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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

61 days until the 2014 Winter Circus
Todd McK is cold!

"Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."
 -Theodore Roosevelt


The work week started out with a bang as we got another short, sweet and potent session from CFHQ. Thanks!

7 rounds:
45 pound Dumbbell Thrusters, 7 reps
15' Rope climb, 1 ascent (*sub/mix^)

Todd McK- 20  5:48
Juan- 20  5:43*
Dustin- 25  6:27*
Eric- 35  5:45
Paul- 25  5:59
Joan- 10  8:19*
Teresa- 25  5:43*
Holley- 10  7:07*
Caroline- 15  19:14*
Jeremy- 25  8:54^
Stephen- 20  7:25
Matt- 30  6:39
Todd- 40  7:27
Caitlin- 15  4:52*
Tommy- 30  9:54
Alan- 20  8:00*
T- 25  6:58

Great workout everybody, and HOOF*CKINYAH! on everyone getting the DBT's UNBROKEN! It's just 7 reps, but it's still UNBROKEN. That's outstanding stuff. Thanks very much!

As heavy as possible, and as fast as possible- that's the recipe for success. Add consistency in training, eating clean, and getting plenty of sleep, and you're guaranteed success. Just follow the recipe and start cooking!

There were 9 too many rope subs today. Learn and practice both brake techniques, and get some rope time. Rope climbing is a more functional exercise than Pull-ups, and a lot more fun. Just remember the rule: Always leave enough energy to get back down!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Soft is contagious. Don't catch it.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Paige McKerchar, Savage Race 9-27-14. You have turned the worm in a big way!


Hero workouts demand an ability to filter pain that is learned over time. Before CrossFit, 150 Burpees would have been impossible. While CrossFitters still see 150 Burpees as a mother grabber, it's easier for them wrap their heads around the fact that it's completely doable as long as you're willing to endure some pain.

This was a good Hero workout. Thanks CFHQ.

1.5 mile run
150 Burpees
1.5 mile run

               1st 1.5 mi       Burpee finish      Total time
Paul-          10:08                29:15              40:53
Carrie-       12:04                36:41              50:23
John-         12:24                30:21               45:25
Holley-      17:26                31:01               51:30 (75 Burpees)
Joan-         13:59                32:03               49:14 (100 Burpees)
Casey-       13:02               35:52               57:00
Teresa-      15:35               40:33               59:45
Wesley-     10:02               29:37               41:03
T-              13:10               35:45               50:57

Great job, and monster efforts everybody! Bonus points for just showing up on this one... Double bonus points for Paul, and Carrie- the Savage Race Saturday, and 'Riley' Sunday. That's heavy stuff!

Congratulations and HOOYAH! Todd, and Paige McK, Carrie, and Paul!

This workout is named in honor of U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Riley Stephens, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) who was killed September 28, 2012 in Wardak, Afghanistan. We honor his life and show our deepest appreciation through our sweat, and pain. We are fortunate to have men of this caliber willing to stand up for our Country, and beliefs. Thank you CFHQ for giving us the opportunity.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

On time, on target, never quit.


Another super fun running triplet that our runners were happy to see. Thanks CFHQ!

3 rounds:
400 meter run
75/55 pound Hang power snatch, 21 reps
12 Chest to bar pull-ups

Dustin- Rx  19:01
Joan- 15  18:26
Caroline- 25  19:15
Teresa- Rx  19:32*
Jeremy- 45  15:09
Juan- 65  15:05
Sharon- 25  19:45
Stephen- 45  17:20
Holley- 25  19:08*
John- Rx  14:43
Wesley- 45  13:30
Candice- Rx  20:14*
T- 65  18:28*

Great workout everyone! Fast finishes Wesley, John, Jeremy, and Juan- which would be an unstoppable Men's 4x400 relay team. This workout went a bit on the long side for a few people, mostly the real running fans- good job holding on through to the end.

We've been running a lot lately and haven't talked much about the POSE method. Here's a great source of info:

We did talk about the Hang power snatch, and how very important timing was, and focused on that EXPLOSION that opens up the hips fully. Good job hitting those targets, and good job going *unbroken.

Really good Pull-ups from everyone. We had a few progressions toward the end, but everyone was getting solid bar time. Remember that the band is heroin. Don't become addicted. As soon as you've got the kip, leave that band alone.

