strong! If this was your first time Cleaning, don't worry. It only gets better. You will be locked on before you know it.

Aside from how much you lifted, we wanted to see solid dips, drives, fast flips, and spot on timing. Good job hitting those targets we set. NO DEATHGRIPS! Remember, open hands as we receive that bar.

Puppies... Thanks very much for your wicked good efforts. Kimberley, Stacie, Micah, CJ, and Q: Outstanding coachability.

CrossFit Kids is rolling strong, and we have some really good CrossFitters in training. These kids are awesome! Thanks again Kathryn S, and HOOYAH! Ben, Megan, Kiersten, Haley, Alexia, Shy, Walker, Jackson, Dorian, Hunter, and Kathryn I. Having fun getting strong.

Thursday is a rest day. Do something that feels good and helps you recover. Open gym at 5:15 pm for EBM/skills, or mobility. Be there!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Welcome to the community of overachievers.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CrossFit - Nicho is Ready


My name is Nicho, and today, is a gooood day... We smashed that shit son! Ok, sorry. But this was a very good workout. Thanks CFHQ!

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
185 pound Front squat
GHD sit-ups

Kathryn- 65  13:24
Heather- 45  15:16
Lynde- (1/2) 105  13:23
John- 135  14:27
Liz- 45  13:39
Joshua- 45  12:07
Allie- 45  13:56
Richard- 115  15:47
Todd McK- 75  17:33
Trey- 135  14:20
Casey- 135  19:51
Russell- 115  13:05
Tammy- 75  12:25
Lauren- 65  14:44
Eric- 135  17:27
Alice Anne- 75  15:59
Teresa- 75  13:17
Lex- 95  19:22
John M- 95  22:47
Sharon- 45 22:07
Shannon- 65  22:47
Holley- 35  12:01
Candice- 45  16:50
Ryan- 115  15:45
Britt- 95  17:33
Lindsey- 35  17:04
Byron- 105  15:45
Abby- 55  11:07
Jackie- 65  17:49
Kimberly- (AS) 19:05
Stacie- (AS) 11:31
Quincy- (AS) 11:07
T- 95  17:25

Thanks for your patience. Most of the sessions were big today, and the GHD 's bottle neck worse than the rowers. Although everyone had an opportunity to learn how to perform a GHD sit-up correctly, we only let the people who have performed them in the past use the GHD during the workout.

If you got all your wod Sit-ups on the GHD, great job. Most mixed them with Loaded sit-ups at 20 and 16 for a 2:1 ratio, which, as usual was worse than the exercise. Great sub idea John Fenn!

The Front squat can expose flexibility, and strength issues. Combine it with any core exercise and we have a workout that will really test our ability to stay tight, and well organized. Were you able to stay tight, and organized?

Welcome to CFSF Micah, and Trey.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This was a super sweet triplet that left us squirming on the ground in a pool of sweat trying to find comfort. That's a great feeling.

3 rounds:

1000 meter row
20 Pull-ups (*prog)
30 Box jumps, 20" box

John- Rx  18:27
Liz- 24:27*
Richard- Rx  18:23
Lindsey- 27:03*
Todd McK- Rx  28:07
Russell- Rx  20:13
Candice- Rx  29:30
Casey- Rx  24:00
Allie- 26:38*
Tammy- Rx  26:05
Britt- 28:37*
Abby- Rx  22:20
Juan- Rx  22:20
Jordan- Rx  26:16
John M- Rx  23:48
Holley- 25:44*
Teresa- Rx  25:15
Ryan- Rx  21:00
Shannon- 29:00*
Sharon- 26:43*
Erin- Rx  24:40
Derrick- Rx  20:42
Lex- Rx  27:20
Byron- Rx  25:16
Dave- Rx  24:50

Great job everybody! Thanks for your patience as well. Aside from a clock snafu at lunch, everything ran smoothly with very little bottle necking at the rowers. We have a solution.

