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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Adding a 200 meter sprint to 400 meter run repeats changed the workout we are used to profoundly. Great idea, and thanks CFHQ!

Every five minutes for 6 rounds:
Sprint 200 meters
Run 400 meters
200 meters is timed

                      1     2     3     4     5     6
Lynde-          44   41   42   39   40   40
John-            32   31   32   30   31   29
Russell-         35   32   31   34   35   30
Derrick-        35   34   32   33   33   31
Dave-           40   39   39   38   39   37
Erin-             43   40   40   43   40   39
Emilee-         45   47   50   51   54    x
Shannon-      49   54    x    48   59    x
Kathryn-       38   40   39   37   41   42
Holley-         48   47   47   47   49   51
Tammy-       50   41   38   38   42   39
Todd-          41   39   35   36   36   36
Delaina-       50   37   43   47   43   48
Jordan-        38   35   43   47   41   48

Great runs everyone. This was the mother of all lung burners- good job hanging tough. Especially the anaerobs, for whom today was even more difficult.

One objective we talked about was not only keeping the 200 meter sprint times as fast as possible but keeping them within :05 seconds from the first sprint through the last. Good consistency guys.

Sprints- 2

Two pulled hamstrings put the score in favor of the sprints, adding injury to insult. We were the nail again today. But hey, that's why we do it, right? YBF and remember (R)est, (I)ce, (C)ompression, (E)levation when these things occur. TTO for at least a day or so to assess the degree of injury.

We talked again about POSE running, and good job hitting the three targets we talked about. This is by far, the most efficient way to run, and we should work on it every time we run until we are running POSE without thought.

Great job puppies, and welcome to CFSF Quincy. Drink the kool-aid and come back.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the super strong efforts and fuel. You people are fast!

On time, on target, NEVER quit.

Pose Running 101

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It's Memorial Day. The Murph.

1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile run

John M

Good job and thanks for showing up. Some of us knew, some didn't. Now you do.

Some people broke up the reps, some went straight through. Either way, this is a monster session worthy of a true Hero.

Memorial Day is a very special day and CFSF takes this opportunity to thank all our Veteran members, our active members, and remember our fallen members. We are forever grateful to you, and your families.



The CrossFit Games Regional Event 4 might just be the scariest looking workout ever. Not really. There are far scarier things in the world. We did allow scaling of this gem, and everyone took advantage.

CrossFit Games Regional Event  4 

100 Wall ball shots, 20/16
100 Chest to bar pull-ups
100 Pistols
100 DB snatch, alternating arms

Shannon- (50)  12:09
John M- (75)  35:30
Allie- (75)  29:03
Derrick- (100/50/50/50)  18:08
Erin- (100/50/100/80)  32:30
Stephen- (50)  32:26

Great workout guys. Nice Snatching at the end of a long session, however many reps you got.

Several people rolled off the clock working on various things- good job you guys. Crawl, walk, run.

Pistols are the lower body equivalent to Muscle-ups and are super difficult to perform. Allie, Erin, John M.- Great job! You all have the Pistol. Just keep practicing. Be pleased, not satisfied.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the great fuel, and thanks very much for the coachability, and great attitudes you all have. It is appreciated very much and not often enough recognized, so THANKS!

Community (-1)


Out of the snow on the screen crawls the CrossFit Games Regional Event 3, as scary as ever. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ!

CrossFit Games Regional Event 3

30 Burpee/Muscle-ups
       *progression/ ^ 3-3-3 burpee/pull-up/dip

John- Rx  13:31
Lynde- 12:31*
Derrick- 26:33*
Allie- 16:45*
Tammy- 16:28^
Eric- 16:03*
Alice Anne- 15:01^
Casey- 21:24^
Shannon- 21:56^
Candice- 18:25^
Juan- Rx  21:57
Erin- 14:41^
Teresa- 16:17^
Sharon- 23:38^
Jordan- 19:04^
T- Rx  9:21

Good job everybody. Good work on the Muscle-ups, and great job John, and Juan- as prescribed. Practice Muscle-ups each day you are at CFSF and you WILL get them. Work on them only when they pop up in a WOD, and it will take a lot longer.

The CrossFit Games workouts are notoriously interesting and surprisingly creative, and have become just another part of CrossFit I love. It's hammer time, and we are the nail.

The substitutions don't give this workout the justice it deserves. Get those Muscle-ups! Good job Derrick, and Eric, John M, Todd, and Casey- you have all gotten them. Keep hitting it, and get more!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

3-2-1 Go!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Every day at CFSF is a good day. Some better than others. This was a great day. Today we pulled our own weight, and a little more...

