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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Back squat strength in sets of five can get dodgy if you aren't locked down and dialed in the entire time. Failure to do so means you miss the lift, and we don't mind missing lifts, just miss them for the right reasons- NOT positioning and stability. Miss because it's heavy.

Back squat 5-5-5-5-5

Juan- 255
Joan- 105
Tammy- 160
Anna- 105
Todd- 245
Tommy- 225
Teresa- 135
Hunter- 200
Caitlin- 96
Candice- 115
Sharon- 105
John- 305
Wesley- 205
Jeremy- 205

Great workout everyone, and nice Squats. We set a few targets that everyone hit- thanks for your monster efforts and thanks for hitting those targets. The word of the day was "solid", and hitting those targets meant you were "solid".

The Back squat is part of the CrossFit Total for a reason. It packs a big hormonal punch, and for some strength guys, one of a very short list of exercises they focus on. Only Olympic lifts contribute more to overall strength and athleticism than the Back squat does.

Rippetoe knows.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks Teresa, and Sharon.

"If you want to be happy, be."
-Leo Tolstoy


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We pulled the rigid flexibility card today, and as usual, the sub was worse than the WOD. The "F" word, or 'FRAN', who is loved or hated but never ignored.

21-15-9 reps of:
Thruster, 95/65

Tammy- Rx  7:41
Anna- 45 PP 7:42
Juan- 75  5:22
Caitlin- 55  7:48
Tommy- 75  11:14
John- Rx  5:30
Wesley- Rx  5:51
Jeremy- Rx  8:59
Todd- Rx  5:47

Great workout everyone. Nice work John, Wesley, Jeremy, and Tammy- Rx. There were a few other people that didn't get on the board but still got a nice taste of what's coming. Frantastic, and thanks for your hard work. Welcome back Joan, here's a punch in the nose for going on vacation in the first place.

Tuesday is another well deserved rest day. Use your extra time to do anything that feels good and helps you recover.

"It starts in your head."
-Ben Smith


Monday, July 27, 2015


Strength is, and will always be, a welcomed sight at CFSF. No clock, a little more relaxed, but just as intense as any dangerous little couplet, leaving us as gassed as any long, lung burning chippers we've ever seen.

Clean & jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Juan- 150
Todd- 215
Tammy- 115
Caitlin- 85
Tommy- 185
Teresa- 125
T- 165
John- 235
Wesley- 185
Jeremy- 185

Great lifts everyone. Monster lifts John, Todd, and Teresa. You are all STRONG! Watching the Games athletes throwing around anywhere from 245 pounds for the women to 365 pounds for the guys puts things into perspective. These people are very strong. What's more is because they are CrossFit they are competent across broad skill, and time domains, with many different energy requirements.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your hard work and monster efforts.

"You've got to find some kind of consistency."
-Elijah Muhammad



The CrossFit Games have been, up to this point, beautifully simple yet utterly destructive in nature. Pure CrossFit stuff with a few new tweaks, and some classic CrossFit Hero workouts that have also been tweaked a little just to keep things interesting. Very cool stuff. Thanks CFHQ.

'Double DT'
10 rounds:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Push jerks
Men 155, Women, 105

Caitlin- 60  7:32*
Tommy- 95  11:50*
Teresa- 85  13:33 
Todd- 135  11:54 
T- 75  6:50*
Wesley- 115  8:56*
Jeremy- 115  10:49*

Great workout everyone. Good job doubling up Teresa, and Todd. Games worthy stuff.

DT punishes inefficiency and if there's a common thread between the athletes we see at the Games, it's efficient movement, timing, and positioning. The three things we love to see that often mean making or missing a lift.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Good prioritization of a nice Saturday morning.

"Don't hold back."
-Brooke Ence


Friday, July 24, 2015


We wondered what HQ would follow up with after the 'Murph' and it was a curve ball that nobody expected. We've seen this in the past as a warm-up, where the weight pile is moved from the East side of the gym to the West side and back- but we've never seen it as a workout of the day.

As luck would have it, a torrential rain storm kept us inside using the Gym Tour lap (50 yards) multiplied by 2, which made things a lot easier than going across the street 50 yards and back, having to change direction.