CrossFit- 14
Hands- 0

That's a bad score. There are a bunch of us with hand issues. Just remember to wipe the blood off the bar... Ok,, it isn't thaaat bad, but we have people with tears that were prevented from getting their Pull-ups today. That is bad. Take care of your hands! We have talked about the steps to take to keep them tough, healthy, and pain free. If you have questions, ask!

So where was it today? Box jumps, Pull-ups? That last row... Where did you find yourself working the hardest? It's always different. Another beautiful part of CrossFit.

Great job puppies! You're killing these workouts, and those efforts are providing great fuel and motivation for everyone. Thanks.

Another difference between CrossFit and globo gym- they work out to get skinny. We work out to get strong!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF, and bring your towel!

A body in motion stays in motion.

Monday, June 17, 2013


After a heavy couple of sessions it was nice to see a strength workout. But that third rep was a beast, giving us what for. Good job "hanging" tough.

Hang power snatch  3-3-3-3-3 

Derrick- 140
Erin- 95
Todd McK- 60
Shannon- 60
Teresa- 75
Dave- 85
Kathryn- 80
Lindsey- 50
Byron- 135
Patricia- 63
T- 110

Monster lifts Derrick, and Erin. Your little girls are going to be scary strong, and athletic! Byron- you are a mutant in training, and we are glad you're with us. Lindsey- YOU ARE SNATCHING!

Next time you see Derrick Rice, call him 7. Ask him why too. Good stuff. It was great to see our superfriend Patricia, back for a while and even after a nasty bike wreck that resulted with a plate and screws in her wrist, is killing the wod. Good fuel. Thanks!

Big THANKS to Casey, and Kathryn. And to the accountant- sorry. A little over budget. We took a field trip to Wright's in Birmingham and had a blast, getting more gear for CFSF.

To the puppies learning the Burgener. The first time is always a bit funky. You will be locking on soon. Be patient, and consistent. The next go around will be a lot more comfortable.

Eat like a caveman!


Dumbbell Thrusters, and Muscle-ups. Pure, undiluted CrossFit. Strong stuff.

15-12-9 reps:
45 pound Dumbbell Thruster
Muscle-up (*sub ^mix)

Holley- 15* 10:50
John- Rx  18:34
Liz- 20  12:35
Russell- 40^  21:50
Eric- Rx  24:03
Alice Anne- 20*
Derrick- 40^  21:50
Lindsey- 10*  20:55
Todd McK- 20*  27:19
Erin- 25*  16:19
Abby- 20*  15:01
Delaina- 10*  17:27
Casey- 40^  31:43  
Tammy- 25*  15:04
Kathryn- 25*  17:57
Teresa- 25*  15:55
Shannon- 15*  20:45
Sharon-15*  19:41
Dave- 20*  26:41
Fletcher- 20*  17:27
Byron- 35*  28:03
John M- 20^  29:00
Joshua- 20*  8:40
Candice- 15*  21:48
Jackie- 20*  28:21
T- 30  12:29

Great job everyone. The MU sub is far worse than the MU itself. We let the pups slide with a 2:1 sub, but if you weren't getting them, the sub for 1 MU was 3 Pull-ups, and 3 Dips. That adds a lot of time!

Welcome to the Muscle-up club Casey, Russell, John M, and Derrick. Who will be next? Which CFSF girl will be the first?

Everyone's DB Thruster looked great. Thanks for that hard work, and thanks for hitting the cues we've talked about, and paying attention to detail.

Great job puppies: CJ, Joshua, Delaina, Jackie, Fletcher, Micah, and Ashley. You guys are doing great. Thanks for those super strong efforts. Good judgement Dave. Pressing forward too fast will only delay healing.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better.

Friday, June 14, 2013


CrossFit Hero workouts provide unparalleled motivation. Regardless of the difficulty, and discomfort we continue. As Hero workouts go, this might be turn out to be one of the best. Crushed. Thanks CFHQ.

