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Friday, May 30, 2014


As prescribed this is a true CrossFit beast. Scaling doesn't help much either. But that's why we do it, and this was a good one. Thanks CFHQ!

500 meter row
20 Parallette handstand push-ups
500 meter row
20 Strict handstand push-ups
500 meter row
20 Kipping handstand push-ups
*HS prog ^HSPU "HS sub

Russell- Rx  22:57
Skot- 24:07^
Klare- 16:58^
Dustin- 13:05*
Eric- Rx  17:50
Paul- 11:59*
Dustin Y- 14:27*
John- 15:35"
Holley- 14:36"
Teresa- 16:02^
Sharon- 11:57"
Tammy- 14:15^
Cole- 14:35*
Anna- 13:18"
Jill- 12:50"
Caitlin- 14:09^
Juan- 10:05*
Alan- 11:33" (400 m run sub)
Tommy- 9:48*
Tom- 14:52^

Very good workout everyone. Super good job Eric, and Russell- you guys are monster killers. Outstanding at Rx! Nice work Caitlin (Mighty Atom)- Parallette handstand push-ups are really tough and you knocked out a bunch.

Good job going inverted. That's a big step for most people. Everyone got a chance to practice, and yes, things got dicey there for a minute- but each time you practice you'll become much more comfortable. Going inverted ties two things we've talked about together: active shoulders, and a super-tight hollow body.

Again, this comes down to body awareness and control. Both of which you'll develop as you roll with us.

Nice workout Klare. We've talked about people who can do freestanding Handstand push-ups before but never seen anyone do it at CFSF until now. Very good stuff. Handstand push-ups are difficult enough on the wall. Off the wall they're something else entirely.

Alan, Anna, Jill, Juan, and Skot- thanks for your hard work. That's good fuel and we all appreciate it.

We congratulate the firebreathers, and attempt to motivate the beginners frequently, but there's a big group of people that rarely get recognized on the CFSF blog. They are the median. Neither the fastest, nor the slowest- they hang right there in the middle. I don't have to name them, they know who they are.

They are the engine that drives CFSF. Bright lights quickly fade, whereas dim lights just keep on shining. These people are our dim lights that will NEVER fade, and we are most thankful for you.

Let your light shine.


Friday is a well deserved rest day. Take care of your business and give your body some love. Open gym 5:15-6:15 for anyone that missed 'Murph', or some mobility, or another missed wod. Be sure to thank Instructor M.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

You say no. CrossFit says yes.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Paleo Thursday Redux





Raise your hand if you miss bread. I mean really miss bread- I do. Here's a recipe that comes with good reviews, and can give us bread lovers our fix....


Once learned, it's difficult NOT to use the Split jerk as the preferred method for going overhead. The wod calls for Push press, your body wants to Split jerk- who wins? If you aren't dialed in you'll be thinking Push press, and still Split jerk occurs. 

Why? Because the Split jerk is the most efficient of the three overhead lifts. Our bodies know it too, and if we're on auto pilot the probability is even higher.

Split jerk 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Megan- 125
Teresa- 110
Casey- 190
Eric- 200
Kathryn- 105
Klare- 65
Holley- 55
John- 195
Russell- 205
Emilee- 105
Tammy- 100
Cole- 140
Sharon- 100
Quincy- 155
Mary- 111
Candice- 111
Caitlin- 85
Tommy- 145
Tom- 165

Great job everyone. Monster lifts Megan, and Russell. You are both super strong! Caitlin, Cole, Klare, Tommy, and Quincy- excellent work. The Split jerk is the last of the three overhead lifts, and you all are killing it!  

The Split jerk, like the other "O" lifts, also has a beautiful aesthetic value and when it's "on" things are moving smoothly, the bar feels lighter than usual, and you are in the zone. Conversely, when things are not "on", we struggle to get dialed in, maybe over think things a little too much- instead of taking a little walk away, smacking the power pole, and staying focused and relaxed.

Very good work puppies: Alan, Helen, Joan, and Juan- Push jerk. Locked. Now, just keep practicing. Split jerk next.

Our new GHD. Assembly courtesy of Casey, and Teresa.



Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. You are all awesome, and we thank you for choosing CFSF.

Ready to lead, ready to follow.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Only CFHQ could find a way to further cripple the 'Murph' faithful the very next training day with a 120 Pull-up wod. Things definitely look interesting under the bus... A little spray of YBF and it's all good. Back again. Good try CFHQ. Loved it anyway. Thanks.

800 meter run
40 L-pull-ups
800 meter run
40 Strict pull-ups
800 meter run
40 Kipping pull-ups

Russell- Rx  23:54
Paul- Rx  23:56
John- Rx  26:26
Todd- Rx  28:56
Tammy + JJ- 30:10*
Teresa- 31:56*
Caitlin- 23:09*
Tommy- 30:08*
Tom- Rx  27:00
*mix of each PU


3 rounds:
800/400 meter run
20 Pull-ups

Skot- 20:11
Joan- 25:39
Cole- 15:00
Anna- 14:43
Helen- 18:10
Jill- 16:45
Juan- 14:33
Quincy- 16:25

Great workouts guys. Super fast finishes Caitlin, Paul, and Russell.