Weighted pull-ups  3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 

                              BW      Tot.
Lynde- 50              155      205
John- 120               206     326
Russell- 80             180      260
Kathryn- 25           137      162
Todd McK- 40      140      180
Derrick- 105          247      352
Erin- 40*               176       216
Tammy- 20
Casey- 100
Todd- 80                205     285
Juan- 95
Candice- 35*          150     185
Stephen- 30            170     200
Dave- 35                200     235
Sharon- 20
T- 90                      175     265

Great job everyone. Monster point totals Derrick, and Erin Rice! There were a lot of people working on Pull-ups sans load- nice work on getting a controlled swing, which is nothing more than hollow to extension, and getting hands off the bar.

Super good job Jordan- first ever Pull-up, and you got it at CFSF! Be pleased, not satisfied.

Two *PR's, a first Pull-up, and everyone getting great Pull-up practice constitutes a great day. There were some who thought they'd never get a Pull-up cranking out solid Pull-ups. HOOYAH! and congratulations. Keep up the good work.

We welcomed a few of the new puppies last night with a fun little 10:00 AMRAP that included Rowing, Box jumps, and WBS. Sound familiar to anybody? Great job puppies. You all did fine. Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better.

Thursday is a rest day. Get some love. Your body deserves it. Anything that feels good and helps you recover. Open gym 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm for skills, mobs, or a long relaxing stretching session. Be sure to thank Instructor Emilee if you attend.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tonight when we chase the dragon the water might change to cherry wine and the silver will turn to gold.


We love Hero workouts at CFSF and can't get enough of them. You can bank on seeing 'Omar' again during the Winter Circus.

95 pound Thruster, 10 reps
15 Bar-facing burpees
95 pound Thruster, 20 reps
25 Bar-facing burpees
95 pound Thruster, 30 reps
35 Bar-facing burpees

Richard- Rx  15:36
Lynde- 65  15:32
John- Rx  15:12
Todd McK- 35  12:12
Derrick- Rx  19:43
Russell- Rx  14:04
Casey- Rx  18:56
Erin- 65  14:55
Allie- 45  14:38
Tammy- 65  17:16
Kathryn- 65  17:17
Shannon- 65/45/35  31:52
John M- 65  20:00
Holley- 55  26:21
Lex- 65  14:56
Dave- 85  21:03
Candice- 55  19:20
Todd- Rx  14:23
CJ- 20  20:00
Jordan- 45  18:01
Teresa- 65  13:47
Jimmy- Rx  16:13
David- 75  22:06
Stephen- 75  23:41
Delaina- 35  17:42
Heather- 35  19:19
John3- 75  14:41
T- 85  18:00

Great workout everyone. This was a heavy volume session. Good job hanging tough through to the end.

The general feeling was that the Bar-facing burpees made the Thrusters feel a bit easier today. Pretty impressive shift that demonstrates the potency of the Burpee, huh? Maybe we should add a few Burpees in with 'Fran' and call it 'Fromar'? Circus stuff alright...

Our mutants in training destroyed this workout and did it quickly. Good job CFSF mutants! Also, good job puppies- CJ, big THANKS for the super strong effort you put forth. That motivates everyone.

Welcome Iyana, Ivey, John3, and Sarah. Drink the kool-aid, and come back.

This workout is named for  U.S. Army First Lieutenant Omar Vasquez, assigned to the 2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, killed on Aprill 22, 2011 in Numaniyah, Iraq.

Get some.

Be someone special.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


'Helen'  was my first CrossFit workout. Been hooked ever since. She is one of our favorite benchmark workouts, and we love to see her. Thanks CFHQ!

3 rounds:
400 meter run
21 Kettlebell swings, 53/35
12 Pull-ups

Abby- Rx  12:48
Lynde-  35  13:51 (row)
Kathryn- 30  11:58
Todd McK- 35  13:54
Allie- Rx  14:06                   15:04
Derrick- Rx  10:17              11:50
Richard- Rx  9:05                 9:48
Eric- Rx  10:25
Alice Anne- Rx  12:18
Erin- Rx  12:54                    14:52
Tammy- Rx  12:51               13:56
Shannon- 35  17:24*
Jimmy- Rx  10:02
Russell- Rx  10:55
Sharon- Rx  22:12
Emilee- 30  18:14
Teresa- Rx  12:33
Jordan- 35  13:34*
Britt- 35  12:38
Dave- Rx  11:41                  13:56
Delaina- 30  14:20*
Juan- Rx  14:55
Stephen- 35  15:06
T- Rx  12:03                        10:59
*pull-up prog

Great job everyone. The high heat and humidity made it a little difficult while running, but that just helps prepare us for the summer months when it's really hot and humid. You'll notice one day, standing outside with friends who are dripping wet with sweat and want to know why you aren't?