1 mile run carrying a 20 pound med ball
60 Casey Fairbanks
800 meter run carrying a 20 pound med ball
30 Casey Fairbanks
400 meter run carrying a 20 pound med ball
15 Casey Fairbanks

CJ-  42:00
John- Rx  39:43
Teresa- Rx  44:04
Liz- Rx  45:06
Joshua- 16  38:30

Eric- Rx  37:45
Lindsey- 16  42:39
Kathryn- Rx  46:04
Derrick- (row) 39:32
Allie- 16  40:40
Russell- Rx  36:24
Abby- Rx  43:56
Todd McK- 16  48:59

John M- Rx  50:43
Lex- Rx  47:58
Erin- Rx  45:53
Dave- Rx  57:59
Juan- Rx  39:57
Jordan- Rx  40:21
Ryan- Rx  38:20
Stacie- 1/2  16  27:30
Jimmy- Rx  39:42

Quincy- 1/2 20  34:00
Jackie- 1/2 20  16:04
Byron- Rx  37:54
T- Rx  41:38

Awesome efforts everybody! This workout took a lot of fuel, and determination to finish. The first round alone took over half the total workout time. Great job hanging tough. Super strong effort Abby Turner, choosing the 20 pound med ball instead of the girl's Rx 16 pounds. HOOYAH!

Carrying an object while either running, or shuffling, is difficult. That IS the objective. That ball got heavy fast, and however held, awkward. Add slippery sweat, and a super hot day to the equation and the suck factor rises exponentially. 

That's why we do it.

Some people will never understand that. We thrive on days like this. This was perhaps one of the most rewarding CrossFit workouts we've ever seen, and you can bank on its inclusion in the Winter Circus.

This workout is named in honor of  U.S. Navy Petty Officer Second Class Taylor Gallant, assigned to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 12, who died on January 26, 2012 during diving operations off the North Carolina coast.

This is a particularly special workout for us because of our EOD friends who have rolled with, and been a large part of CFSF in the past. We think of you all often. Some of the shit we pulled off back then still generates incredibly funny conversations to this day. Thank you all for that too.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This workout is a monster. We love monsters. We really love crushing monsters. Our tables were turned this time. We were crushed. Loved it. 

21-15-9 reps of:
Left-arm Kettlebell snatch, 53/35
Right-arm Kettlebell snatch, 53/35

Lynde- 20  8:52
John- Rx  8:59
Derrick- Rx  9:58
Erin- 30  15:38
Russell- 35  8:33
Todd McK- 20  14:30
Allie- 20  13:57
Lindsey- 20  15:24
Tammy- Rx  15:29
Teresa- 30  30  9:13
Holley- 18  17:19
Shannon- 20  14:26
Sharon- 15  14:58
Heather- 20  10:37
Juan- Rx  8:30
Lex- 35  9:23
Jordan- 20  13:45
Britt- 35  13:34
Fletcher- 25  10:48
Ashley- 20  13:05
Dave- 35  9:07
CJ- 15  12:37
Abby- 20  8:19
Byron- 35  9:19
Jimmy- Rx  10:10
T- Rx  11:22

Great workout everyone. Especially you guys who just learned the Snatch. Outstanding! We have some super athletes at CFSF. Show and go.

The Kettlebell snatch is a mutant combination of a swing, snatch, and high pull. We talked about punching through, and allowing the kettlebell to land softly. Anybody have any bruises? This is easier said than done, and we know that well done is better than well said.... 

Great job getting dialed in. Thanks for those wicked good efforts.

We had a big crowd last night. Thanks very much for your patience. CFSF has a lot of room, but can get crowded fast. In order to keep class size reasonable, we are adding a 6:45 pm M-F class. 


Wednesday is a rest day. Use your time wisely, and do something that feels good and helps you recover. Puppies- 5:15 pm for EBM/skills. Be there. 