We talk about hits and misses each strength session, and we've practiced bailing out of missed lifts. When you are working at and around max thresholds failure will occur. Here's a good reason to keep practicing the Rollback to Pancake stretch:

Even after this horrible miss, Jo-Pok hyang, of North Korea, finished the competition. A testament to the importance of flexibility, and mobility. She went on to place third overall at the  2014 Asian Games. 

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your hard work, and monster efforts.


Friday, September 26, 2014


These triplets have been a blast. Thanks CFHQ!

3 rounds:
400 meter run
30 Squats
115 pound Push press, 20 reps

Eric- 95  11:20*
Juan- 65  11:58*
Joan- 35  15:07*
Teresa- 55  14:50*
Emilee- 35  16:09*
Todd McK- 45  11:42*
Paige- 25  16:25*
Todd- Rx  14:49
Matt- 65  12:10*
Stephen- 65  14:54
Sharon- (2) 45  13:35*
Jeremy- 65  13:16*
Tammy- 55 13:18*
Tommy- 65  14:35*
Caitlin- 45  12:38*
Cayden- 45  12:38*
Alan- 65  14:08
T- 85  14:10*

Great job everyone! Fast finishes Caitlin, Eric, Juan, and Todd McK. Good job stepping up and getting this one as prescribed Todd- heavy stuff! Although  fun, these triplets have all been deceivingly difficult, this one no different. The monster efforts these workouts demand of us is what fuels us, and helps keep us going when everything says STOP. Thanks for that fuel.

*Unbroken- (def.) adjective; 1. Not broken; whole; intact. 2. Uninterrupted; continuous. 3. Not tamed, as a horse. 4. Undisturbed; unimpaired.

Good job going *UNBROKEN* on the Push press! Very good job if you got both the Squats and the Push press unbroken. We love this at CFSF because it keeps intensity HIGH. High intensity is a big part of the program, and what makes most people queasy until they learn to manage it.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

We're fine, you're ugly.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coach Em, Assateague Beach, MD


The final total for the CFSF members that participated in the Cold Water Challenge is 18. The charity we've chosen to donate the additional money to is Pets for Vets.

Thanks for stepping up. There were several charities that benefited from this campaign. We'll have some fun with this during the Winter Circus just for kicks.



This was another relatively short and sweet workout that definitely delivered. Bonus points for staying on your feet at the end. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ!

3 rounds:
400 meter run
75/55 pound Sumo deadlift high pull, 21 reps
12 Over the bar Burpees

Tammy- Rx  16:57
Juan- 65  15:05
Todd McK- 14:56
Paige- 35  20:18
Eric- Rx  12:25*
Paul- Rx  11:40*
Carrie- Rx  15:19*
Dustin- Rx  14:46*
Holley- 35  22:05*
Jeremy- Rx  12:52
Caroline- 35  16:05
Todd- Rx  13:38*
Candice- Rx  16:18*
Alan- 65  15:10
Tommy- 65  16:05*
Caitlin- 45  13:08*
Stephen- 65  14:54*
T- Rx  14:15*

Great workout everyone! Super fast finishes Paul, and Caitlin. And way to hang on tightly through to the bitter end Holley, and Paige. Too bad we can't store those 18 extra Burpees Holley did and use them later. She saw 12 as 21, and was corrected in the LAST round. What's the good side? Even if you make a big mistake like that, you still benefit.

If you did, good job going *UNBROKEN* on the SDHP's. Objective #1.

"This is all hips!"

If you weren't on time today you paid a bigger price in the economy of movement. Just like the rower, or 1-2-3, 3-2-1. Early pulls kill hip power, and this workout was all about hips. Efficient SDHP's meant the Burpees weren't quite as painful. But that hop over the bar sure adds an additional element of suck to an already sucky exercise.

The run was where most felt heavy. Even the runners had a few issues toward the end. That third run was difficult, for everyone. Good job getting through it. The only way out was through-

At least we had a beautiful day to be outside, and what better way to enjoy it than by smashing run wods at CFSF.

Working on the other stuff...

Big two weekends coming up: The Savage race, and then the JFBM3. Gonna be a blast for both.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your energy, enthusiasm, and your COACHABILITY. You are all awesome!