Today is why.

'Helen' is a lung burner, and can turn your body to lead within a few short minutes. The reps are manageable, and can be performed unbroken. The run is where we get nailed. Even the runners say so, and we have some crazy fast runners.

Great job puppies. The efforts you are putting forth are helping fuel the whole gym. New puppies, you are also contributing serious fuel, and getting used to CFSF tempo. Thanks for your hard work.

Eat like a caveman.

Become a supple leopard.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. You are all AWESOME!

"Only a dickhead couldn't love this stuff..."
 -Adrian Bozman, SFCF


Monday, May 20, 2013


The 2013 CrossFit Games Regionals Event 2 is a monster workout fit for monster killers. At prescription, this is incredibly difficult. Scaling doesn't help much. Heavy Overhead squats are brutal. We loved it.

CrossFit Games Regional, Event 2

Complete the following in 7:00 minutes:
3 Overhead squats

Begin with 135, 185, 225, or 255 pounds, (scale as needed) and increase by 10 pound increments to as heavy as you can within the seven minutes. Do not use a rack.

Todd McK- 65
Erin- 105
Derrick- 135
Abby- 65
Holley- 35
Sharon- 75
Teresa- 95
Kathryn- 85
Delaina- 35
T- 115

Great workouts everyone. Nice Overhead squats. Your hard work and consistency has paid off. Continue.

If your Overhead squat isn't where it needs to be fall back to the lowest level of your training at CFSF- the basic Airsquat. Start at the beginning. Only when you have perfected the Airsquat should you put a lot of focus on the Overhead squat.

Overhead squats expose both strength and flexibility issues. Any deficits and you are toast.

Consistency in training, HOMEWORK, and mobility training will get you there. It's on you.

"I'd like you to meet Fran..."


'Jackie' is another super fun CrossFit workout that we are happy to see. A relatively short session that requires balance and moderation, 'Jackie' will drop you flat, and do so quickly. Go out too fast and she makes you pay.

1000 meter Row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 Pull-ups
                            Row     Tot.
Todd McK- Rx    4:10    22:24
Dave- Rx             3:48     9:56
Kathryn- Rx         4:13    10:59
John M- Rx          3:56    13:44
Allie- Rx               4:27    12:38
Abby- 35             4:18    10:36
Erin- Rx               3:54    11:30
Derrick- Rx          3:31    8:48
Casey- Rx            3:35    9:22
Teresa- Rx           4:27    8:25
Tammy- Rx          4:41   10:17
Holley- Rx           4:27   15:40
Shannon- Rx        4:36    17:00
David- Rx            4:02    10:25
Juan- Rx              3:48    8:54
Jimmy- Rx           4:47     9:17
Sharon- Rx          5:16    19:20
Candice- Rx        4:34    15:45
Todd- Rx            4:00     9:07
T- Rx                  3:55    10:03


1000 meter row
35 Thrusters
20 Pull-ups

Mitch-                3:39    10:00
Delaina- 35         4:31    12:24
Stephen-            3:52    13:13
Lex-                   4:47    12:55

Great workout everyone. Fast rows, and good Thrusters. Only a few people had to finish their Pull-ups using a band, or progression- good job getting off that band. It's heroin.

Great job puppies. Some got this as prescribed, and toughed out a long grind, while the newest puppies scaled the reps. Either way, good job guys!

Interesting article.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

On time, on target, NEVER quit.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fringe Athletes

According to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, an athlete is "a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring strength, agility, or stamina."

The CrossFit definition of an athlete is a bit tighter. The CrossFit definition of an athlete is "a person who is trained or skilled in strength, power, balance and agility, flexibility, and endurance." The CrossFit model holds that "fitness", "health', and "athleticism" as strongly overlapping constructs. For most purposes they can be seen as equivalents.

What is the CrossFit method?

The CrossFit method is to establish a hierarchy of effort and concern that builds as follows:
Diet- lays the molecular foundations for fitness and health.
Metabolic conditioning- builds capacity in each of the three metabolic pathways, beginning with aerobic, then lactic acid, then phosphocreatine pathways.
Gymnastics- establishes functional capacity for body body control and range of motion.
Weightlifting and throwing- develop ability to control external objects and produce power.
Sport- applies fitness in a competitive atmosphere with randomized movements and skill mastery.

There is a near universal misconception that long distance athletes are fitter than their short distance counterparts. The triathlete, cyclist, and marathoner are often regarded as among the fittest athletes on earth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The endurance athlete has trained long past any cardiovascular health benefit and has lost ground in strength, speed, and power, typically does nothing for coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy, and possesses little more than average flexibility.