Anytime we see this many Pull-ups in a workout it can become intimidating. Don't let it. Just keep pulling. Pull-ups are a CrossFit staple exercise that most people have trouble with until they learn some body control, develop stronger shoulders, and get some bar time.

We'll take any pulls at CFSF, but when the wod specifies L, or Strict we have to make every attempt possible to get them as specified. We took Kipping L's as long as the feet were above head height at the time we're clearing the bar with our chin.

There were a lot of people getting Strict pull-ups too, just fewer numbers than they needed. No worrys. Keep practicing the Strict pull-ups. When the warm-up calls for Pull-ups do some of them strict. The same thing we expect of the MU Club- every fifth Pull-up in the warm up is a MU.

Puppies- keep getting bar time, and keep practicing Hollow, and Superman rocks. As your shoulders are getting stronger, you'll continue to develop the body control and awareness necessary for Kipping pull-ups.

Why do you CrossFit? Seven people will give you seven different answers, but from our perspective, we believe you CrossFit to become better, stronger, and faster. As well as increasing our GPP, and making lasting friendships with like-minded people.

If you want to become stronger you must get those Deadlift negatives, let your chest touch the floor on those Push-ups, keep working those negative Pull-ups, and Dips. Any shortcut is just that- a deviance from the path to success, in this case, strength.

Choose the difficult path, embrace the suck. We want to see change, both physical and mental change. We see our athletes becoming stronger, doing things that even surprise themselves. More importantly, we see a mental change- an increase of confidence, and ability. The beginnings of the "I can" mindset.

Eric P has the mindset we like at CFSF

Track what you do.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for helping at lunch Kathryn, and thanks very much for cleaning up the bloody bar Ryan. We appreciate you both very much.

"A path with no obstacles leads nowhere."
-Frank A.Clark


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Paleo






"Memorial Day Murph" has been a CrossFit tradition for as long as I can remember, and it's a privilege to struggle along with the rest of you for such an honorable cause. We give tribute through our sweat, discomfort, and determination because these people deserve to be recognized as what they are- HEROES.

Thank you for that recognition CrossFit- another big part of what distinguishes us from anyone else.


1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile run
*if you have a weighted vest wear it (haven't had to add that until now!)

Jill- 1/2  44:45
Quincy- 1/2  76:07 (full runs)
Teresa- 70:55
Paul M- 62:28*
Carrie- 73:20
Skot- 1/2  36:25
Megan- 72:15 (row sub)
Casey- 75:35
Candice- 75:25
Stephen- 73:20
Joan- 1/2  30:57
Kathryn- 65:31
Tom- 63:20

Great job everybody, and THANKS for coming out for a special workout. Congratulations Carrie, Casey, Kathryn, Teresa, and Paul. Three "firsts" and two "over and aboves"... First 'Murph' no scale for Carrie, first 'Murph' sans partition for Kathryn, and Teresa, and for Casey- who carried a 45 pound bag on the second run, and Paul- who wore a weighted vest the entire time. Hooyah and thanks for the super strong fuel and motivation!

Carrie and Paul Moore
Casey "Madman" Maddux
Teresa R and Kathryn
We've never split hairs on whether 'Murph' should be partitioned or performed straight through. But running a mile after 300 squats is something else. Either way, good job everyone.

We celebrate these and all military members on Memorial Day, living or dead. We are profoundly thankful for their service, commitment, and love for our country. Willing to make the ultimate for us.


Thanks for another great day at CFSF. You are all awesome!



Strength was a welcomed sight after what we've seen lately. While a little more relaxed, we should be just as gassed by the end. We had some monster lifts on a great Saturday morning at CFSF.

Press  3-3-3-3-3-3-3
Megan- 85
Skot- 130
Russell- 155                145
Klare- 95
Joan- 60
Kathryn- 75                 65
Tom- 125                   125
Casey- 130

Nice lifts everyone. Better than last time Kathryn, and Russell! Great job puppies too. You're all hitting the cues we've talked about. THANKS! Klare, a 95 pound Press for three reps is a giant first step. Well done.

The Press is where much of what we talk about in terms of power, and stability come together. Everything contributes. We talked about staying hollow at the top, and avoiding "over extension". We cannot maintain stability if we go into over extension.

Stay tight!


Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

"Buy the ticket. Take the ride."
-Hunter S. Thompson


Monday, May 26, 2014


Hero workouts provide excellent motivation, and we needed it badly today. This was another mother grabbing workout that left us on floor lock. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ.

30:00 AMRAP
275 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
13 Push-ups
9 Box jumps, 24" box

Russell- 245  16 + 5
Dustin- 245  11 + 5
Paul- 225  16 + 3
Quincy- 185  9
Megan- 145  16 + 8
Skot- (15) 145  5 + 8
Klare- 75  17
Joan- (15) 65  5 + 18
Casey- Rx  13:13
Caitlin- 105  12
Candice- 135  11 + 5
Tommy- 185  10 + 20
Juan- (20) 125  9 + 22
Stephen- 185  12 + 5
Sharon- 135  9
Ryan- 185  17 + 8
Tom- 185  16 + 18

Great job everyone. Thirty minutes of love. Klare, Ryan, monster round totals! Casey, you are the Madman going Rx'd. Outstanding work, and great fuel. Thanks!