Most folks stayed with a set load and just moved it a given number of laps until they had moved 700 pounds. Others moved different loads, adjusting as they went. John and Jeremy did a decidedly different workout than anyone else, actually moving the plates from one pile to another and back, which is a better interpretation of the instructions. Rigid flexibility, or flying by the seat of our pants? Either way, this was a super fun workout that turned out to be a lot tougher than we thought it'd be. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ.

Move 700 lbs. of odd objects 50 yards and back

                      Load          Time
Candice-     100-105       12:18
Casey-            135            8:35
Tammy-       75-105        16:39
Anna-              40            17:49
Juan-              100            7:48
Todd-            100            6:21
Sharon-           81            18:00
Hunter-           85              9:35
Tommy-         100            8:35
Caitlin-            65            15:52
T-                    90            7:23
John-                               29:33

The John Fenn plan
Great workout everyone. This was arm, and hand destruction of the first order, even for the faster finishers. Good job holding on tightly- literally. We moved sandbags, bumper plates, kettlebells, loaded bars, and the heavy duffel bags. It was even suggested that we use the Fireman's carry and carry each other around, which didn't go over too well. All and all a pretty fun time getting hammered.

Friday is a well deserved rest day. Use your extra time wisely and do something that feels good and helps you recover. The last cycle pounded us. Get some mobility: roll, smash, feather, floss, or band distraction- you pick. Get a massage, take a nap and dream nice dreams of killing the wods at CFSF. ICE anything sore, and camp out on anything gnarly. It's your business, take care of it. Your body will thank you.

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow."
-Mary Anne Radmacher


Thursday, July 23, 2015


The 'Murph' is another all time CFSF favorite that we are guaranteed to see twice a year: once during the Winter Circus, and again on Memorial Day. Any other time we get to see the 'Murph' is bonus, and we'll take it. Thanks CFHQ!

1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile run

Hunter- (1/2) 27:32
Todd- Rx  53:02
Caitlin- Rx  52:02
Chris- (1/2) 36:52
Juan- 55:58
Tommy- 62:40
Sharon- (1/2) 44:58
Candice- (1/2) 30:00
T- Rx  65:25
John- Rx  49:37

Great workout everyone, and thanks for coming out on what might be one of the most celebrated Hero workouts in the CrossFit hopper. Super good job John, Caitlin and Todd! Hunter, and Chris- the 'Murph' is a CrossFit rite of passage. Your worms have been turned. Good job guys.

At any scale- number, progression, or partitioned- the 'Murph' is the real deal and epitomizes the CrossFit  "I can" mentality. Upon initial completion, and from then on everything has a new perspective and it starts to sink in... "I can". The sad thing is some people will never have the opportunity to experience this because they are intimidated by the sheer commitment of effort required on a daily basis. They are the CrossFit skeptics.

Hard work comes with it's own reward, and there are plenty in the CrossFit world.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."
-Arnold Schwarzenegger


Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Before CrossFit Memorial Day was Memorial Day. After CrossFit Memorial Day means Murph.

1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile run (*loaded last mile)

Brandi- 89:24
TW- 81:01
Sharon- 45:50
Casey- 47:12
Candice- 76:09*
Teresa- 83:49
Todd- 69:23*
T- 74:00*

Great job everyone, and THANKS for coming out and stepping up for a very worthy cause. If you don't know the background behind 'Murph' it's a tale of bravery and honor, during the most difficult circumstances imaginable. What we do is so pitifully insignificant compared to what these Heroes have done, but it is an honor to struggle through these workouts on their behalf.

Memorial Day was also special because it marks the fifth year since CFSF moved from our humble beginnings on Hillyer-Robinson Industrial Parkway with our 1,000 square foot space. We thought we'd never fill up that new 5,000 square foot box space, but now we need more.

Memorial Day has always been a special day to recognize our military fallen, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. But it's also for the military personnel who are both here, and alive. THANK YOU.

Tuesday is next. Be ready.

Constantly varied, functional movement performed at high-intensity.


The winter storm hit the same day 'Murph' hit. For some, relief, for others the compulsion is too great to be ignored. Gotta get 'Murph'... Gotta get 'Murph'... It'll run over and over through your brain like a broken recording until you are given the opportunity to GET 'MURPH'!