Life is good. CrossFit makes it better.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Our brain is wired for movement, not muscle. CrossFit trains with functional movement, not isolation. Segmented training yields segmented movement. This, along with the fact that CrossFit is FUN is why the globo gym can never compete with CrossFit. This is also why staying OUTSIDE your comfort zone is so difficult for most people.

Movement = Life

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


All days at CFSF are great, but this was a really great day. Although the workout was tough, it was short and sweet- just the way we like them. Thanks CFHQ.

21, 15, 9:
115 pound Overhead squat
Toes to bar

Eric- 75  5:24
Dustin- 75  6:58
Paul- 45  6:25
Juan- 65  6:54
Todd McK- 45  8:38
Paige- 25  8:47
Carrie- 45 FS  8:03
Joan- 15  8:52
Sharon- 35  10:53
Teresa- 65  7:06
Jeremy- 35  8:28
Holley- 15  6:33
Stephen- 95 FS  12:07
Caitlin- 35  5:54
Tommy- 55  7:50

The objective was set- get the Overhead squats UNBROKEN. Well done, and HOOF*CKINYAH! EVERYONE hit that target. THANKS for those super strong efforts. That is some of the strongest fuel available.

Just to get an idea of how special today was, it's the first time since opening in 2008 that we have had EVERYONE go unbroken, ever. It feels good to smash a target doesn't it? Yes.

Before CrossFit an Overhead squat would have been unimaginable. It requires high levels of strength, stability, and flexibility. Today's success is the result of your hard work, and consistency in training. The emphasis was less on load, more on form. Good job embracing the suck. You're Overhead squatting! Be pleased, not satisfied.

Tuesday is a rest day. REST DAY. Open gym for skills, or mobility, or a missed wod. Remember that rest is part of the program- so use your time wisely and do something that feels good and helps you recover. Roll, floss, feather, smash, anything. Just don't make the pain face. Stretch. Get a massage, take a nap. Your body will thank you with higher levels of performance and comfort. It's your business- take good care of it.

Thanks very much for a really great day at CFSF. Thanks Sharon, and Teresa.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Bread sub?

One of the things we miss most about the paleo approach to eating is bread. How about paleo friendly crackers that can be a close second to bread? Give these a try and let us know what you think.



Strength was a very welcomed sight, from a supine position no less. Thanks CFHQ!

Bench press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Juan- 195
Candice- 115
Todd- 245
Tommy- 225*
Matt- 195
John- 245
Wesley 215
T- 185

Nice job everyone. Monster lifts Candice, John, and Todd. Outstanding workout Mighty Atom- you pressed 5/6 of your body weight. The word the formula distilled was STRONG. And you are.

While not very functional, the Bench press is a good measure of strength, and change. Each session the validity of CrossFit is tested. Measurable increase in strength, endurance, and work capacity are observed over time, proving that CrossFit works! Nice *PR Tommy.

More good prioritization on a really nice Sunday afternoon. Good job. Your body thanks you.

A quick shout out to Juan- thanks for your excellent example of consistency in training. We love this at CFSF, as it benefits EVERYONE. !Continuar!

Thanks for the monster efforts today. You are all AWESOME.



At first glance this workout seems scary. According to the theory, it shouldn't be too bad at all... Debatable. However, this was a good one. Thanks CFHQ!

50 Wall ball shots, 20/16
155 pound Clean, 30 reps (^Power)
15 Muscle-ups (*3:3)

                              50 WBS     Clean
Juan- 13:00*                               75^
Jeremy- 17:30*                           75
Todd- 20:35             2:20          135
Caitlin- 16:45            2:06           65^
Tommy- 19:35*        2:15           75^
Candice- 15:37*       2:30           65^
Casey- 20:50            1:50          135^
T- 14:39                   2:15            95

-Option 2-

50 Wall ball shots for time, then:
7 rounds:
3 Cleans
6 Dips
9 Pull-ups

Matt- 17:28             2:31            95

Great job everyone, and great MU's Caitlin, Casey, and Todd! This is a "one and done" workout, where you just keep chipping away at the reps, focusing on the here and now, not the end- which can make things stretch out unnecessarily.

Nice Cleans. We put the option on the table to go Full, or Power for the main site WOD, but a Full clean was mandatory on Option 2- good job Matt. Most "O" coaches will tell you a Full clean is a missed Power clean. We don't split hairs on that anymore, unless HQ specifies.

