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Friday, August 28, 2015


A 36" Box jump is a lot more manageable than the 40" Box jumps we saw last week, but that's still a big jump! The word of the day was 'springy', and our springs were hit hard. Jump and run. Peanut butter and jelly. Good combos. Thanks CFHQ.

4 rounds:
15 Box jumps, 36" box
400 meter run

Todd McK- Rx  18:15
Paige- 24"  18:31
Juan- 30"  15:16
Candice- 24"  17:37
Tammy- 24"  17:38
Joan- 20"  15:07
Eric- Rx  16:09
Sara- 20"  16:51
Caroline- 24"  15:00
Matt- Rx  15:23
Todd- Rx  17:02
Caitlin- 24"  16:20
Tommy- 30"  20:26
Chris- 20"  15:45
Jeremy- 30"  13:35
T- 30"  15:39
Sharon- 18"  20:14

Great workout everyone! Nice job going Rx'd Eric, Matt, Todd, and Todd McK, and super fast finishes Jeremy, Caroline, and Joan. You guys killed it today, hung it on the wall and took shots at it. No chance.

Congratulations Chris, and Sara. Your hard work is paying off. Box jumps- locked. Be pleased, not satisfied. Good job hanging on tightly through to the end Tommy. This workout was not easy at all, and especially difficult for the CFSF tall guys.

Great Box jumps Todd McK
We talked about how to jump, and where to rest if you had to. Good job nailing those targets. Box jumps can be intimidating. Stay aggressive!

Thanks for another great day at CFSF. Thanks for your hard work and super strong fuel.

"Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."
-Michael Jordan


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