This is hardly the stuff of elite athleticism. The CrossFit athlete, remember, has practiced and trained for optimal physical competence in all ten physical skills (cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, flexibility, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy).

The excessive aerobic volume of the endurance athlete's training has cost him in speed, power, and strength to the point where his athletic competency has been compromised. No triathlete is in ideal shape to wrestle, pole vault, box, sprint, play any ball sport, fight fires, or do police work.

Each of these requires a fitness level far beyond the needs of the endurance athlete. None of this suggests that being a marathoner, triathlete, or other endurance athlete is a bad thing; just don't believe that training as a long distance athlete gives you the fitness prerequisite to many sports.

CrossFit considers the Sumo wrestler, triathlete, marathoner, and power lifter to be "fringe athletes" in that their fitness demands are so specialized as to be inconsistent with the adaptations that give maximum competency at all physical challenges.

Elite strength and conditioning is a compromise between each of the ten physical adaptations. Endurance athletes do not balance that compromise.

-From the CrossFit Training Guide

Go to youtube and check this out!


I Dip, you Dip, we Dip... A full range Dip is difficult. Good job to everyone that got their first one. Feels great to hit a goal, doesn't it?

Weighted dip  3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 

Lynde- 35*
Allie- BW
Derrick- 150
Todd McK- 40
Casey- 100
Erin- BW
Todd- 125
Juan- 150
Lex- 70
Abby- 7.5
Dave- 95
T- 90

Super good job everyone! There were several people working on negatives, and bands, getting used to the Dip. Good work. You will have it soon. Allie, Erin, Abby- HOOF*CKINYAH! You have earned those Dips with your hard work and tenacity. Thanks. That's super strong fuel.

We also had some monster Weighted dips from Derrick, Juan, Lynde, and Todd. You are all freaky strong!

Strength is part of what distinguishes CrossFit from other programs. This session is pure strength. For some, proof of the effectiveness of CrossFit training- you got your Dips. What truly sets us apart from anything else is the camaraderie that occurs, motivating everyone to perform at higher levels.

Big THANKS to Casey, and Tammy just in case.

Good job puppies. Three ways to work on Dips, and you now know them all. So GET SOME! For added fun, practice Ring dips. Just remember thumbs at 11:00 and 1:00 at the top! If a Dip just isn't happening, perform a Ring support. Not sure what that is? Ask.

Mobility. Daily. No excuses.

Here and now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


'Brehm' turns out to be another super fun Hero workout that follows the "looks easy" theory. An interesting combination of exercises that when performed at prescription packs a potent punch, and leaves us spent. Thanks CFHQ!


15' Rope climb, 10 ascents (*sub)
225 pound Back squat, 20 reps
30 Handstand push-ups (^prog)
Row 40 calories

Lynde- 135  15:08
John- Rx  12:53
Kathryn- 115  14:42
Derrick- Rx  16:15
Allie- 95*^  17:17
Todd McK- 95*^  14:23
Erin- 135*^  18:29
Casey- 185  19:04
Tammy- 115  18:05
Shannon- 75*^  21:07
Candice- 85*^  13:13
Teresa- 115*^  12:40
David- 135^  16:38
Holley- 75*^  18:57
Lex- 135*^  19:20
Britt- 135*^  18:43
Jordan- 65*^  16:13
Tom B- 135  13:50
Dave- 165  13:32
Juan- Rx  16:49
Todd- Rx  15:22
Stephen- 165*^  17:10
Jimmy- 165  13:10

Great job everybody. Monster session Derrick Rice- as prescribed. HOOYAH! John, Juan, Todd- also Rx- OUTSTANDING! At any scale this session drinks copious amounts of fuel. Good job hanging tough through to the end.

Good job puppies. Everyone learned the brake, and got some rope time. Nothing stops cars and people in their tracks like seeing girls on ropes. They stop and watch. Good job, good show.

Same for the Handstand push-ups, a few months ago some were finding out which style to use to get upside down, stay hollow and become more comfortable inverted. These people are now getting their Handstand push-ups. Today, several people began the same process. Good job you guys!

This workout is named in honor of  U.S. Army Sergeant Dale Brehm, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, who was killed on March 18, 2006 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.

Wednesday is a rest day. Take advantage of your extra time and get some love. Open gym at 5:15 pm if you want to get some skills practice, mobility, or both.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Do what you didn't think you could do.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


CrossFit gave us a two for one special with 'Kelly' and as usual, she kicked our asses. At least we had wonderful weather to be running outside, which turns out to be the best part of the workout.