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks again for the efforts, and good times.

On time, on target, never quit.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The CrossFit 'Total' has become a gym favorite. No clock, a little more relaxed, but still just as intense as any other wod. We had some seriously monster lifts, and good vibes.

'CrossFit Total'

Back squat, 1 rep
Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

                       BS     P     DL     Tot.
Lynde-           195   100   245    540
Heather-         185   75    220    480
John-              355  195   425    975
Liz-                155    85   185    425

Allie-              135    75   175    385
Holley-           125    65   175    365
Lindsey-          70     60   115    245
Russell-           305  135  345    785
Kathryn-         150    80   205   435
Todd McK-    170   85    215   470

Derrick-           385  175  475   1035
Erin-                190  100   235   525
John M-           215  125   295   635
Lex-                 245  140  225   610
Juan-                265  150  295   710
Shannon-         140   55   175    370

Teresa-            165   90   220*  475
Matt-               275  135  335    745
Britt-                235   90   245    570
Delaina-            75    65    95     235

Congratulations Derrick Rice! You are now in an elite group of guys at CFSF who have scored over 1,000 points on the CrossFit 'Total'. That is great fuel, and motivates everyone to do more. Thanks very much, and HOOF*CKINYAH!

Great workout everybody.  This was the first 'Total' for a few people and they smashed it. This was also a worm turner for a few of the puppies. See? We told ya. Form, consistency, intensity. Some puppies rolled bones and landed right on intensity... Heather, Todd McK- you two didn't just smash it, you killed it! Wicked good stuff.

CFSF Kids met again and the apples don't fall far from the trees do they? Our monster killing athletes have little monster killing kids. So far, they've learned the Airsquat, Front squat, Press, and Thruster. Not to mention all the jumping, throwing, and climbing they're doing. These kids are awesome and always give 100% effort, especially with dodgeball. Thanks again Kathryn.
Great job and thanks to our newest puppies, who are beginning to put everything together from stability, and positioning, to the need for exceptional flexibility. Everything builds at CFSF, and every day counts.

The Chief
Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the great fuel, terrific efforts, and good times.You make CFSF special.

Soft is contagious. Don't catch it.

Monday, June 10, 2013


This little couplet was a super fun workout. We haven't seen the SDHP's in any wods lately. Good to see them again.

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:

75 pound Sumo deadlift high pull
75 pound Push jerk

Tammy- 45  9:13
Kathryn- 55  11:52
Holley- 35  11:28
Todd McK- 45  13:18
John- Rx  11:27
Derrick- 75  9:39 PP
Erin- 55  15:13
Abby- 45  9:52 PP
Lindsey- 53  11:10 DBPP
Teresa- 55  11:42
Russell- Rx  10:45

Good job everyone. This was a high volume session. Good job hanging tough.

This was a hip-centric workout. Both exercises rely on a strong, well timed hip drive. Bad dip, early pull, poor positioning, and you're smoked quick. Good dips, patience, and positioning on? Just keep moving, things are good.

Delaina, Fletcher, Ashley, Joshua, and Quincy- HOOYAH! You are all doing very well. Crawl, walk, run. Thanks for your super strong efforts, and fuel. Be pleased, not satisfied, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Good prioritization on a Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Hard play, fun work


This was a good one. A real time bender. Dumbbell snatches with a few Handstand push-ups, and Chest to bar pull-ups thrown in for good measure. Great combination. Thanks CFHQ!

20:00 AMRAP

5 Handstand push-ups
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
35 pound DB snatch, 10 reps, alternating arms (*power)

Holley- 15  5 + 2 Pull-ups
Richard- 25  10 + 5 CTB pull-ups
Lynde- 20  5 + 5 HSPU
John- Rx  9 + 5 HSPU
Todd McK- 8   8
Derrick- 20  9*
Erin- 15   7
Russell- 25  10
Lindsey- 8   6 + 8 DBS
Dave- 25  7 + 3 HSPU*
Abby- 15  7 + 4 Pull-ups
Heather- 10   7*
Kathryn- 20  6 + 5 CTB pull-ups
Juan- 20  7
Ryan- 20  7
T- 25  6 + 5 HSPU

Great workout everyone. Great job John Fenn- at prescription! Nice round totals Richard, and Russell.