The Wall ball shots turned out to be the more manageable of the three exercises today, which should throw up red flags to the fence walkers, maybe even help them decide NOT to roll. Thanks for the motivation NOT to do that Todd.

The Wall ball shots will always be a tall glass of suck. We get better.

Good prioritization on a nice Saturday morning you guys.

We are getting close to the Third Annual John Fenn Burpee Mile. Saturday, October 4th 10:00 for the full mile; 11:00 for anything else. You have the option of going 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 1200m, or the full 1600 meters.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your fuel, your motivation, and thanks most of all for choosing CFSF!

On time, on target, never quit.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Pulls and extension, followed by presses and flexion. How beautifully simple... Thanks CFHQ!

5 rounds:
10 Strict handstand push-ups (^prog)
20 GHD sit-ups (*abmat 20/16 "mix)

Eric- Rx  9:55
Juan- 8:58*
Todd McK- Rx  11:28
Paige- 11:53^*
Casey- Rx  10:40
Candice- Rx  9:59
Dustin- 10:14^*
Caroline- 12:00^"
Sharon- (3) 8:32"
Teresa- Rx  10:34
Cayden- (3) 5:48^*
Tommy- 9:15^"
Caitlin- 8:38"
T- Rx  9:00

Good workout everyone. Although simple, this was a high skill session. EVERYBODY is getting inverted. Good, good. Even if you just got some practice in the Handstand hold, good job. You'll get a lot more comfortable upside down before you know it, but you have to practice.

More people are getting GHD time as well, which is also good. Just be careful. That dog will bite. Remember the rules, and progress slowly. Otherwise, you run the risk of blowing out your core in the worst way. Incorporate the GHD into the warm-up periodically and build your numbers. 

A quick shout out to Todd McK, who has morphed into a Tiger Monkey, a close relative to the Supple Leopard, possessing strength, and agility, who is also the personification of the "dim light" we like that will always burn. Your progress has been constant, and predictable since starting CFSF. Thanks for your hard work, commitment, and for the fuel you contribute to CFSF. All of which, very much needed.

Friday is a rest day. Open gym 5:15-6:15 for anything from a missed wod to added mobility. Use your time wisely and do something that helps you recover. Rest is part of the program, so rest. Take a nap and dream nice dreams of smashing wods at CFSF. 

Thanks very much for another great day at CFSF. 

Movement = Life.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Paleo Thursday







Anything strict becomes difficult quickly. No momentum. Tough stuff. Thanks CFHQ!

5 rounds:
10 Strict CTB pull-ups (*kip/prog)
20 Hip-back extensions (^sub)

Eric- 16:42*
Todd McK- Rx  17:05
Paul- Rx  16:50
Klare- 16:09*
Carrie- 16:17*
Teresa- 16:26*
Stephen- 17:29*
Candice- 16:54*
Sharon- 17:36*
Caitlin- 13:23*
Tommy- 14:08*

Good job everybody. Very good job Paul, and Todd, as Rx'd. Outstanding! We also got a little payback for the decimated hands of late, and even up the score. We didn't split hairs on the pulls today. We took anything, and were grateful.

How about "Snakey"? This is the second time we've seen it in a workout, and it cannot be rushed. Total control is required, which makes it an excellent match for Strict CTB pulls. Did you remember the "Snakey" cues while you doing them?

Until our site can support another platform, which we ARE working on, this is it.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your fuel, and energy. Big THANKS to Eric, Teresa, and Sharon.

Earned. Not purchased.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Another 1RM strength day. Thanks CFHQ!

Clean & jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Todd- 95
Paige- 55
Juan- 125
Casey- 195  205PC
Paul- 175
Dustin- 175
Teresa- 125*
Todd- 205
Sharon- 85
Jill- 50
Tommy- 155
Caitlin- 85

Good job everyone. Monster lift Casey, nice *PR Teresa, and outstanding work Todd with a *PR 215 Clean. Good stuff. There were a few people working on C&J skills that did not get onto the board- thank you for your hard work and attention to detail. You're Cleaning! You're jerking! Before CrossFit that would sound weird.

 While we do love strength days at CFSF, they should leave you just as gassed as some other MMF's we see. It's just nice to be off the clock for a bit, a little more relaxed. Not for long... Another fun part of strength days is the fact that we can test ourselves, find our limits, and push past them over time. That's good motivation, and proof that CrossFit works!