5 rounds:
400 meter run
30 Box jumps, 24" box
30 Wall ball shots, 20/16

John- Rx  28:15
Lynde- 14#  34:04
Erin- 36:55
Eric- Rx  30:55
Alice Anne- (4) 26:14
Casey- Rx  34:06
Allie- (3) 14#  27:18
Todd McK- 16#  38:19
Derrick- Rx  31:08
Todd- Rx  32:50
Jimmy- Rx  34:16
Shannon- (3) 36:59
John M- Rx  40:40
Heather- (3) 32:02
Lex- (3) 16#  24:41
Holley- Rx  43:00
Juan- Rx  35:30
Matt- Rx  33:29
Tom B- (3) 20:38
Dave- Rx  35:39
Teresa- Rx  35:51
Britt- (4)  33:04
Stephen- (3) 26:00
Jordan- (3) 21:03
T- Rx  31:59

Good job just showing up today, and great workout everyone! This was a monster session that turns legs to jello and lungs to lava. Nice job John Fenn, and Teresa, the fast finishes of the day. Way to hang tough Holley, John M, and Todd McK.

Good job puppies. Meeting 'Kelly' for the first time is always a train wreck. No worries. It gets better. This is why "Embrace the suck" makes sense, because each time we see her she softens up a little.

FYI- the 10# med ball has been euthanized, and nobody missed it. The 14# med ball will also be laid to rest.

At CFSF when someone hits a goal, sets a *PR, or just smashes the WOD, we all get amped up. That's good fuel. John Mitchell contributed some super strong fuel to the night crew by nailing his first Muscle-up. Good things come to those who wait, and practice. HOOYAH! and great work John M.

Welcome to CFSF Lex, CJ, Tom B, Stephen, and Jordan. Crawl, walk, run. We are glad you are here. Ask questions, trust your instructors, listen to your body, have fun, and train hard!

There's a message to CFSF from Kstar in one of the mblog videos. Did you catch it?

'Kelly' is a nasty workout that can beckon the strongest athletes to think about cutting reps. Don't give in to this temptation. Nothing lasts forever- keep struggling. We are struggling with you. Cutting reps will destroy your self-esteem and rob us of your full contribution to the cause.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Before CrossFit,  Clean and jerk would mean something else entirely. Another Olympic lift with a great aesthetic value, the Clean and jerk has turned out to be a CFSF favorite.

Clean and jerk  1-1-1-1-1-1-1 

Lex- 165
Todd McK- 100
Dave- 160*
Erin- 150
Kathryn- 115
Derrick- 215
Juan- 160
Tom B- 120
Stephen- 120
Teresa- 115
T- 180

Great workout everyone. Super strong lifts Derrick, and Erin. Your children have the DNA of super beings, walking the earth performing insane feats of strength. Boyfriends watch out!

Some muscled the lift today with little finesse. The impressive thing is what will happen when they learn to move more efficiently, getting a fuller contribution of power from the hips, and pulling under at the top instead of just pressing up.

Whether you had difficulty getting the bar to the rack, or getting the bar up and overhead, everything came down to efficiency. Without over thinking the C+J, we talked about two things we wanted to occur: hips opening fully, and receiving the bar in an active shoulder position. Good job hitting those targets.

For some, this was the first opportunity to put everything they've been working on together into one big movement- the Clean and jerk. Nice work, and thanks for your attention to detail. Continue.

Are you eating like a caveman? At least most of the time, yes?

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.



Four exercises, 20 reps. Not too bad at all... This followed the "looks easy" theory. We were hammered.

5 rounds:

5 DB deadlifts
5 DB hang cleans
5 DB push press
5 DB squats

Do not put the DB's down during the set. Increase load each set. Rest as needed between rounds.

Matt- 50
Derrick- 40
Lynde- 35
Erin- 40
Eric- 55
Tammy- 35
Shannon- 25
Holley- 30
John- 55
Sharon- 25
Russell- 55
Juan- 50
Teresa- 40
Candice- 40
Delaina- 15
Tom B- 40
Britt- 40
Stephen- 25

Great workout everyone. Efficiency was rewarded today. Form issues cost lots of fuel, and force us to slow down. There were a few targets we set ahead of time. Good job hitting them.

Good workout puppies. With consistency and determination you have all continued to move forward. Thanks for your wicked strong efforts.

Hit the blog. Find a fix.

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for all the super strong fuel.


Friday, May 10, 2013


It's great to see new athletes show up at CFSF thinking  "I've got this..." Somewhere between the ending of the warm-up and beginning of the WOD, their attitude begins to shift toward  "Wow, you guys..."
Check your ego at the door.