There were some progressions for the HSPU, and the CTB pull-ups, but everyone killed the DB snatches. Great job! We talked about a few things that needed to happen with the DBS, good job hitting them. Thanks for that hard work.

How about your non-dominant arm, were the Snatches more difficult? Doing single arm work, or single leg work can expose major imbalances between dominant and non-dominant sides. We need more of this!

Puppies- wicked good job.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

All good things come to those who train hard.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Jump rope and Sit-ups. Sounds fun. It was fun. 'Annie' is another all-time classic CrossFit workout that can drink serious amounts of fuel.

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double-unders (*singles)

John- Rx  7:39
Liz- Rx  12:08
Holley- Rx  22:26
Tammy- Rx  19:21
Russell- Rx  12:25
Todd McK- 13:44*
Eric- Rx  11:38
Alice Anne- Rx  13:48
Erin- Rx  11:08
Lindsey- (40) 10:04*
Emilee- Rx  37:39
Todd- Rx  13:31
John M- 14:02*
Jordan- 9:57*
Lex- Rx  12:02
Shannon- 17:20*
Sharon- 20:28*
Teresa- Rx  13:40
Fletcher- (40) 9:57*
Ashley- (40) 13:20*
Ryan- 8:30*
Britt- 11:25*
Abby- Rx  9:33
Richard- Rx  6:38
T- Rx  11:00
Kathryn- Rx  8:16

Good job everybody. Super fast finish Richard, and way to hang tough Emilee! Did you get payback? The good news is that most of us are getting the Doubles. There are fewer singles subs than ever. Thanks for your hard work, and congratulations on getting those Doubles.

For some this was the first time jumping rope in several years. Don't worry. It won't feel as awkward ever again, and you too will be getting Doubles before you know it. Practice.

The Sit-up:

Criteria for the Sit-up is easy- full abdominal flexion through full abdominal extension. What hasn't been discussed is what exactly constitutes full flexion and extension. Full flexion requires that the lower back leave the ground. At the top, our spine should be around 30 degrees from the floor.

Full extension also has a clear range. For full extension of the spine an arch of between 15-30 degrees is required, and not possible without the use of an Abmat.

We do "Janda" sit-ups at CFSF, and do not anchor feet. This is not only more difficult than anchored sit-ups, but also engages more abdominal musculature, minimizing the role of the hip flexors. Opening legs and placing the soles of the shoes together further diminishes hip flexor contribution to the movement.

Arms may be crossed over the chest or held straight out in front of the body. Our requirement for full-range at CFSF is simple: shoulder blades on the deck on the bottom, and arms touching the legs on the top. If you need to touch the ground above your head on the negative, and touch the ground between your feet on the positive to ensure full-range movement that's ok. However, this added movement is extraneous, inefficient, and a contributing factor to momentum.

Momentum diminishes the role of the rectus appreciably, forcing the abdominals into an isometric contraction  as momentum is picked up by the hip flexors, never allowing the abdominals to dynamically contract under a load.

The Sit-up is, by definition, a compound movement with more than one joint moving. There are two pivot points, one below the bottom of our rib cage, and the second just above our butt, or exactly where the Abmat comes into contact with our back.

The movement begins with the external obliques until the rectus takes over where the back flattens out as with flat floors. Rectus gets assistance from internal obliques as the pivot point changes. The pelvis is still being stabilized by the Abmat as the spine reaches full flexion (30 degrees). The hip flexors finish the movement by rotating the pelvis another 10 degrees.