Big THANKS to Eric, Casey, Todd, Teresa, and Sharon for all their help.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

"Buy the ticket. Take the ride."
-Hunter S. Thompson

We find you unacceptable.

Monday, September 15, 2014


This was another deceivingly difficult workout that follwed the rule pretty well. Hammered. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ!

In front of a running clock:
15' Rope climb, 2 ascents (*sub)
185 pound Front squat, 2 reps
15' Rope climb, 2 ascents
185 pound Front squat, 4 reps
15' Rope climb, 2 ascents
185 pound Front squat, 6 reps
15' Rope climb, 2 ascents
185 pound Front squat, 8 reps
Continue until you cannot make reps in alloted time.

Todd- 135 completed 10
Tommy- 115* completed 12
Teresa- 100* completed 12
Casey- 135 completed 5 of 14
Paul- 115 completed 10
Carrie- 45* completed 18
T- 95 completed 8

Great job everybody. This was a cool little couplet that got dicey fast. Nice round totals Casey, and Carrie, you killed it!

Monday is a rest day. Open gym 5:15-6:15 for a missed woe, mobility, skills, anything that helps you recover. ICE. Rest. Take a nap. Ask for a massage- you choose.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for choosing CFSF.

Rest. It's part of the program.
Congratulations CFSF members Holly Fenn, who completed a 5k, and Jeremy Maraskine, who completed a half-marathon Saturday at the Talladega Superspeedway. Great job you two!


Strength is a perfect follow-up workout to "The 7", and we were happy to see Snatches, especially at 1RM's. Thanks CFHQ!

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Juan- 85
Holley- 25
Joan- 35
Caitlin- 45
T- 125

Good job everyone. Good prioritization on a nice Saturday morning. Snatching is a journey- not a destination. Each exposure, each opportunity you take to practice will find you dialing in and locking the cues we talk about down.

The Snatch has a beauticul aesthetic value, and when things are moving well, you feel it. The bar floats as we pull ourselves under. This efficiency can only be learned over time, and is the culmination of a few basic requirements we hammer home from Day 1: Strength, stability, and positioning.

Thanks for your efforts, and thanks for your coachability! Both are very much appreciated.

Better than yesterday.


This was a good one. A monster workout for a very worthy cause that has two origins: one is for the seven CIA officiers killed in Afghanistan in 2009, the other is for the 343 Firefighters killed in NYC on September 11, 2001.

Either way, this is a workout worthy of their honor. Thanks CFHQ!

'The 7'
7 rounds:
7 Handstand push-ups (*iso-hold)
135 pound Thruster, 7 reps
7 Knees to elbows
245 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
7 Pull-ups (*band)

                                HS     Thruster     DL     KB
Dustin- 34:58            N          75         225     53
Joan- (4) 27:04         *          35          85      30
Teresa- 43:02           Y          65         115     35
Juan- 29:45*             *          75         135     44
Todd McK-36:49     Y          55         115     35
Paige- 53:45*           N          25          65      26
Sharon- (4) 25:01     Y          45          95      35
Holley- 43:57*         N          25          65      35
Candice- 43:59        Y          55          115    35
Jill- (4) 19:37*         N          35           95     25
Cayden- (4) 12:22    *          35           X       30
John- 37:10              Y         95          135     70
Wesley- 36:00          Y         55          135     53

Great job everyone. At any scale this workout is a tough one. As prescribed, scary. It should be.

CrossFit is the only program that even recognizes these Heroes, another component we love at CFSF, and why we see "Heroes Week" every year during the Winter Circus. These people have made the ultimate sacrifice for their love of the USA, and for us. They deserve all the recognition we can give them through sweat, and pain.

Thanks for your efforts and fuel, and thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Quitters never win. Winners never quit.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rules of Engagement:

1. Show up and do the work.
2. Abandon your ego.
3. Nobody cares what your time was.
4. Everybody cares if you cheated.
5. Effort earns respect.


This was a good one. Good job showing up, and thanks CFHQ!