3 rounds:
800 meter run
50 Back extensions
50 Sit-ups

CJ- Mike  23:00
Tammy- 27:39
Allie- 28:55
Candice- 26:13
Casey- 23:15
Todd McK- Rx  28:30
Erin- Rx  25:23
Eric- Rx  23:30
Teresa- Rx  25:02
John M- Rx  25:42
David- Rx  26:23
Keslie- Mike  17:16
Nicole- Mike  17:05
Shannon- Rx  30:08
Holley- Rx  29:49
Heather- Mike  18:56
Kathryn- Rx  22:22
Britt- Mike  15:32
Jimmy- Rx  19:52
Tom B- Mike  11:50
AJ- Rx  23:31
Juan- Rx  25:30
Lex- Mike  21:22
Dave- Rx  26:12
Stephen- Mike  16:30
T- Rx  22:30

Great workout everyone. Super fast finish Jimmy, and Kathryn! Way to hang tough Shannon, and Todd.

'Michael' is a lung burner of the first order, and might be the most deceptively difficult CF workout we have seen in a long time. Most everyone agreed that the Back extension component was the more difficult of the three. Arguably, the run is a close second.

Nobody said much about the Sit-ups. After getting used to 50 weighted Sit-ups in our warm-up, 50 unloaded is a breeze.

We last saw 'Michael' in early December as part of  Heroes Week. Several people got both sessions and had monster time drops- between two and three minutes for most. That's a lot of time in the CF world... Great job you guys.

Outstanding efforts from the puppies. That's great fuel that motivates everyone to work at higher levels. Thanks!

It was great to see Nicole back. Keep up the great work and continue to make CFSF proud!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Earn this.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


This was a monster session that can very easily be described as pushing and pulling. Two body weight giants from the CrossFit repertoire that when matched together pack a serious punch.

21-15-9 reps of:

Handstand push-ups

Allie- 8:30*
Todd- Rx  4:33
Todd McK- 12:10*
Alice Anne- 7:14*
Lynde- 6:51*
Erin- 8:11*
Tammy- Rx  4:51
Casey- Rx  6:41
Derrick- 7:02*
Kathryn- Rx  9:55
Heather- 5:45*
Teresa- 3:53*
John M- Rx  5:45
Shannon- 4:33*
Mark- Rx  4:05
Candice- Rx  7:45
Emilee- Rx  10:46
Holley- 9:42*
Sharon- Rx  8:35
Matt- Rx  6:38
Jimmy- Rx  3:13
Tom B- 4:39*
Dave- Rx  6:18
Stephen- 6:30*
Britt- 6:34*
Ken- 5:38*
Dale- 6:00*
T- Rx  6:42

Great workout everyone. Whether you are still working on getting inverted, or are there already and working on getting up and down while inverted- good job. The Handstand push-up is one of the most intimidating CrossFit exercises around, and it takes exposure, practice, and more practice to perform.

There were a few different *progressions: Handstand holds, plate presses, and negative Handstands. Whether you got the Handstands or any progressions- good job getting upside down, and good job working on 'hollow' positioning. 

There are Handstand push-ups, and there are straight up "Games" rules Handstand push-ups. Most of us are good with the Handstand push-up, but only a few are getting the Handstands straight up. Good job Mark M. Those are straight up!

Good job with the Pull-ups. Hollow is a big component of Pull-ups too. The controlled swing from hollow to extension, and back is where we get our 'up and over the bar' momentum from. This is one of the first things you learn at CFSF for a reason. Get more.

Hollow was the word of the day because of it's strong presence in both exercises. If you could maintain a solid hollow position you were working a lot less than those who could not.

Great job puppies. We have an even bigger litter than we thought. Thanks for your hard work. Remember crawl, walk, run. Be consistent, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Thanks Ryan and Stacie. Your enthusiasm, and coachability is outstanding.

A recap of some WOD rules:

CFSF opens up at least twenty minutes before the WOD begins. Which gives you between twenty, and thirty minutes to warm up. If you arrive shortly before the start of the WOD you have options: one- no warm up (which we disapprove), and two- warm up well and go with the next class or heat.

If there is a need for heats, the first people signed in have priority. Sometimes it's "fast first" keeping them out in front.

You are encouraged to come in early to practice anything you want as long as it does not interfere with the WOD underway. You may start your warm up early, not your WOD.

You are also encouraged to attend the weekday rest day open gym at 5:15 pm for additional EBM/skills work. Mandatory attendance for puppies.

We have a new rule: Anytime and each time the word "werewolf" is heard in any song we all drop and do a Burpee.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the great efforts and fuel.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

U.S.S. Michael Murphy

<iframe src="" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>


April showers bring May flowers? NO. It's still raining. The lunch crew caught a break and got this workout in while it was relatively dry. Not the case for the evening crew. They're still wet.