1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile run

Todd McK- 54:38
Paige- (1/2)  28:11
Tommy- (1/2)  27:21
Caitlin- (1/2)  22:35
Megan- (1/2)  28:47
Eric- 40:07
Paul M- 38:50
Kathryn- 48:41
Matt- (1/2)  31:40
Teresa- 64:15

'Murph' is one of our all-time favorites and a rite of passage in the CrossFit community. This was the first 'Murph' for a few. Outstanding workout, and congratulations!

This is an interesting debate that, along with "Power", or "Full" Clean, CFHQ has had to step in and clarify. To partition, or not to partition? That is the question. Only recently has CFHQ included with the 'Murph' instructions the word "partition".

What's the difference between partitioning 'Murph', or going straight through? Twelve minutes.

Old school CrossFitters find an inherent flaw with this as for most it's a mile run, then twenty rounds of 'Cindy' with another mile run. We have never split hairs on this one mostly leaving it up to choice. Work is work- whatever strategy you use to get to the end- the only way out is through.

However, running a mile after perfroming 300 Squats is entirely different than running a mile after twenty rounds of 'Cindy'- just sayin'....

Stepping down off my soapbox.

Good job giving in to that CrossFit addiction, and thanks for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF.


Can you feel the excitement? When the WOD pops up three hours late that can mean only one thing... The GAMES are getting close. Things got started with a fun repeat from 2012 that a few of us got then, and now. CrossFit WORKS! Thanks CFHQ.

Master's Event 3
3 rounds:
95 pound Ground to overhead, 10 reps
200 yard Shuttle sprint
(50 meters down and back twice)
Tammy- Rx  6:29               8:31
Anna- 35  6:01
Hunter- 65  5:35
Casey- Rx  5:03                5:17
Teresa- Rx  6:12               7:30
Sharon- 45  10:20
Todd- Rx  5:27                 5:44
Juan- 85  5:38
Tommy- Rx  8:57
Caitlin- Rx  7:11
Candice- Rx  6:45
Chris- 65  8:09 (PP)
Caroline- 40  8:47
John McC- 75  8:48 (PP)
John- Rx  4:33
Wesley- Rx  4:34
Jeremy- Rx  5:45
T- Rx  5:48

Great workout everyone! Super fast finishes John, Wesley, Casey, and Anna. Some impressive time drops from last run from everyone involved as well- OUTSTANDING! Awesome job Tammy! 2:00 minutes in the CF world is a looong time.

Ground to overhead implies anything goes. There were mostly Jerks, or Presses, with a few Snatches, and some combos of both. As long as it finished in a good ACTIVE overhead position, it counted. Good job CFSF puppies! You are getting locked on and more importantly getting used to the tempo and intensity you will be working at.

Uncle Rhabdo is real. He is related to Pukey the Clown, only much, much meaner. Take the time to read these articles. This is serious stuff.

You do not want this to happen.

Thanks Sharon, and Teresa, and THANKS for another great day of training and conditioning at CFSF.

'You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."
-Albert Einstein


Tuesday, July 21, 2015


CrossFit increases work capacity over broad domains. We have been seeing the longer side of those domains lately, so this was a welcomed change. A relatively short, sweet session. Thanks CFHQ!

3 rounds:
95/65 pound ground to overhead, 10 reps
200 yard shuttle sprint, 50 yards down and back

Lynde- Rx  5:46
James- Rx  7:29
Tammy- Rx  8:31
Scott- 75  6:47
Alice Anne- 55  8:18
Todd- Rx  5:44
Dave- 75  6:27
Kathryn- Rx  7:18
Holley- 45  9:44
Teresa- Rx  7:30
Joey- 65  5:37
Jessica- 34 PP 7:45
Nicole- 45 P  9:07
Cliff- Rx  6:25
Casey- Rx  5:17
Candice- 45  7:24
Ryan- 45 P  4:38
Forrest- 45 P  5:43
Cody- Rx  7:13
T- Rx  6:55

Great session everyone. Super fast Madman, and Lynde. You two are killing it, hanging it up on the wall and taking shots at it... Outstanding.

We had a visit from Ryan, and Forrest. Good job you two. We also had a return visit from Andrea. Drink the kool-aid. Come back for more, and  DO NOT QUIT. It will never be as tough as you think it will be, and you are a lot tougher than you think you are.

You all know that our CrossFit community is special, and if you didn't, you do now. Thanks for the kick ass chain Joey. We are going to have some serious fun with that monster.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for all the hard work and great fuel.