Good job staying on your feet at the end. After finishing, I had half of my bar broken down when the high pitch whine started. I gotta sit down. Whew, I gotta lay down... Knocked out cold. Twenty minutes.

That hasn't happened in a while.

Nice work puppies. This workout definitely gave you a good taste of intensity and you all stayed dialed in. Thanks for those efforts!

This workout is named in honor of U.S. Army Corporal Ryan McGhee, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment who was killed on May 13, 2009 during combat operations in Iraq.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your efforts and fuel.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

"I'm so badass I can eat chicken and shit ham."
Dr. Doom


Adding the three minute rest between rounds gave this workout an interval quality that we love at CFSF. Allowing for full recovery meant that we were going hard, fast, and unbroken.

155 pound Snatch, 21 reps
3:00 minute rest
155 pound Snatch, 15 reps
3:00 minute rest
155 pound Snatch, 9 reps

Eric- 95  9:14
Russell- 95  8:30
Paul- 95  10:20
Carrie- 15  10:24
Megan- 75  11:12
Dustin Y- 75  10:50
Todd McK- 65  10:35
Kathryn- 55  8:50
Jesse- Rx  8:57
Klare- PP 45//65/75  8:43
Casey- 115  10:34
Paige- 15  10:07
John M- 75  8:57
Teresa- 65  9:50
Todd- 95  9:43
Candice- 65  11:57
Tom- 75  9:21


Hang power snatch, 15 reps
2:00 rest
Hang power snatch, 10 reps
2:00 rest
Hang power snatch, 5 reps

Jill- 35  7:00
Juan- 45  6:12
Skot- 45  6:38
Quincy- 45  9:30

Great workouts everyone. A BIG shout out to the 5:00 class- because everyone went unbroken. Woo hoo! A few guys also went unbroken at lunch, Eric, Paul, and Russell- good job, good job, good job.

We had one main objective today: Timing. No early pulls. Did you hit it? Olympic lifts for reps can get ugly if we lose focus from rep to rep. Remember our key words: smooth, and uniform- and you'll stay locked on.

Great job puppies. You're Snatching! Stay consistent, do your homework, and success is guaranteed. Thanks for your enthusiasm, and wicked strong efforts. That's good fuel for everyone.

How did you like the "Field Games" portion of the warm-up? Adult recreation. We have a couple more activities that can be thrown in the pot too. Fun stew, for sure. Standby. Sorry again Todd.


Thursday is an OS rest day. Use your extra time wisely and do something that feels good and helps you recover. You have a lot to choose from: ICE, stretch, roll, smash, massage, heat, floss, feather... Open gym 5:15-6:15. Be sure to thank Instructor M.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. You are all awesome!

Sunday, May 25 12:30 Memorial Day Murph. Be there.

Strength + Mobility = Durability

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Any time there are this many Walking lunges things can get dicey, and fast. Comparable to last weeks targeting of our PC's, this one blew up our hips. Although very difficult, this one was fun, and relatively short.

Thanks for another great workout CFHQ.

Walking lunges, 100 meters
800 meter run
100 Airsquats

Tammy- 13:18
Alice Anne- 12:10
Eric- 10:43
Paul- 10:15
Carrie- 13:50
Russell- 10:23
Teresa- 12:41
Casey- 11:34
Skot- (1/2) 8:29
Megan- (row) 11:29
Klare- 11:47
Todd McK- 12:18
Paige- 17:25
Jeremy- 11:01
John M- 14:04
Juan- (1/2) 6:09
Quincy- 13:50
Caitlin- 9:24
Tommy- 13:09
Joan- (1/2) 6:27
Sharon- 18:28
Abby- 9:11
Alan- (1/2) 8:35
Tom- 12:38

Great workouts everyone. There were a lot of fast finishes, but super fast finish Abby, Caitlin, Paul, and Russell- you are all fast! That's good. It gives everyone else a target to shoot for, making them put out just a little more effort.

Fast is directly correlated to intensity. Intensity is directly correlated to discomfort. That's why we want you to do everything you can to go through the wod as quickly as possible. Less rest equals higher intensity. You become tolerant of the discomfort as a result.

Only one thing is more important than intensity. Never forget that form trumps intensity, every time.

We have become complacent with our Airsquats, and need to re-focus on the basics.

For a good video of CrossFit Airsquats, go to the CrossFit main site and hit the 'Exercises and Demos' button on the left. Under CrossFit Exercises, Airsquats are the fourth video from the top.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength but by perseverance."
-H. Jackson Brown


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paleo Tuesday





Bonus- Dessert:


'Frantastic' doesn't do this workout justice. This workout was another mother grabber from the other side that bent ten minutes into fifteen. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ.