When performed correctly, the Sit-up is a safe and effective tool to increase core strength and endurance. When performed incorrectly, the Sit-up can cause lumbar shear, or the lateral deformation expressed as the ratio of the lateral displacement between two joints lying in parallel planes to the vertical distance between the planes. Bad bad.

Keep your butt on the ground the entire time. Do not allow it to bounce up and down. This bouncing not only increases momentum, but friction as well, causing the infamous "butt burn".

Arrival time at CFSF:

We encourage you to arrive early to class. This is your time to work on what you want to work on. Strength, mobility, skills, extra runs, or rows- anything is fine as long as it doesn't interfere with any wods in progress. Please do not begin the structured warm-up until your class time has arrived. We will do this as a group. 

Puppies- mandatory attendance for the weekday rest day skills classes either at 0600, or 5:15. Wednesday, 6-12 is the next class. Be there puppies.

Thanks very much for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the super strong efforts and fuel.

Buy in, and cash out.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


We were the nail today. This was a devastatingly difficult workout that looked a lot easier on the board than it really was. Great stuff. Thanks CFHQ!

20:00 AMRAP 
250 meter row (*200m run)
25 Push-ups (^med ball)

Lynde- 6 + 250m
Heather- 5 + 125m*^
Teresa- 7 + 9^
Lindsey- 1/2  3
Kathryn- 5 + 180m
Russell- 7
Holley- 6 + 100m*^
Todd McK- 5 + 25 Push-ups
Alice Anne- 4 + 12
Casey- 7
Todd- 8
Erin- 8
Derrick- 9
Juan- 8
Shannon- 5
Richard- 11 + 100m
Abby- 8
Sharon- 7 + 133m
Lex- 6
Dave- 7 + 21 Push-ups
Jordan- 6
Britt- 4 + 11 Push-ups
Ryan- 6
T- 8 + 171m

Super good workout everyone! We think about the chest, and arms getting blasted with sessions like this, but between the row, and the stability required for a good Push-up, our core had a huge responsibility and took up a lot of systemic slack. Sloppy Push-ups are indicative of a weak core. Focus on 'hollow' positioning and stay tight! Don't forget about your grapefruit.

Neutral and tight.

Sessions like this also push CFSF to it's limits. Thanks for your patience. Luckily, there were very few log jams with the rowers. The 250 meter row is about a minute's worth of work, and gave us a good opportunity to practice power vs. frequency. 

Power always wins that one.

We have a huge litter of puppies. Welcome to CFSF Kimberly, and Fletcher. Drink the kool-aid and come back. Thanks also for your patience during the first heat.

CrossFit Kids is a huge success and there are some incredibly athletic little CrossFitter's running around CFSF. Good job Kathryn! If you have friends with kids that can follow instructions tell them about CF Kids.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the super strong efforts and fuel.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big thanks to John, Eric, Kathryn, Casey, and Tammy. Without whom time away from CFSF would be impossible. It's great to be back. We missed some super fun sessions.

Things are growing at CFSF and we need to be conscious of our arrival time for the wods. The first 15:00 minutes are devoted to the warm-up. The next 10:00 minutes will be mobility, then the wod. If there are heats, the first people signed in have priority. Do not be late.

Puppies- 0600, and 6:00 M-F and 10:00 Saturday are the best classes for you. We also STRONGLY encourage ALL puppies to attend the weekday rest day Open gym at 5:15 for skills work. This is borderline mandatory, and can help you get ahead, allowing you to roll at every class time offered.

Sundays have begun to get a little crowded, so we are adding a second class time at 1:15. You now have a choice of 12:30 start time or 1:15 start time. Be on time.

CrossFit Kids is also off the ground and rolling. Good job Kathryn. If you know anyone that has kids, let them know about CF Kids at CFSF.

It's also getting that time of the year again. Bring water, and bring a towel. IF you leave sweat angels, or drops, or puddles, please get the Clorox wipes and wipe up your mess.