5 rounds:
20 Wall ball shots, 12 foot target, 20/16
15' L-sit rope climb, 1 ascent (*3:1 sub ^reg RC "legless RC)

Todd- 10:44^
Juan- 8:48*
Todd McK- 9:58^
Paige- 16:15*
Joan- 18:23*
Paul- Rx  10:27
Eric- Rx  11:36
Stephen- 12:23*
Candice- 11:05^
Matt- (3) 6:52^
Jill- 15:45*
Tommy- 16:05*
C- 8:50^
T- 12:00^
John- 10:53"
Wesley- 11:03"

Great workout everyone! Really good job going as prescribed Eric, and Paul. You guys are monster killers! Excellent workouts turned in from the Dawn Patrol- John, almost Rx'd by one round and Wesley, all legless climbs. Nice work puppies- your hard work is motivating everyone. THANKS!

Wall ball shots are tricky enough. Add two feet and they really get fun. This workout turned out to be the WBS channel; all WBS all the time. The good news is that WBS become much more manageable over time. They will never be easy, we get better.

My CrossFit L1 certification was the first time I'd even been in a CrossFit gym, as well as my first exposure to the WBS, and it got really ugly. There are still people talking about "that guy". I was a soup sandwich, but made it through by the seat of my pants.

Thursday is an OS rest day. Use your extra time wisely and do something that feels good and helps you recover. Open gym 5:15-6:15 for skills, a missed wod, or mobility. Be sure to thank Coach M.

We need a total for the CFSF members who did the Ice Bucket Challenge. There will be a sheet on the table to sign off on. We also have to vote on which charity the CFSF matching funds should go to.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your fuel, energy, and enthusiasm.

REST! It's part of the program.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Deadly runs can kill you. Good job making it out alive. Even the runners were nailed. Great job, and thanks CFHQ!

Deadly Runs
225 pound Deadlift, 21 reps
400 meter run
225 pound Deadlift, 18 reps
400 meter run
225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
400 meter run
225 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
400 meter run

Eric- Rx  15:05
Dustin- Rx  16:43
Paul- Rx  13:10
Todd McK- 115  13:55
Paige- 55  18:42
Juan- 155  14:48
Casey- Rx  13:46*
Joan- 55  16:34
Russell- Rx  14:28
Teresa- 115  16:35*
Sharon- 95  16:23
Caroline- 55  13:33*
JJ- 125  12:50
Jeremy- 155  12:14
Holley- 65  17:09
Candice- 105  13:33*
Todd- Rx  15:01
Stephen- 165  17:15
Tammy- 135  16:26*
Tommy- 185  21:00
Caitlin- 105  14:04*
Alan- 135  15:15
John- 135  10:45*
T- 165  15:40*

Great workout everybody. Monster performance Madman, a fast finish as prescribed, and *UNBROKEN*

This is the CFSF post from Monday, January 31, 2011:

Anytime deadlifts are part of the WOD, we get blasted. Doing deads for reps can be a challenge from a stabilization standpoint versus strength. Sure, you can pick it up and put it down, but how is that pillar looking? Soft shoulders? Weak lumbar curve? These are two of many aspects to the dead that require our ENTIRE body to be turned on and firing to maintain that totally rock hard core in the position we want it to be in and to KEEP it there.......

225 pound deadlift, 21 reps
400m run
225 pound deadlift, 18 reps
400m run
225 pound deadlift, 15 reps
400m run
225 pound deadlift, 12 reps
400m run

Tammy- 95  15:42
Tice- 135 (18)  19:10
Brandi- 95 (18)  14:00
Dan- 165  13:44
LaRunda- 85  21:08
Sharon- 95  24:53
John- 135  22:10
Holley- 65 (18)  20:25
Casey- Rx  17:32
T- 215  19:30

Good session guys. This was a posterior chain destroyer of the highest order, that when combined with some other stuff from last week took a toll on us. Add tightness to that fatigue and now we're talking pain and discomfort. Solution? Easy fix. Mobility, increased attention given to flexibility exercises both before and after the WOD.

Good job Casey, going prescribed again. You are the Madman and you bring good fuel, and a little boy made of rubber who makes us laugh. Thanks. To the FNG's... You guys are doing really well. Form was good, consistently good form will allow more consistency. Consistency, in time will bring intensity that will make you feel more alive than you have ever felt. Be patient.

Tuesday is next, and it's a mother grabber. We will need lots of good fuel. Thanks for all the great efforts. You make CFSF the best place to be.



There are a few things we really like at CFSF, at the top of that list is consistency in training. Good job hanging on from the get go. You know who you are- CFSF plank owners.