10:00 AMRAP
5 Bar muscle-ups (*3:3 sub)
135 pound Thruster, 10 reps

Russell- Rx  5 + 2
Tammy- 55*  2 + 10
Richard- 95*  3 + 15
Kathryn- 55*  2 + 12
Paige- 35*  2 + 24
Megan- 75*  1 + 2
Dustin- 95*  2
Paul- 95  2 + 7
Klare- 45*  2 +15
Teresa- 75*  3
Stephen- 95*  2 + 15
Jeremy- 65*  1 + 15
Dustin Y- 65*  3
Quincy- 95*  1 + 3
Caitlin- 55*  2 + 15
Juan- 65*  3 + 15
Skot- 65*  3 + 5
Alan- 65* PP  2 + 15
Tommy- 95*  2 + 4
Joan- 35*  3 + 8
Cary- 95*  3 + 6

Great workout everyone. Nice Muscle-ups Paul, and Russell. There were a few other people getting the Muscle-ups, just not quite enough of them. Caitlin, Megan, and Teresa- good work on the MU's.

The 3:3 sub is worse than the MU's themselves. Practice and join the club.

How about the Thrusters? Did you remember the cues we've talked and talked and talked about? IF not, you were working harder than you should be. Good form is efficient. Bad form wastes fuel.

Can you think of three Thruster cues right now?

Unfortunately for us, even efficiency of movement can't make Thrusters any better. They'll still suck. But don't wish they were easier, wish you were better.

Track what you do.

Heads up! This is Memorial Day weekend and we will have our usual 'Memorial Day Murph' workout Sunday, May 25th 12:30 start time. No 1:15 class. Come out and celebrate our great Country, and the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Thanks very much for running the show Teresa!

Peach salsa from 140515
Crispy pork carnitas from 140515

Buffalo chicken soup


CFHQ threw the runners a bone today, and they ran with it....

1600 meter run
3 minute rest
1200 meter run
2 minute rest
800 meter run
1 minute rest
400 meter run

Abby- 26:46
Jeremy- 24:20
Quincy- 28:15
Russell- 24:16
Todd McK- 24:28
Paige- 28:55
Juan- 27:30

Great runs everyone. We caught a break and got most of the two sessions in without a lot of rain, but there were a few 500 meter row subs at the end because the bottom fell out. Rigid flexibility.

Descending run repeats are always a blast, and today was no different.


Thanks for another great day at CFSF.


Monday, May 19, 2014


This was a good one. Good job showing up, and hanging tough.

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
GHD sit-ups (*abmat sub 1:1 20/16 ^mix)
Kettlebell swings, 2 pood

Todd McK- 35  23:40
Paige- 26*  18:28
Megan- 35  23:54
Matt- 44  21:20
Russell- Rx  27:28
Casey- 70^  27:50
Skot- (40) 35*  11:11
Jeremy- 35*  15:08
Teresa- 44  20:28
Dustin Y- 26*  15:09
Sharon- 35*  26:18
Candice- 35  18:57
Stephen- 35*  20:20
Todd- Rx  24:20
Quincy- (40) 44*  9:45
Juan- (40) 35*  9:00
Helen- (40) 30  14:42
Alan- (40) 35*  10:30
Tom- Rx  22:35

Great workout everyone! Bonus points for just staying on your feet at the end. Most were on floorlock for a few minutes, no squirming, just breathing. Understandably. 

Good work on the GHD's. We have practiced the GHD sit-up, and performed them in workouts before- but not to the tune of 150 reps... Somewhere during the round of 30 it sank in- when this happens focus on the "here and now", and just keep moving. The sets get better.

Between the GHD sit-ups, and the KB swings, we knocked out a cool 300 reps of love. That's a lot of love. Our cores have been assaulted... Between the GHD hip-back extension, and the GHD sit-ups, most can expect to feel this a little bit over the next couple of days. YBF.

200 meter Megan carry at lunch

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for the wicked strong fuel.

On time, on target, NEVER quit.

Friday, May 16, 2014


My PC hasn't been this fired up in I don't know how long. And I'm not talking computers.... We have practiced both GHD hip extension, and GHD back extension, but mashing them together into Hip-Back extension and calling it "Snakey" changes everything. Wow.

We had a 'Cindy' option that some people took advantage of, and a fun little puppy wod as well.

7 rounds:
15 GHD hip-back extensions
3 Strict muscle-ups (*3:3 sub)

Tammy- (5) 21:55*
Dustin Y- 28:28*
Eric- 24:38
Carrie- 25:01*
Teresa- 22:24*
Russell- 18:08
Sharon-  (5) 21:47*
Megan- 29:23* (16 of 21 MU's)
Paul- 17:51
Tom- 19:20

20:00 AMRAP
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Dustin- 9 + 5
Todd McK- 16 + 7
Stephen- 14 + 15
Paige- 13 + 15
Casey- 14 + 7


5 rounds:
7 GHD back extensions
7 Pull-ups
7 Dips

Jill- 11:35
Joan- 10:24
Skot- 13:37
Helen- 11:06

Great job everyone. For the CFHQ wod, some got Bar MU's, some got Ring MU's, and some mixed it up. Either way- HOOF*CKINYAH! on getting the MU's! Next to girls on bars, the other thing that really makes people slow down and watch is people getting Muscle-ups.

Girls getting MU's makes people fall over each other while they're watching. Nice MU's Megan.

The 3:3 Pull-up/Dip sub is worse than the exercise. Learn the Muscle-up. Join the club.

Good job 'Cindy' people, and nice round totals Todd McK. Although 'Cindy' is a little friendlier than the main site wod, she's no walk in the sun.