Altius, citius, fortius.

We are exactly four months away from the Tough Mudder. Team WFYU!

Monday, July 20, 2015


This workout followed the theory perfectly, it appears to be benign, almost fun. Until the third round. Then the realization sets in... Holy smoke this is tough! We loved it. Thanks CFHQ.

5 rounds:
25 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
25 GHD sit-ups (*1:1 abmat 20/16)
25 Back extensions
25 Knees to elbows

Todd- Rx  39:57
Candice- 35  35:23*
Teresa- 35  19:22
T- 53  35:33*

Great workout everyone. Good prioritization on a nice Sunday afternoon. This was one of the most deceivingly difficult workouts we've seen in a while- almost sneaking up on us. Good job maintaining- very good job Todd- that's heavy stuff, especially the 72 pound Kettlebell you were swinging.

Monday is a rest day. Use your extra time wisely and do something that feels good and helps you recover.

Thanks for your hard work and monster efforts.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
-Winston Churchill



This was a tough one- on a hot, muggy morning no less.

5 rounds:
20 Wall ball shots, 20/16
225 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
John- 135  12:11
T- 165  18:31                           12:20
Casey- Rx  15:33                     10:48

Good job John. I might have just curled up and died if you weren't there. I have never wanted to stop a workout early as much as I did today. A two-minute break after round three, and a five-minute break after round four and I was able to complete the workout. That's a bad day.

For comparison our good buddy Corey Culp also did this workout, however, he got it as prescribed AND in 6:02. That's pretty amazing stuff

We had a great time at the Friday night field trip. Some serious softball, and some seriously fun kickball. We had a blast, and we'll do it again. Thanks for coming out.

The beautiful thing is even a bad day at CFSF is better than a good day ANYWHERE else. Thanks for the motivation John!

"Buy the ticket. Take the ride."
-Hunter S. Thompson



Because of the Friday night field trip only a few guys had the opportunity to get this beast- lucky dogs.

'Mean Cindy'
10 rounds:
5 Handstand push-ups
10 Pistols
15 Pull-ups

Todd McK- 25:12
Juan- 18:41
Casey- 28:16

Great workout you guys. We've done this workout before a long time ago and called it 'Backwoods Cindy' and it's still as much fun now as it was then. Usually a recipe for disaster for hands though- good job hanging tough.

Freestanding Pistols or rack assist Pistols are no joke. One of the few times we use our entire foot to grab the ground instead of rooting our heels. Good luck with a freestanding Pistol if your hamstrings are tight- another reason to hit that PC everyday.

When the Handstand push-ups aren't the problem, we've got a problem.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."
-Mike Tyson

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Puppy 101

CFSF is a very supportive gym, with supportive athletes, and coaches. We want you to succeed, and thrive. Since we refer to our new members as "puppies", here are a few good tips on making it past the "puppy" stage at CFSF:

  1. Set a realistic pace at the beginning. The goal is to work up to three days on and one day off. However, it takes time to get to that point. You might want to start with three days a week for a month, then move to four days a week for the second month. This gives you time to adjust physically, and mentally to the challenges you will be facing at CFSF.
  2. Don't skip workouts because you're unfamiliar with a movement. Some new skills will be frustrating. Rather than skip these workouts, charge right into them. The struggle to learn new skills pays off with a host of powerful training effects, and when you get that first Pull-up, or Handstand the confidence you feel will be all-powerful.
  3. Take pride in your courage to start the program. For many CFSF beginners, the enormity of all there is to learn and the eventual gut busting intensity can be demoralizing. Don't fall prey to this feeling. Check your ego at the door. The courage you've shown to just start CFSF should make you proud.
  4. Don't let the whiteboard get you down. CrossFit turns workouts into competitions, athletes in every class compete side by side and against the clock, with scores posted following each workout. Puppies should be concerned with how they stack up against their own previous results. We all check the whiteboard at some point- remind yourself of your current skill level, and the progress you have made since starting.
  5. Stick with it for at least four months. It takes time to adapt to the training, learn the basic skills, and begin to feel comfortable enough to begin to ramp up the intensity of your workouts.
  6. Set goals. Short-term, and long-term tangible goals, then work to achieve them. Anything worth having is worth working hard for, and nothing is easy. Want it.