Not much to add to the post except thanks for the wicked strong efforts from everyone! That's good fuel that helps us all keep going when everything else says STOP!

Thanks very much Eric and Casey.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

When all else fails, we don't.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014







Anytime Muscle-ups are in the wod people cringe with apprehension. It doesn't have to be this way. If you can Pull-up, and Dip, you can learn the Muscle-up. One of the Holy Grails in CrossFit training is within reach if you're willing to put in the time and practice.

How great would it be to only have to manage the Box jumps because the Muscle-ups are good? Pretty great. Practice the Muscle-up and join the club.

This was a monster session made worse by the MU sub. Embrace the suck.

2 rounds:

20 Box jumps, 30" box
5 Muscle-ups (*3:3 sub)
30 Box jumps, 24" box
5 Muscle-ups
40 Box jumps, 20" box
5 Muscle-ups

Tammy- (1) 19:42*
Paige- 36:43*
Todd McK- (1) 18:18*
Joan- (1) 26:42*
Carrie- 32:51*
Paul- Rx  22:16
Juan- 24:15*
Eric- Rx  23:32
Dustin- 26:45*
Russell- Rx  17:16
JJ- 34:00*
Stephen- 34:11*
Jeremy- (1) 17:50*
Teresa- 32:26*
Caroline- (1) 14:25*
Caitlin- Rx  24:26
Jill- (1) 26:26*
Alan- (1) 16:10*
Sharon- 29:35*

Great workout everybody. Monster workout Mighty Atom- as Rx'd! You are a beast. Super fast finish Russell, also as Rx'd. This potent couplet went on the long side of things too- good job holding on for two rounds.

Good workout puppies. This was a high volume test that you all passed, and another arrow for your quiver. Be pleased, not satisfied, and stay consistent.

For everyone that got the Muscle-Ups... OUTSTANDING! That's good motivation for everyone else. THANKS!

Go. Track.

Big THANKS to Casey, Sharon, and Teresa.

Movement = Life.

Monday, September 8, 2014


We hit the Hopper app today and got a couple of choices for the 9:00 class, but the 10:00 class took things into their own hands, with Hopper picks from the bucket and let the roll of the dice decide everything else.

Option 1
3 rounds:
50 Box jumps, 20" box
40 KB swings, 53/35
15 GHD sit-ups
400 meter run

JJ- 22:53
Russell- 26:43
Todd- 28:03

Option 2
10 rounds:
10 Pull-ups
10 Ball slams, 20#

T- 13:00

The 10:00 class learned a valuable lesson: DO NOT LET JOAN THROW. Ever. After a couple of :50 seconds of work,  and :10 seconds rest for 12 rounds workouts, she was relieved of duty. 

With more than 50 exercises to choose from, and an unlimited number of combinations for work and rest, the Hopper and Interval generator make things as random as they can be. We like random. Remember what our specialty is....

Recognize anyone here?
Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Remember the 0600 class begins Monday September 8th. This is the best time to train at CFSF, take advantage and get things off to a great start each day by rolling at 0600 in the cool air.

Not specializing.

On time, on target, never quit.


"O" lifts two days in a row- our Olympic fans are in heaven. Before CrossFit this would have been verboten, after CrossFit this was Day 2. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ!

Clean & jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Todd- 185
JJ- 95 PC
Russell- 205 PC
Matt- 105
Joan- 61
Todd McK- 105 PC
Casey- 185
Tommy- 130
Juan- 95
Sharon- 65
Candice- 100
Jill- 65
Emilee- 95
T- 135

Good workout everyone. There were a few cues we talked about hitting- patience, positioning, and rack delivery- THANKS for hitting them! Frankenstein squats, and Scarecrow cleans are two easy ways to reinforce what we like to see when Cleaning. Practice either whenever you get a chance.

We left the Power clean option on the table and a few people took advantage. Most Olympic coaches will tell you that a Power clean is a missed Clean. We don't split hairs, but the Clean is a much more athletic movement, incorporating many more attributes of fitness. 

CFSF member Joan Steed, Mt. Catedral, Bariloche, Argentina.
 Thanks for another great day of strength training at CFSF. Thanks for the monster efforts and wicked strong fuel.

Earned. Not purchased.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Even though we were Snatching, and even though we had to get three reps, this was still a great strength workout that most were relieved to see. Thanks CFHQ!