Outstanding work puppies! You all had an opportunity to practice some new things on the GHD's, and smashed the 5 round wod. Joan, you have turned the worm hard. Great job, and THANKS for your hard work. That's good fuel.

Skot- it's gonna be ok.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your super strong efforts, and thanks for making working hard more fun than work. Mid-wod, in the throws of discomfort, embarking down the tunnel of pain, we can still look around and get a smile or two from others who are struggling.

A little friendly support. Another big part of what makes us special. Thanks very much for that.

"When the Muscle-ups aren't the problem you got a problem."
-Eric Heath

Life is good. CrossFit makes it better.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

CrossFitter in training. This is the epitome of CrossFit.

Another day of Paleo





“Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling 5 balls.  The balls are work, family, health, friends, and integrity. And you're keeping them all in the air.  But one day you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball.  If you drop it, it will bounce back.  The four other balls -family, health, friends, integrity - are made of glass.  If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered.  And once you truly understand the lesson of the five balls, you will have the beginnings of balance in your life." ~ James Patterson in Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
Esto es lo que se vera' como cuando se consigue.
Buen trabajo, Emilee!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Welcome back to the Muscle-up club Megan


This was a good one. Totally gassed. Great job everyone, on a very humid day no less. These only make us tougher, and more resilient. Good try CFHQ. We're back, and we'll come back every time...

3 rounds:
800 meter run
DB Clean, 30 reps
30 Burpees

Russell- 40  42:15
Alice Anne- 10  39:55
Dustin Y- (2) 15  29:33
Todd McK- 15  40:45
Paige- (2) 10  34:29
Eric- 30  43:08*
Klare- (2) 8  21:39
Megan- (2) 20  28:40*
Paul- 25  40:38
Kathryn- 15  38:35
Mary- 10  44:30
Teresa- 15  42:57
Sharon- 1/2  8  30:52
Stephen- 20  35:41
Caitlin- 10  31:53
Todd- 30  37:47
Tommy- (2) 20  34:30
*row sub

-puppy scale-

3 rounds:
800 meter run, 1/2 reps

Jill- 8  33:58
Joan- 10  34:06
Juan- 15  36:50
Alan- 15  37:33

Super good job everyone! This was a tier one a$$ kicker. But that's why we do it- right? Right. Was this one long enough for you Todd? After a few spot on predictions he's called, he said we were in for a "long one".  I hope this was it.

'Helton' is definitely a gut check. Quincy- good job.

Welcome back Megan. It's great to see you rolling again. Also great to see AA at lunch. Just like old times, huh? -Queen Anne's Revenge, or misery loves company. Welcome back Dustin Y, and Klare as well.

Karla, Junior- thanks. You both are welcome back anytime.

So, has the Doubles practice been paying off? Are you getting them? You will.


This workout is named in honor of  U.S. Air Force Security Forces 1st Lieutenant Joseph Helton, assigned to the 6th Security Forces Squadron, who was killed on September 8, 2009 in Baghdad, Iraq.

Wednesday is a rest day. We need it! Open gym 5:15-6:15 for anything from a missed wod, to mobility. Be sure to thank Instructor M.

Use this extra time wisely and do something that feels good and helps you recover. Did you hit the cold water immersion link from last week? If not, here's another:

Thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF. Thanks for the super strong efforts and fuel. YOU PEOPLE ARE AWESOME! Seriously, you are.

Hi green door!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Strength is always a welcomed sight, especially after a training cycle like the one we just saw. Thanks CFHQ!

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3

Megan- 125
Russell- 250
Dustin- 225
Eric- 225
Todd McK- 135
Paige- 65
Richard- 200
Paul- 195
Kathryn- 110
Teresa- 135
Stephen- 165
Mary- 105
Skot- 150
Todd- 275*
Emilee- 100
Quincy- 165
Jill- 55
Juan- 75
Dustin Y- 165
Caitlin- 100
Tommy- 205*
Alan- 70

Great squats everyone. Did you hit the cues we've talked about? Can you think of three good Front squat cues right now? Heavy squat and nice PR's* Todd, and Tommy. Good job Teresa- top of the ladies list.

Big THANKS to Kathryn, and Teresa for running the show. Thanks everyone else for helping them....

CFSF would be in a tight spot were it not for our rigid flexibility- thanks for that too.

It's getting humid a lot earlier than last spring. Bring a towel with you and please be sure to use the wipes and clean your area of sweat, spit, chalk, or anything else you leave behind.

Track what you do.

Thanks for choosing CFSF.

You miss 100% of the chances you don't take.

Paleo Redux





Paleo breakfast mini-meatloaf from 140508

Monday, May 12, 2014


Happy Mother's Day to all the CFSF mothers. CFHQ threw a real mother grabber at us to celebrate the occasion. Hammered. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ!

'Run Cindy, Run'
20:00 AMRAP
400 meter run, then
3 rounds of 'Cindy'
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Juan- (15:00) 3*                             1:04
Todd McK-  3 + 300m run             1:25
Paige- 2 + 44                                   :55
Jeremy- 2 + 5                                  :55
Abby- 3 + 400m run                       2:02
Todd- 3 + 15                                  1:01
Richard- 4 + 100m run                    1:18
Alan- (15:00) 2*                              :37
Jill- (15:00) 2 + 47*                        1:03
Teresa- 2 + 45                                1:27
Russell- 4 + 200m run                     1:36
Ryan- 4 + 200m run                        1:18
Tom- 3                                            :34
*3/6/9 reps

Great workout everyone. Nice round totals Richard, Russell, and Ryan. You guys have the cardiorespiratory system of King Kong.