This was a well placed strength session, and a terrific progression exercise for the Snatch. Thanks CFHQ!

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Tammy- 75
Eric- 115
Todd McK- 80
Paige- 45
Juan- 105
Caitlin- 65
Tommy- 145
Teresa- 85
Sharon- 70
Todd- 145
T- 125
John- 205
Wesley- 115
Jeremy- 95

Great workout everybody. Nice Snatch balance work. The Snatch balance is a great exercise to help teach us to get under the bar. Positioning AND stability must both be dialed in otherwise the lift will be a MISS.

Nice job Anna, Hunter, Chris, and Patrick. Presses, and Push presses- locked. Thanks for your hard work. Don't let the learning curve intimidate you. Do your homework, train consistently, and add mobility EVERY day you're at CFSF. YBF. The process will work.

Thursday is an OS rest day. Use your extra time wisely and do something that feels good, and helps you recover. Rest is part of the program, yes, but you can take a walk, or a bike ride, or even better- a SWIM! Active recovery means just that. You're doing something else. Planning on doing the Savage Race? Start some RDR's. All the TM's know what that is....The Savage September 26.

Remember, NO EVENING CLASSES Friday. The Friday night Field Trip is on! 6:00 pm Ohatchee ball fields. Bring anything you want to eat and drink, and anything you'd like to play, or do. It's going to be a blast. 2276 Harts Ferry Rd. Ohatchee, AL 36271 You'll see it when you're close.

Thanks very much for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your hard work and monster efforts.

"Do or do not... there is no try."


Wednesday, July 15, 2015


CrossFit skeptics point out that a 12:00 minute workout is not a sufficient amount of time to reach the desired effect. We know better. Flat on your back in twenty minutes or less, right? Right. In this case, 8:00 minutes less. Short and sweet, this 12:00 minute AMRAP was a potent punch in the nose, confounding the skeptics.

12:00 AMRAP
Dumbbell squat snatch, 10 reps
50 Double-unders (*Tuck jumps 1:1)

Todd McK- 20  3 + 3
Juan- 30  3 + 30
Eric- 40  4
Caroline- 15  4+ 6
Tammy- 15  2 + 25
Casey- 35  4 + 5
Caitlin- 15  4 + 8
Tommy- 25  1 + 52
Sharon- 10  2 + 8
Teresa- 25  3
John- 40  3 + 12
Wesley- 20  3 + 5
Jeremy- 20  2 + 23

Great workout everybody. Efficiency paid off today, and if you weren't dialed in you were working too hard. We don't mind hard work, it's the wasted energy that's the problem.

We talked about a few things we wanted to see with the DB snatch- nice job hitting those targets. AND, nice Doubles. It's amazing how quickly people learn Doubles when Tuck jumps are the sub.

Welcome to CFSF Hunter, and Patrick.

CFSF is taking a Family Field Trip Friday night. 6:00 pm at the Ohatchee ball field. Softball, Kickball, Paintball, Red rover, and a SNIPE hunt. If you have a mitt, bring it. Bring a cooler with anything you want to drink and eat, we'll be under the lights.

This is the address:

2276 Harts Ferry Rd.
Ohatchee, AL 36271

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. You are all awesome!

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out."
-Robert Collier



Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.... Wait. There's nothing gentle about this one. How about this- row faster, I hear banjo music? Yeah. That's definitely more appropriate. This was a deceivingly tough workout, although with 1:1 intervals we should have known we'd be getting hammered. Loved it. Thanks CFHQ.

5 rounds:
5:00 minutes of rowing
5:00 minute rest
2:00 minutes Max sit-ups
                         1          2          3          4          5          Total       2:00 Max sit-ups
Juan-             1200    1208    1228    1211    1224       6,071               54
Todd McK-   1161    1128    1108    1100    1117       5,614               58
Paige-            1059    1035    1037    1014     995        5,140               43
Tammy-          937    1009    1019                               2,965                65
Anna-             893      904      908                                2,705               45
Caroline-        940      938      964      925      897        4,646               42
Eric-              1250    1245    1253    1261    1257       6,266               50
Stephen-        1105    1113    1149    1120    1108       5,595               50
Candice-        1138    1100    1110    1060    1073       5,491               62
Casey-           1226    1216    1229    1180    1155       6,006               60
Kayla-             796     926      920      910      932        3,574               45
Caitlin-           974      961     938      937      965         4,775               73
Tommy-        1278    1170    1140    1132    1157       5,877               54
Sharon-          887      920      940      950      966        4,663
Chris-            1176    1207    1217                               3,600          (1:00) 26
T-                  1085    1115    1104    1095    1105       5,504               75
John-             1299    1302    1317    1307    1300       6,525               57
Wesley-         1303    1312    1293    1270    1269       6,447               54
Jeremy-          1132    1151    1174    1222    1218       5,897              40    