5 rounds:
400 meter run
95/65 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Erin- Rx  17:50
Derrick- Rx  16:15
Kathryn- Rx  21:22
Todd McK- 45  19:52
Allie- 35  17:52
Tammy- 45  18:05
Holley- PVC  20:05
John M- 45  18:40
Juan- 65  16:56
Shannon- 45  29:17
Teresa- Rx  20:16
Sharon- 35  20:50
Russell- Rx  18:40
Dave- 75  18:07
Britt- 35  21:26
David- 65  19:50

Great job everyone. This is a difficult session made only more difficult because of the rain. We had options. For some, the only other option wasn't an option. They got wet, cold, and miserable, and loved it.

We are masochists, some more than others. All for the greater good though, right? Right. That's why we're at CFSF.

I was asked, "why are they running in the rain?" They ran in the rain because it was raining. They would run in the snow, or on blistering hot, ultra humid days. They run because the workout says run. That's the only thing that matters. Good job you maniacs.

For everyone else, there were 500 meter row, and 25 Tuck jump options, which may have been more interesting than a wet run.

Great job on the Overhead squats. Key words were "super stable", and those who maintained stability during the OHS fared much better than those who couldn't. From our heels, through our core, finishing with active shoulders- everything had to be locked on.

Miss a cue? Wobbly time. We can't have wobbly anything.

Great job puppies. You are all doing well. Thanks for all the hard work and strong efforts. Most of all, thanks for being coachable. All we ask for at CFSF is hard work, and coachability. You guys are delivering.

We have new puppies. Keep your eyes on them and help along.

Tuesday is a rest day. Get some love and attention. Pain balls, foam roll, band mobs, gentle stretching... ANYTHING that helps you recover. Take a nap, take a hot bath, get a massage. You deserve it.

Kathryn left some paleo information on the picnic table. Check it out next time you're at CFSF. Good stuff. Thanks Kathryn!


Thanks for the words of wisdom. Thanks also for another great day at CFSF.


Monday, May 6, 2013


Five sets of ten Front squats? We haven't seen anything like this in a long time. 

Front squat  10-10-10-10-10 

Derrick- 225
Teresa- 135
Todd McK- 95
John M- 135
Allie- 95

Good job everybody. Great Front squats, and good racks.

Thanks for your patience, and hard work Stacie. It will get better. Keep working, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK! You see now how much it counts.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Durability isn't purchased. It's earned.


'Elizabeth' is another girl we're glad to see. She's an old friend. Just don't make her angry. You won't like her when she's angry.

21, 15, 9 reps:
135 pound Clean
Ring dips

Allie- 75  8:59
John M- 115  10:40
Holley- 65  11:09
Richard- Rx  5:45
Teresa- 95  6:59
Todd- Rx  6:08
David- 115  10:51
Todd McK- 65  11:58
Candice- 75  9:31
Casey- Rx  10:37
T- Rx  7:44

Great job everyone. Nice Cleans. Good ring work. The key words for the workout were 'patience', and 'flip'. We wanted triple extension, and a fast flip with open hands. Good job hitting those targets.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Good prioritization on a nice Saturday morning.

3-2-1 Go!

Friday, May 3, 2013


100 reps of anything is a serious benchmark. 100 L-pull-ups ups the ante even more. Great job "hanging" tough everyone. There were some strict L-pull-ups, there were some kipping L-pull-ups, and there were regular Pull-ups, which now seem much easier than before. We even let a few progressions slide today.

100 L-pull-ups 

John- 13:32
Abby- 21:26
Richard- 13:05
Derrick- 14:18
Todd McK- (75) 14:05
Emilee- (50) 13:15
Erin- 14:42
Alice Anne- 13:59
Eric- 13:19
Teresa- 14:09
Heather- (50) 6:42
Holley- 13:20
Shannon- (75) 7:07
Sharon- 17:08
Russell- 14:05
T- 11:40

Great workout everyone. The secret strategy paid off again. If you don't know about it, ask, we'll tell.

This was the first workout Derrick and Erin Rice did when they joined CFSF. Then, and now. How much change has taken place? That's right. It's incredible isn't it. You both are smashing these workouts, and providing huge amounts of fuel. Thanks, and HOOYAH!

Good to see Heather, and Ryan back for some love. CJ, Dale, and Stacie- good job. You will be fine. Just remember our crawl, walk, run model, drink the kool-aid, and come back for more. You will succeed.