The addition of that run changed things profoundly. High humidity didn't help much either. Even the runners were gassed. Good job holding on tightly through to the bitter end. That was a long twenty minutes.

The SM refers to the Superman GHD hold for time. Great job Abby, and Russell. Standby for more.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.



It seems like every time the wod involves running it's been raining lately. There's only one way to make running in the rain any worse- add sand. Fortunately for us, no sand. Just a lot of rain.

5 rounds:
185 pound Back squat, 11 reps
7 Strict burpee pull-ups
400 meter run

Russell- Rx  24:00
Dustin- 135  26:27
Paige- (3) 55  17:47
Todd McK- 75  21:30
Dustin L- 105  20:59
Emilee- (3) 45  16:21
Paul- 135  20:32
Carrie- 45  28:11
Abby- 75  22:42
Teresa- 75  27:57
Todd- Rx  23:51
Stephen- 105  23:48
Juan- (3) 45  13:34
Jill- (3) 45  19:19
Quincy- (3) 115  17:39
Alan- (3) 45  17:45
Ryan- Rx  22:22

Great workout everyone. The night crews caught a break with the rain and got most of the wod sans sprinkles. Not so much for the lunch bunch. They took a shower. Good job holding on during a difficult session made worse thanks to Mother Nature.

Nice job going Rx'd Russell, Ryan, and Todd, and super fast finish Abby! You are all MIT's. Thanks for the fuel.

Outstanding workout puppies. Your enthusiasm is motivating everyone to step up. Thanks. Be pleased, not satisfied.

This workout is named in honor of U.S. Marine Corps Major Douglas Zembiec, assigned to the Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps National Capital Region, who was killed on May 11, 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq.


Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Trois, deux, un, ALLEZ!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

How many CrossFitters does it take to put together a storage unit?

Friday, May 9, 2014


We love strength days at CFSF. No clock, a little more relaxed atmosphere, but just as gassed as if we'd finished a thirty minute mother chipper.

Clean & jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Kathryn- 110           2:05
Russell- 225             2:10
Todd McK- 95        1:33
Paige- 70                 1:30
Tammy- 105
Candice- 110           1:01
Klare- 115
Dustin- 195
Eric- 205                 All day
Paul- 175
Todd- 205               3:00
Teresa- 130*           1:02
Jeremy- 135             2:00
Stephen- 155           2:05
Dustin (not S) 155    1:30
Quincy- 135             2:20
Jill- 45                      2:43
Skot- 65                  2:10
Tommy- 175            2:00
Juan- 65                  2:35
Emilee- 100             1:00
Alan- 65                  1:50
Eric P- 155              3:15
Tom- 165                3:30

Great workout everyone! Monster lift Russell, and outstanding *PR Teresa! All this after a mother grabbing warm-up that Kathryn came up with that included a mile run that everyone loved. No really... What a great day to be outside running. Nice job Kathryn.

Good job hitting the cues we've worked on. As usual, irrespective of how much weight was moved, our chief objective was form. We talked about timing, and patience, the explosive second pull, and the fastest part of the whole thing- the flip under.

We also discussed one of the most important cues people miss- foot positioning. Jumping, and landing- or power and squat. Power is jumping, landing is squat. These cannot be confused. Remember to re-position!

Good job puppies. You are seeing some of these pieces you've been working on come together in one beautiful Olympic lift called the "Clean". You're Cleaning! Outside of the CrossFit world, most people think Cleans require some sort of  soap.

We know better.

We know that the Clean trains both speed and strength, is an integral component of all sport, and requires lots of practice. Add a Jerk and the complexity factor goes through the roof. No worries. Everything improves with practice, consistency, and patience.

This session was another opportunity to compare the day and the night crews. The day crew usually wins out over the night crew, but not this time. 10 athletes were compared from each group:

Day- 1,405
Night- 1,510

Good job night crews. Things would be different if Derrick and Erin were still around... Or if Quincy hadn't fueled us all up with doughnuts! Thanks for dinner Quincy.

The workout also included a Plank hold for time cash-out that Eric H. clearly won with a time of "all-day". Nice Planks everyone. Spring is test time, so be ready!



Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the great fuel and efforts. You make CFSF special. Thanks very much for that.

Hard play, fun work.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Paleo






Who comes up with these numbers? There is always a method to madness, and the CFHQ program is above reproach, but how do they come up with these seemingly random numbers? However it's done, it's a winner. Thanks CFHQ!

2014 Regional Event 7

64 Pull-ups (*prog)
205 pound Overhead squat, 8 reps

Russell- 155  4:47
Paige- 15*  7:18
Todd McK- 65  7:59
Eric- 115  4:36
Abby- 65  4:39
Kathryn- 65  7:09
Paul- 105  8:45
Carrie- 15  9:13
John M- 65  10:30
Jeremy- 45  9:08
Teresa- 75  5:13
Sharon- 45  12:01
Candice- 65  5:57
Dustin- 35  8:20
Todd- 95  5:20
Em- 45*  9:30
Caitlin- 45  5:17
Tommy- 45  7:34
Tom- 115  7:02

Great workout everyone. Monster lifts Russell and Teresa! Anything after 64 Pull-ups can get interesting- Overhead squats borderlines diabolical. Fun stuff.