Great workout everyone! That's a lot of rowing. As a matter of fact, that's a cool 97,362 total meters. What? Yes, 97,362 meters. How long would that stretch toward Birmingham? Well, that's 60.5 miles, so we're almost there.

We had some very powerful rows- which will ALWAYS get you farther than high frequency rowing. Anything over 1,200 meters in 5:00 minutes is solid rowing. We also like consistency, and everyone stayed within 50-100 meters on each row interval. Good job.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your hard work, and most of all, THANKS for choosing CFSF.

"Quality is not act. It is a habit."


Tuesday, July 14, 2015


We've seen this set and rep configuration a time or two in the recent past, and it's a very challenging workout. 10 reps down to 1 rep back up to 10 reps? Yes. Cool stuff. Thanks CFHQ.

Back squat 10-5-3-1-1-1-3-5-10

Juan- 75-85-135-155-175-205-180-155-135
Todd- 155-185-225-245-265-245-225-185-155
Caitlin- 45-55-65-75-85-95-85-75-55
Tommy- 75-115-155-185-215-235-185-165-135
Joan- 35-45-55-65-75-85-75-65-55
John- 135-185-205-225-245-275-245-205-185

Great workout everyone! That's a super high volume day- good job shutting it down, and good prioritization on a nice Saturday morning.

Big THANKS to Sharon and Todd.

On point.


Two for one from HQ was a deal one guy at CFSF couldn't refuse. Good job Todd! Rigid flexibility allowed us to pull the Trainer's choice option, and it was a good one.

21 Pistols, 65 pound dumbbell
15 Clean and jerk, 185 pounds
9 Muscle-ups

15:00 minute rest

21 Paralette handstand push-ups
15 Snatches, 165 pounds
9 Muscle-ups
                                   Pistol     C&J     Snatch
Todd- 9:54/10:32          20        155        115

-Option B-

5:00 Doubles
1:00 rest
4:00 Push-ups
1:00 rest
3:00 Wall ball shots
1:00 rest
2:00 Kettlebell swings
1:00 rest
1:00 Box jumps, 20" box
Then, 10:00 to find a 1RM Clean and jerk

                      Doubles    PU's    WBS       KBS     Box jumps      C&J     Total
Joan-                19            50         30      30/30         10               80        189
Casey-              165          63         37      53/25         21              195       506
Candice-           135          60        40       35/32         21              115       404
Juan-                 46           78         40       53/34         21              140       359
Sharon-             80           60         30       53/15         11               65        261
T-                     201         100        30       53/35         23              165       554

Great workout everyone, and MONSTER good job Todd- you are a mutant! Both of these workouts were tough, good job holding on tightly to the end.

Good PT everyone. Those are solid numbers, and EVERYONE is getting Doubles- excellent.

Thanks Casey!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Quitters never win, winners never quit.


Triples are the new Doubles, and Five is the new Three. CrossFit's evolution continues... That's good stuff. Thanks CFHQ!

5 rounds:
800 meter run
30 GHD sit-ups (*1:1 20/16)
30 Hip extensions

Juan- 39:06*
Candice- 42:06*
Casey- 43:20*
Eric- Rx  42:44
Sharon- (3) 33:40
Joan- (3) 34:44*
Kayla- (3) 33:40*
Chris- (3) 11:17*

Great workout everyone. Good job going Rx'd Eric. This was no walk in the park, even the CFSF runners had to work harder to breathe because it was HOT! That's ok, and all part of the program. We adapt, and acclimate to these extreme environmental conditions. Alabama Summers, AND Winters can get dicey, we keep going.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

3-2-1 Go!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


The "do more, be more" mentality that we've adopted at CFSF never expresses itself more than on strength days. We usually get a two for one bonus which is a really good deal that you should be happy with. The WUWO was a good one and did pave the way for some monster lifts.