CrossFit- 7
Hands- 0

We had a few hand issues, understandably. 100 Pull-ups takes a toll. Keep them clean, and remember that those are badges of honor, and proof of your hard work. Some people will never understand, but that's why we like to see the hands of fellow CrossFitter's we meet from other boxes.

Show me your hands....

Friday is a rest day. Get some love, some mobility, maybe both. Smash and roll anything gnarly. Floss and feather. If you find something that hurts camp out on it.

Remember weekday rest day open gym at 5:15 pm for anything you want to work on. Take advantage.

No bicep curls dude.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Mayday is a day for mayhem, and craziness around the world. Every day is Mayday at CFSF. We thrive in mayhem, and get as comfortable as possible in it's controlled chaos.

Deadlift  3-3-3-3-3 

John- 400
Tom B- 195
Teresa- *210
Todd McK- 295
Derrick- *455
Erin- *240
Allie- *140
Casey- 365
Shannon- 140
Holley- 165
Abby- 165
Russell- *325
Candice- 165
Britt- 220
Richard- *350
Kathryn- *195
Dave- 225
Sharon- 175

Great workout everyone. How about all those *PR's? You people are strong! More importantly, you guys are dialed in on the things that are going to keep us healthy, and safe while performing the Deadlift inside at CFSF, or outside in the real world.

Worse case scenario stuff, if you had to pick up anything heavy, a body, a bag, a body in a bag... You could do it without hurting yourself. That is the beauty of the Deadlift, it's functionality. Use the Deadlift principles you've learned at CFSF and translate them into safe movement outside CFSF.

Tight core.

Eat like a caveman!

Train wisely.

Thanks for another great at CFSF. Thanks for the super strong fuel and efforts.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


This workout held true to the "looks easy" theory. It looks worse than it is. Another one and done chipper. Just keep moving.

100 ft. Walking lunges
50 Push-ups
50 Double-unders (^sub)
25 Knees to elbows
15 ft. Rope climb, 5 ascents (*sub)
50 Box jumps, 24 "box
25 Overhead squats, 65/45
25 L-pull-ups
50 Sit-ups

John- 18:41^
David- 27:40*
Todd McK- 31:45^*
Kathryn- 23:08
Allie- 25:25*
Casey- Rx  22:50
Emilee- 33:00*
Eric- Rx  23:55
Alice Anne- 24:09*
Richard- Rx  15:00
Shannon- 43:12*
John M- 22:54*^
Holley- 35:27*
Russell- Rx  21:50
Candice- 27:02*
Abby- 26:10*
Ken- 1/2 11:54*
Teresa- 19:55*
Dave- Rx  28:30
Jimmy- Rx  20:33
Delaina- 1/2 17:03*^
Todd- Rx  25:18
Tom B- 1/2  8:35^
Britt- 1/2  20:19*^
T- Rx  17:47

Great workout everyone. Way to hang tough Shannon, and Holley. Super fast finish Richard!

Many people would have this Rx'd if they had the Rope climb, or the L-pull-ups. Get some rope time. Everyone has learned how to brake. Just remember the most important part of rope climbing.... aside from not letting go, save enough energy to get back down.

We fudged a little bit on the L-pull-ups and allowed a kip as long as the ankles were above hips at the same time chin clears bar. Great job on getting good pull-ups everyone.

Welcome to CFSF CJ. Be patient, consistent, and do your homework. You will succeed. The formula works only if you follow it. Great job puppies. You are all moving closer every cycle.

Great to see AJ back from Boston. You are a hero. BOSTON STRONG!

Take some time and find a mob or two. It's worth it, and your body deserves it. Don't deny yourself!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the great fuel and super strong efforts. You are all AWESOME!

We train hard at CFSF and expect that from everyone. With that said, it's very easy to "overdo" when most of us subscribe to the 20x factor (we can do at least 20 times what we currently think) it is likely that we will become injured.

When you push yourself harder and harder to get serious results, it's easy to bridge the gap from training hard to entering the "OZ" (over training zone). It is easy to get stuck in the OZ until something happens that forces us to back off and rest at the right moments.

This is where "active recovery" takes on a whole new meaning. Most people finish the WOD, dry off and LEAVE. No cool-down, no stretching, nothing. This invites injury. Take the time to cash out.

There are other steps to take to avoid the OZ:

  1. Take extra days off if you feel like you're entering the OZ.
  2. Take at least 2 separate weeks (maybe more) completely off from physical training each year.
  3. Eat the right foods at the right right times.
  4. Ensure you recover adequately while you sleep.
  5. Perform active range of motion drills before each training session.
  6. Perform mobility and stretching drills after each session, or in a separate session.
  7. Maintain awareness and presence by working "in" as much as you work "out".

No bed of roses, no pleasure cruise.