Carrie, Paige, Jeremy, Quincy, and Tommy- your hard work is evident. Great job on the Overhead squats, and THANKS for those wicked strong efforts.

Good job puppies. Alan, Helen, Skot, and Terry- we are glad you are training with us. Stay focused.

We enjoyed a cold winter and mild spring at CFSF but it's getting hot again. As the summer months approach please remember to bring a towel with you, and clean up anything you leave behind before you leave.

Failure to comply will result in waterboarding.



Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for stepping up. You know who you are.

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
Philippians, 4:13


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Great news! The rower contribution fund has reached the kick-in point for CFSF to purchase a new C2 rower. Woo hoo! Thanks very much for your contributions, and thanks for choosing CFSF as your CrossFit.

Here's a link to a workout of the day provided by the C2 company. Any extra row time you want is yours. Come in early, stay late. Rowing is the only aerobic activity we can perform with little to no muscle lost in the process. So get some!



Thanks Dustin, and Eric. This workout would have been a lot worse if they hadn't mentioned the 21 minute time cap. You guys saved the day!

2014 Regional Event 6 

50 calorie row
50 Box jumpovers, 24" box
50 Deadlifts, 180 pounds
50 Wall ball shots, 20/16
50 Ring dips (*bar/band)
50 Wall ball shots
50 Deadlifts
50 Box jumpovers
50 calorie row

Russell- Rx  264
Dustin- 165*  229
Eric- Rx  275
Richard- 135*  351
Paul M- 135  272
Todd McK- 85  235
Todd- Rx  283
John M- 135*  244
Abby- 75*  262
Jeremy- 65*  230
Stephen- 135  241
Sharon- 1/2  95*  190
Quincy- 135*  210
Caitlin- 65*  265
Skot- 1/2  95*  168
Alan- 1/2  65*  202
Tom- 135  253
Teresa- 241*

Great workout everyone. Could you imagine going through this whole workout? Richard almost did. Good job Richard. Good job going Rx'd and getting some monster numbers Eric, Russell, and Todd.

We were introduced to a new Box jump. We've seen Jumpovers in the past, but this up and over without opening hips is a burner. Either forward or lateral jumps are allowed, and stepping up is verboten. Some went with the new style, and some just kept jumping right over- sans touch.

Anything new can suck pretty bad until we get that groove. Then it's on.

The middle part of this workout was where things really got dicey. Wall ball shots, into Ring dips, and back to Wall ball shots was brutal- and where most people ran out of time.

We've been practicing Doubles and Singles a lot. How is your positioning coming along? Hollow is what we want. Think "hollow pogo stick" when you are jumping. You'll get them. Then, it's on to Triples.

Quincy McDonald
A quick shout out to Quincy (Quishy) McDonald. Just over a year of CFSF training under his belt and rolling strong. He has the no-quit attitude we like and motivates everyone to keep working hard, or he won't bring us any more cookies. 

By the way, whatever happened to the "Shut the F*ck up" cakes? Thanks Quincy. Be pleased, not satisfied.

Great job puppies: Helen, Terry, Skot, and Alan- hang on tight, keep listening to your body, do your homework, and you'll succeed.

Thanks for all your help Teresa, and Todd.

Tuesday might be one of the most well deserved rest days we've seen in a while. We need it! Take advantage of your extra time and get some love. Anything. Roll, floss, smash, stretch, massage, take a nap- whatever helps you recover.

Open gym 5:15-6:15. Be sure to thank Instructor M.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Better than yesterday.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Ten round workouts are usually more frightening on the board than in the gym, and can look intimidating. Only a couple of guys got this as Rx'd...

10 rounds:
14 foot Legless rope climb, 1 ascent (*rope sub)
200 foot sprint

Todd McK- 8:28
Paige- 11:20*
Paul M- Rx  8:24
Carrie- 9:43*
Teresa- 9:50*
Todd- 8:18
Juan- 9:06*
Russell- Rx  6:56
Tom- 7:24

Paul, Russell- monster workout. Good job, you guys are beasts. Good job everybody- this was actually a fun workout. Especially if you got to use your legs...

We talked about how to brake, and the two different braking styles, and also hit Rule #1 when Rope climbing: Leave enough fuel to get back down! Everyone had an opportunity to practice both. Nice work.

Spinach mushroom sliders 140423
Paleo tortillas

Shredded pork for carnitas
These recipes are all available from Sharon, and they are all yummy! The tortillas were out of this world, and combined with the pork, diced onion, and cilantro with some guacamole on the side made an awesome carnita.

Oh yeah, did I mention that they're all paleo friendly?

Good job and thanks again #1 chef.

Thanks for another great day of strength training and conditioning at CFSF.

3-2-1 Go!


"Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail." Sometimes it takes an extra day to really figure it out too... Not the case today. No doubt. As a matter of fact, lately, it's been "Rarely you're the hammer and mostly we're getting nailed."