If you chalk up, please keep it on your hands and in the buckets as well. If you leave chalk prints on the floor clean them before you leave. We have plenty of wipes. Your help keeping CFSF clean is greatly appreciated.

If you get any equipment out, put it back. Keep your eyes on the puppies, and help them along.

There will be envelopes on the cubes. When you pay your CFSF dues, put your payment in an envelope and write your name on the back. Let the instructor know you've paid and DO NOT leave a payment without getting a receipt.




Run for 30 minutes. Haven't seen that. How far can you go?

30:00 minute Run 

Lynde- 2.7 miles
John- 3.2 miles
Russell- 3 miles
Todd McK- 2.9 miles
Lindsey- 2.93 miles
Alice Anne- 2.7 miles
John M- 3.4 miles
Britt- 3.2 miles
Jordan- 2.4 miles
Juan- 3.4 miles
Erin- 3.15 miles
Derrick- 3.68 miles
Delaina- 2.10 miles

Good job guys. Nice POSE running, and good distance. This is a 5k for most, some a little more, some a little less. How ever far you got- nice running.




This is a classic CrossFit workout incorporating some monster exercises. Good job guys.

2013 CrossFit Games Regional Event 7

Four rounds:
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents (*sub)
100 foot Sprint
225 pound Squat clean, 4 reps
100 foot Sprint

Russell- 155  9:10
Juan- 145  9:44
Todd McK- 75 * 11:44
Shannon- 55 * 14:01
Lindsey- 45 * 11:42
Teresa- 105 * 10:20
Candice- 75 * 10:20
Lex- 95 * 10:42
Britt- 75 * 14:49
Todd- 135  9:18

Good job guys. The Rope climb is not as difficult as you think. Learn the brake and get some rope time. The sub is worse than the exercise. Good job puppies!



Good job showing up on a monster Saturday morning! 

2013 CrossFit Games Regional Event 6

100 Double-unders (*singles)
50 Handstand push-ups
40 Toes to bar
160 pound Shoulder to overhead, 30 reps
90 foot Walking lunge with 160 pound barbell in front rack

Casey- 135  24:27
Todd McK- 65 * 31:28
Todd- 135  25:39
Heather- 1/2  35 * 13:45
Kathryn- 75  21:34
Erin- 95  25:10
Derrick- 135 * 24:48
Russell- 135  31:51
Quincy- 1/2  65 * 12:57
John M- 75  26:52
Tammy- 75  27:49
Lindsey- 1/2 35 * 14:39
Richard- 100 17:41
Abby- 55 * 18:36

Good job everybody. Nice HSPU's! If you aren't yet... get those Doubles! 



As they go, this was a super interesting combination of exercises. Nice. Thanks CFHQ!

Three rounds:

400 meter run
Single arm hang, R arm, :15 seconds
45 pound barbell Turkish Get-up, L arm, 5 reps
Single arm hang, L arm, :15 seconds
45 pound barbell Turkish Get-up, R arm, 5 reps
:30 second L-sit hold

John- Rx  19:49
Todd McK- 20  21:32
Russell- Rx  20:50
Tammy- 20  23:23
Candice- 20  23:00
Alice Anne- 20  22:13
Eric- Rx  19:55
Casey- Rx  21:40
Kathryn- 35  31:33
John M- 35  29:50
Teresa- 30  27:27
Holley- 15  26:30
Shannon- 31:02
Jordan- 20  21:30
Byron- 35  21:25
Jackie- 20  23:35



Back squats. Strength. Good times.

Back squat  3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 

Lynde- 185
Alice Anne- 160
Eric- 275
Shannon- 135
Todd McK- 160
Derrick- 400
Russell- 315
Todd- 305
Kathryn- 155*
Holley- 125
Lex- 205
Teresa- 175
John M- 215
Juan- 265
Britt- 225
Dave- 235*
Byron- 350

Monster squats everyone. That's some serious weight, and two *PR's. Woo hoo!