3 rounds:
250 meter row
:30 Handstand hold
10 Hang power cleans
200 meter run
10 Push jerks

Push jerk 3-3-3-3-3

                  WUWO           PJ
Juan-         65  13:13         125          
Caroline-   25  16:27          65
Eric-          75  13:03         185
Joan-         35  16:12          65
Sharon-     45  21:51          85
Todd-        75  13:09         205
Tommy-     65  19:25         145
Candice-    55  14:23      
T-              75  16:35         165
Chris-        45  18:00
John-                                 215
Wesley-                            165
Holley-                               80  

Great workout everyone! Nice lifts Sharon, John, and Todd- and super fast WUWO finishes Eric, and Juan.

Wednesday is a rest day. Use your extra time wisely and do something that feels good and helps you recover. Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Be kind.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


'Fight Got Worse' more accurately describes this 'Fight Gone Bad' mutant WOD that went hammer time, nailing us pretty good. We loved it. Thanks CFHQ!

42-30-18 reps of:
Wall ball shots, 20/16
Sumo deadlift high pull, 75/45
Box jumps, 20" box
Push press, 75/45
Row (calories)

Eric- Rx  33:25
Juan- Rx  33:58
Joan- (-10) 35  30:00
TW- (2/3) Rx  29:11
 Anna- (2/3) 25  29:59
Caitlin- Rx  39:56
Tommy- 65  46:15
Caroline- (-10) 35  35:52
Kayla- (-10) 25  33:19
T- Rx  40:00
Todd- Rx  36:16

Great workout everyone. This was a punch in the nose right off the bat. That first round was tough, the second and third not much better. The saving grace? Decreasing set numbers. The FGB philes (like Sasquatch, they DO exist) would love this workout.

We have talked about doing the "real deal" FGB in the past, the five rounder, not the three. Well, we finally got it. Yay. Be careful what you ask for, right? Right. Toyota. You might just get it!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF.

Rest later.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Good job showing up you guys, that's great prioritization. This is the unofficial beginning of the Fourth of July holiday, and you got a last WOD squeezed in before the break. Nice.

Weighted dips 5-5-5-5-5

Juan- 40
Casey- 40
John- 88

Good job guys. Five reps doesn't seem like a lot until you've got that weight strapped around your hips and you're cranking out Dips, then yeah, you realize where you are pretty quickly.

This session turned into a nice long mobility workout for a few people, and we encourage that. Good job getting some love mobility style. A little bit every day, right? Right.

Big THANKS to Casey, Teresa, and Sharon.

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: if one falls down his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10


Thursday, July 2, 2015


It's official. We have entered into the hottest months of the year for CFSF, and the good news is it's not so bad. Life is not air conditioned. Neither are we. One suggestion was we keep the doors closed, the fans off AND get the heater running for Bikram yoga. What do you think? Yeah, me too. CrossFit only. Doors open, fans on.

There were options today. Most went with the WOD, some stuck with mobility only, and a few people took the sub, our go-to girl, 'Helen'.

100 L-pull-ups

Eric- Rx  12:38
Todd- Rx  15:38
Caitlin- Rx  12:33
Tammy- 12:52
Ryleigh- 1/2  5:10
Tommy- 12:52

3 rounds:
400 meter run
21 Kettlebell swings, 53/35
12 Pull-ups

Juan- 12:38
Chris- 12:15

Great workouts everyone, whichever you chose. Without going too far out on a limb, I bet the five people that did a full session of mobility instead of the WOD feel a lot better. Remember that switching out mobility for the WOD is ok anytime you need a break from work.

Technically side, or homework, mobility is important enough to switch out when needed. Good job recognizing the need you guys.

Good job going Rx'd on the L-pull-ups. That's a lot of pulls and core work. Aside from Rx, 100 Pull-ups, anything from Reverse push-ups, to Ring rows, is a lot. Good job literally hanging on tightly through to the end.

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your monster efforts and fuel. Thanks Teresa, and Sharon.

"Countless bad-asses from sporting and special operations communities, long regarded as bullet proof have been burned at the stake of ego and intensity."
-Coach Glassman

Life is good. CrossFit makes it better.