But isn't that part of why we do it? We just keep coming back smiling.

Builds character. Good job everyone, and thanks CFHQ!

21-15-9-6-3 reps of:
Strict handstand push-ups (*sub)
195 pound Front squat

Quincy- 95*  21:05
Teresa- 65  16:15
Russell- 135  15:25
Todd- 135  18:47
Juan-  35*  13:24
Caitlin- 45  13:00
Tommy- 75*  17:21
Kathryn- 45  14:25
Tom- 75  17:01

Great workout everyone. We talked about the need to balance this equation by adding a set of 18, and 12. That idea was quickly rejected. The addition of any more reps at all might have tipped the scales on us.

Just keep moving. The rounds become easier, right? Theoretically, yes. Descending sets. However, this gem kept delivering right through to the round of three- a true lung burner.

For most of us, the word 'strict' was thrown out the window. Russell, Todd- good job sticking to the strict HSPU's. We talked about few cues, and had some demos of good and bad racks, and how each effects the Front squat. Good job locking those down.

The Burpees still stunk pretty bad, as usual. They hate us too.

Saturday morning at CFSF- for Abby
Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Good prioritization.

Strength + mobility = durability.

PS- Our pal that Pukie came to visit last week- I forgot to mention that he finished the workout.

On time, on target, never quit.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Mayday-Mayday-Mayday! would have been an appropriate call for this ultra nasty Nasty Girls v2. The only scale was the Hang power clean, maintaining the integrity of the other two exercises. Three people got this gem: Abby, Eric, and Russell- our resident mutants in training. Good job- good job- good job.

Nasty Girls v2
3 rounds:
50 Pistols
7 Muscle-ups
175 pound Hang power clean, 10 reps

Eric- 135  21:12
Russell- 135  19:41
Abby- 75  27:33

Outstanding workout- You three are all exceptional athletes, and we are fortunate to have you training with us at CFSF. The fuel, and motivation you provide the rest of the gym is part of the "not everything that counts can be counted" aspect of CFSF that makes us special. Thanks for that.

Abby killing the Pistols
Everyone else had a roll with 'Helen', our "go to" side session.

3 rounds:
400 meter run
21 Kettlebell swings, 53/35
12 Pull-ups (^prog)

Tammy- Rx  14:40
Dustin- Rx  15:28
Mary- Rx  15:54
Candice- Rx  13:29
Casey- Rx  11:28
Todd McK- 35  13:40
Paige- 26  15:58^
Carrie- 30  14:05
Teresa- Rx  11:04*
Stephen- Rx  11:50*
Tom- Rx  11:35*
Jeremy- 30  10:05^
Quincy- 53  15:43^
Emilee- 26  16:10^
Jill- 26  14:51^
Caitlin- Rx  10:49*
Juan- 35  10:35^
Joan- 30  10:47^
Alan- 35  13:20^
Helen- 18  16:59^
Terry- 20  17:37^

Great workout everyone. Great job puppies! Helen, how did you like 'Helen'? She's an all-time CFSF favorite, an original basement girl we've known before she even had a name. CrossFit called the workout something like 'The Test'.

'Helen' is a much better name.

Big THANKS for the ultra kind words from Eric, our visitor from Enterprise. That means a lot, and is very much appreciated. Spread the love-

Friday is a rest day. Open gym 5:15-6:15 for anything from a missed wod to mobility, or some nice long stretching of those super tight and sore muscles. Roll, smash, floss, feather- anything that helps you recover.

How about an ICE bath? What the f*ck?! Yes. That's right. An ICE bath. Check it out-

Thanks for another really great day at CFSF. Thanks for the super strong fuel and efforts. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!

We'll find your unicorn-
Another visit from Pukie. That's a lot of puke too! He'll be ok.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Rigid flexibility is what allows us to stray from the path periodically. With the exception of a few monster killers, we strayed. Some got the 1RM sans HS walk, some switched wods entirely. Either way, good job!

2014 Regional Event 1
1 RM Hang squat snatch
2014 Regional Event 2
Max distance Handstand walk

Russell- 135
Eric- 135/23'
Dustin- 115
Richard- 125/16'
Kathryn- 60/0
Casey- 155/2"
John M- 115/1'
Mary- 75/9'.9"
Jeremy- 75/1'
Caitlin- 29'

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

Sharon- Rx  18:12
Stephen- Rx  14:11
Caitlin- 8:31*
Joan- (40) 8:39*
Juan- (40) 8:28*
Tommy- 9:32*

Great job everyone. It's nice to have options. Sometimes we don't get that luxury. Most of the time the other option just isn't an option.

We did have some heavy Snatches, and there were a few long walks upside down. We got some practice rolling out of a handstand on to the pad, and OFF the pad, Mary... Scary Mary from now on. Practice and patience are what will get you inverted and moving. Get some.

Use the wall, use the rings. Get upside down!

Skot, Jill, Helen, Terry, and Alan- great job and thanks for your hard work, as usual. We are glad you are here.

We got a question about the Rower fund- as of today we are half way to the $500.00 CFSF kick-in. Thanks for the contributions so far... We're getting closer each month.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks Kathryn, and thanks Ryan!

Citius, altius, fortius.