Snatch 3-3-3-3-3

Paul- 75
Carrie- 35
Todd McK- 80
Paige- 30
Joan- 20
Eric- 115
Dustin- 115
JJ- 65
Russell- 145
Juan- 65
Tommy- 95
T- 95

Great job everyone. We had a couple of targets set: Patience (timing), and positioning. THANKS for your hard work, thanks for hitting those targets. We also talked about the progressive nature of CrossFit, and how an exercise like the Snatch can expose flexibility, and stability issues that only you can address through added mobility and flexibility training. 

So, if you come in early for a class, as we expect you to, you can work on these. This is also why we have Open gym- this is an excellent time for added mobility-flexibility training instead of another wod. The mobility-flexibility will, by far, benefit you more.

All Olympic lifts are technical and require high skill levels. The Snatch requires this and more. Of the 10 general physical fitness skills CrossFit develops, Snatching hits most, which makes it an incredibly effective tool for developing athleticism. This can only happen over time through consistency in training.

Bonus points if you can name the 10 skills...

Great job puppies, you learned the first part of the Burgener, and you're Snatching! The Snatch is an excellent example of how several movements when combined add up to something else all together. From the Set-up through to the finish the cues, targets, and objectives we've talked about from your first day at CFSF blend into one smooth movement. Beautiful isn't it? Yes.

This workout was less about how much, and more about how well. We did have a monster lift- nice work Russell. You are a beast. That's good fuel too. Thanks!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your hard work, and thanks for choosing CFSF.

CRE, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy. That's a pretty good one-stop-shop.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Two classic CrossFit exercises that when paired up become even more potent. Bonus points for staying on your feet at the end. Another great workout. Thanks CFHQ!

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Handstand push-ups ("prog)
L-pull-ups (^prog **kipping *kipping L)

Todd McK-24:50*
Paige- 26:45"^
Dustin- 18:48"**
Todd- 20:29*
Russell- 17:03*
JJ- 21:23"**
Juan- 15:25"^
Emilee- 16:26"**
Casey- 20:42*
Eric- 16:33*
Holley- 24:35"^
Teresa- 24:23**
Matt- 24:07"**
Caroline- (18) 11:20"^
Candice- 17:58*
Caitlin- 17:13*
Tommy- 18:50"*
T- 19:45*

Great job everyone. More people are getting comfortable while inverted, and that is good. If you don't practice it'll never happen- Remember the key word is HOLLOW. We didn't split hairs on the L-pull-ups. Kipping L's were accepted, as were plain Kipping pull-ups.

Both of these exercises require a high strength, and skill level. Aptitude development occurs over time and cannot be rushed, only practiced. This is consistency in training.

Fall is slowly creeping into the picture which means the 0600 class will be resuming September 8. The air conditioning is on which also makes this the best time of the day to train at CFSF. So join John in a morning class guaranteed to get your day off to a great start.

This is the Savage Race month. Saturday the 27th. There's still time to get in. Talk to Paul. Also, we are exactly one month and a day away from the 3rd Annual John Fenn Burpee Mile. 10:00 Saturday, October 4th.

Wednesday is a rest day. Open gym 5:15-6:15 for a missed wod, mobility, or both.Use your extra time wisely. You're worth it.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF, and thanks for choosing CFSF.

Thanks for your help Todd, and thanks very much John. We're glad you're back.

Life is good. CrossFit makes it better.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Alright guys, the Labor Day break is OVER. Time to get back after it. We have rescheduled the John Fenn 3rd Annual Burpee Mile from September 27th to October 4th so our Savage racers can get both.


'Fran' can get nasty, not that we're afraid of nasty, but multiply the Thrusters and add Chest to bar pull-ups and we're taking things to a whole new level. Monster workout. Thanks CFHQ!

'Bad Fran'
30-20-10 reps:
95/65 pound Thruster
Chest to bar pull-ups (*kip/^prog)

JJ- 45  11:46^
Russell- Rx  11:35
Todd- Rx  13:46
Teresa- Rx  18:55
Juan- 65  12:15^
Sharon- 35  17:46*
Caroline- 30  12:05^
Alan- 65  17:11^
T- 75  12:25*

Great job just getting through this one. We were decimated. Torn hands prevented three people from finishing...

CrossFit- 7
Hands- 0